Donut Prince

1721 W Olive Ave, Burbank
(818) 841-0859

Recent Reviews

Samuel G.

Workers tools a little bit to take my order as they were busy prepping donuts. I was very pleased with the donuts themselves. The white icing sprinkle donut was no doubt the best sprinkle donut I have ever had!

Monique M.

This place is ridiculous, worst service and they're donuts are not great. My family and I went there to go get some donuts today. My son who is 3 was getting ready to eat his donut and as he took it out of the bag it fell on the ground. As you can imagine he got really upset so I thought to go back and ask the lady if she would be able to give us another donut because his fell. I was showing her I still had the donut. I don't know if she understood at first what I was asking but her answers was no. I asked her we can't get another one and I honestly understand if I order something outrageous but it was just one donut. I doubt the place will go out of business for giving one free donut. We ordered several donuts and paid just like any other customer. We will not be going there again.

Richard B.

Used to be great. Now their donuts are stale half the time. I need to find a better donut.

Shiva Tube

Thai ice tea with boba is my favorite. It's open 24/7I have been coming here for very long time. Good place for coffee and donut.


I only went because I went to ANOTHER PLACE for donuts but i watched the lady go straight from cash register touching money and wipe her face and cough and then use her fingers as an icing spreader on the maple bars.THE SIGN ON THIS PLACE IS CLEVER.THEY'RE CLEAN. DECENT DONUT. FRIENDLY . FAST .

Diddy Abdul

Best donuts in town. Always fresh. They never disappoint. Freshly brewed coffee.

Chester Jepoii

Honestly can never go wrong with this place. Always amazing service and the donuts here never miss. Highly recommend coming here as it is definitely one of the best mom and pop donut spots in Burbank.

Cheryl N.

The best donuts. The best. Light and moist and just the right flavor without heavy oily taste.

Stephan C.

I will make this simple. DO NOT SUPPORT PRINCE! $20 for 1 dozen donuts that should be $8!! They charge more for donuts with filling. OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Let donut Prince and other food stores go out of business until prices come down. Do not support this nonsense.

Jeff Levinson

This is the first time I have been here and it certainly won't be the last... I ordered a bacon, egg and cheese croissant and it was excellent! Crisp bacon and a really nice portion! Honestly, one of the best breakfast sandwiches I have had in years! I tried donuts as well, very tasty! I can see why celebrities rave about this place, you have a customer for life with me ???

Ákos Halász

No latte or capuchino, so asked a mocha then got a simple hot chocolate... No description or signs for the donuts so you have to ask everything, which isn't pleasant when there is a line behind you. Donuts were edible, a bit below average.

Liaa F.

I come here every day for their bearclaw donuts and vanilla frappe iced coffee .. its good that they are open 24hrs a days and i live just 1 block away from to satisfy my late night cravings. their breakfast sandwiches like sauge and cheese croissants are to die for as well.. Accomodating servers as well esp the owner himself

Sharon Dawson

Great spot for fresh donuts and coffee. In walking distance from hotels. I've missed them since we came back to NJ

G P.

As a connoisseur of these delectable fried pastries we know and love, I would say Donut Prince is my go to place for that marvelously iconic round treat. And if you wanna beat the line at Krista Kreme down the street this is the place for you. Some would argue that KK offers "hot now," donuts which I agree is the best part about KK but hear me out. The Donut Prince is also open 24/7 and if you come at the right time, 930ish pm to midnight, you can catch a hot one as they cook up batches for the following morning. I discovered this one night while out late in Burbank and let me tell you.L, a fresh French cruller had got to be my new favorite. Never new such heavenly goodness existed until I stumbled in that fateful evening. Best part is how airy and not too doughy their batter is. For the midnight special ask for whatever just popped out of the fryer. That's usually your best bet. At any other time, I highly recommend their classic glazed twist, the cinnamon bun and crème filled bar. And if you're feeling adventurous, their chocolate croissant/donut (not to be mistaken for cronut) is phenomenal.

Jaden V.

I've coming here for a while, ordering my iced flapped and my avocado egg and cheese sandwich from Natalie's the clerk there. Wanted to add by saying she holds this place together when it gets pretty busy, thank you Natalie for always having a smile when stopping by. You're the best!

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