Hilltop Restaurant and Bar

1500 E Walnut Ave, Burbank
(818) 736-5530

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Joe Z.

Hilltop Restaurant is  located on the second story of the DeBell clubhouse. This restaurant is open daily for breakfast and lunch, offering up American cuisine at a reasonable price. I recommend sitting on the patio if you want spectacular views of the mountains and golf course. Even if you don't golf, this is a great place to enjoy a nice meal. The bar area is a perfect place to catch a game, too. The staff  has always been welcoming and attentive. You can also book  for private events. I wish they would bring back  the weekend bottomless mimosas.

H B.

This has been my go-to lunch spot during COVID times. Typically easy to get a reservation and you get to sit outside and enjoy nature rather than being on a sidewalk near traffic. There's something on the menu for everyone. Oscar is a sweetheart!

Carlos P.

Played a round of golf and dined in at the Hilltop restaurant. The restaurant has outdoor seating overlooking the course. Good food and great service, thanks Faydean.

Sam Asheghian

Enjoyed best food and service after playing golfOscar did a great job with fantastic serviceI was very happy with his service and my golf partner very happy with his freshly brewed coffeeOscar thanksSam

Leilani R.

Love to go to Hilltop restaurant . Súper relax after playing golf, good food and great service. Thank you Faydean for the great bloody Mary's

Margie B.

Great food, friendly service. (Oscar our waiter was competent and funny!) Beautiful scenery.

J. M.

I'm hesitant to write this review selfishly lol because it has been nice being able to dine outside somewhere so beautiful during Covid without having to wait 30 min plus to get seated or make a reservation, but I had to give a shout out to a place I've been frequenting for years. The servers are so friendly and professional 1 especially Oscar who is always just so great. It seems the food and service has even gotten better in the past few months almost that they're now "dialed in" to the new normal. If you haven't gone here, do yourself a favor and try it. You'll be so glad you did! And ask for Oscars section if he's there!

Yolanda M.

Best hidden gem in Burbank - i almost don't want to leave this review because this is my secret spot but I want to give a shout out to Megan and the amazing staff that always takes such good care of me whenever I'm here. Thanks for all you do!

Thomas T.

Beautiful location. Excellent service. I'll be coming back for sure! Chicken tenders were perfect!

Matt K.

Had the Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich and I thought it was amazing! I love a good chicken sandwich and the ambience is great! Good way to spend the day out on their patio with my dad on a Sunday. Meg was excellent and very friendly! They also are complying with all of the COVID regulations and enforce people to wear their masks when inside and to keep a social distance between tables. Highly recommend!!

Nancy L.

LOVE Hilltop. Donno what the crappy reviews are about - haters gonna hate. The food is awesome/reasonably priced (check out the breakfast sandwich), the service is dope (if you ask for extra crispy bacon they will give you the crispiest bacon of your life), and the staff is super friendly. Special shout-out to Jackie, who will take care of you and make you feel at home. Awesome 19th hole!


The management is just awful! I was on the phone with Mr. Ashley Walston, Food and Beverage Manager,to ask him to update their website with corona-virus window ordering hours. His website still claims that it is from 7 am but it is actually from 10 am.I am a hiker, not a golfer. I invited my hiking friend for a breakfast after our hike. Unfortunately, it was closed at 8 am.After knocking on a window, an employee came out to tell us that the hours are from 10 am.Mr. Ashley Walson refused to update the hours on his website. He said that he would have to contact an outside company which manages his website. I pointed out that the pandemic going on for at least 6 months already and there was plenty of time to do it :)!Mr. Walson's statements which are not true:1. He said that the restaurant website, not DeBell website, has correct hours but when I asked him to point me to "his" website he said that he is too busy with the restaurant full of people (?!).2. When I mentioned that I would have to leave 1-star review on Yelp, he claimed that the restaurant is not affiliated with Yelp because Yelp tends to exaggerate. I had to explain it to him that Yelp reviews are written for people and have nothing to do with the restaurant affiliation. It sounded to me that he found it difficult to grasp Yelp concept - how hard can it be??? Very funny!BWY, Yelp website is "claimed" by this restaurant. It means that Yelp gets paid by this business to have some privileges. 3. Mr. Walson belittled me for not knowing about new hours during the pandemic. He said that all hikers know about it. Really? I hike there for many years and was not aware. Maybe Mr. Walson felt so superior hearing a female with an accent on the phone?Well, accent or not, it does not impede my ability to write :).Follow up on September 18: I emailed a copy of this review to Mr. Hasting, the general manager of the DeBell Golf Club.His response email stated:"We do have "Grab and Go" hours at the take-out window from 7AM-10AM and our restaurant fully opens at 10AM daily which includes dine in and service staff. Since we reopened in May, these hours have been consistent since then."So, I went there next day and took a picture of the sign at the take-out window and guess what? It posted 10 am - 4 pm hours for their take out window. I guess it was too much effort for the management to check it out before replying.BWY, Mr. Hastings did not mentioned Mr. Walson nor his unprofessional behavior in his reply. It makes me assume that it did not bother him.I am not surprised by anything about DeBell "management" now.It looks like the management has no ability to feel embarrassed which means no improvements to be expected.

Nancy M.

The good news is they are open, the bad news is they have an angry, agressive, rude manager. The wait staff is excellent and the food is good. I feel bad for all of the employees.

John G.

Ever since they've changed the management and ownership, this place has become overpriced and not the best service in the world. The bartender Katie is the best part of coming here! She is very personable and great with customers. I just wish she had more staff that was like her. This place needs help! We waited 20-25 mins for a hot dog with Fries and a side of mozzarella sticks. I feel as if hilltop is trying to make themselves out to be some high class restaurant like the castaway. When in fact what Debell needs is that hometown clubhouse feel like it was 8-10 years ago!

El Atleta de Cristo

Great food and nice place to telax

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