El Tapatio

926 S San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 567-0229

Recent Reviews


Small portions. Easy to tell when they don't like you. You are most likely white or another race besides hispanic.

Bard Wheelo

Good prices, but food is so so.

Lady Vibe

I don’t care what anybody say their food is soo good I eat her almost everybody day ❤️

Von Miichelley

Pretty decent for a quick lunch and dinner entree but the breakfast for me was a definite ?... price is decent and the California burrito delicious.

Glen Pearce

Not very good everything was small portions and not worth the money. Bought an enchilada plate not even close to the best that I have ever had. Bought beef taquitos very small and the beef was burnt like they left them in the oil too long. Will not be going back

Joe T.

This place is an outstanding hole-in-the-wall gem. The food is authentic Mexican at a very fair price. Love that it's family owned and definitely popular with the locals. I've lived nearby for years and always have a pleasant experience. PLEASE SUPPORT THESE LOCAL BUSINESSES!

Ms. Lady

If you dont speak spanish, rhey cant help you. They dont even honor the menu posted. They told me they dont have a menu online. Spanish Only folk .... was the vibe i got....BYE !!!

Cynthia Sadowski

Our favorite Mexican to go place in Burbank! The enchiladas and gorditas with carne asada are sooo good! Today we celebrated National Taco Day! ?? #ChickenTaquito #CarneAsadaTaco

A. H.

Third night going to this magnificent Restuarant!!! I love the freshness, taste, flavors, customer service and food selections. Portion sizes are hearty. Please please go if you're a local or here in Burbank for business.Way to go El Tapatío :-)

Landon Brands

Excellent. You know what you're getting at this place.

Mark K.

This place served me the worst seafood burrito, it had the entire heel of an onion in the burrito. The guy in the kitchen didn't care, awful. I won't be back. I threw half of the damned thing away.

Sydney Y.

I would say that this place is a solid B. The food is fine, the service is good, and they're not crazy expensive. Not much to complain about really, but also not much to rave about. I'd come back, but it wouldn't be my top choice!I got the chicken quesadilla and my boyfriend got the 3 taco plate with 1 of each type of meat. Everything was okay, but it just didn't blow us away.

Martha C.

Ordered three tacos one asada, Carnitas, al pastor. The beef taco was tough but had a pleasant lime flavor. Al Pastore taco was even more tough the flavor was not authentic to what al pastor should taste like. The Carnitas however was good the salsa would be considered spicy to some but to me it was medium spicy because I like hot and the flavor was good I paid $6.75 for three tacos and can of soda price point is good. Didn't give five stars because of the meat toughness and they did not have radishes as tacos should always come with. Also the order came with chips and lemon, however not lime, which tacos should be accompanied with. I would recommend it for the price point.

Juan A.

Great food for a great price not like the other sell out Mexican food spots. Good size servings as well. My go to is the asada burrito with two tacos de al pastor and a large horchata delicious

Devin M.

I stopped by for a California burrito with lengua to past some time instead of waiting in traffic. Glad I did because I can't think of another restaurant that tops this burrito. I live in Orange County but I'll be back to have some more of this.

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