Fresh Brothers Pizza Burbank

4005 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
(818) 858-1800

Recent Reviews

Jose Gonzalez

Excellent pizza and excellent customer service.

Isa L.

I liked Fresh Brothers pizza a lot before. After yesterday order, I felt so disappointed. The pizza was so soaky. I think their ingredients still have a lot of water before putting onto the dough and the dough is thin. It seems like to be soaky bread rather than a pizza. I felt very sad and did not have the appetite to eat.

Matthew F.

Excellent food! Wife and I were looking for a gluten free place to eat and found this place online. Excellent menu for food allergies, lots of great options, everything is clearly labeled. Got food delivered to our hotel, food was reasonably priced, well labeled, and extremely tasty. I would not hesitate to recommend them, and we will definitely eat here again.

Chase P.

Stopped by on a Sunday afternoon and wasn't too busy. I ordered one personal and wings and only waited about 15 minutes. The cheese deep dish is so good! The personal was very filling and it was super fresh. The dough was well cooked and satisfying. I also ordered the Korean wings, tossed. BOMB!! With some ranch on the side.......amazing! The service was excellent as well. They were super quick and friendly. Highly recommend this restaurant, especially this location!

Jennifer R.

We normally order from the Encino location but tonight we decided to give this location a try. To our dismay our salad came with a surprise! Disgusting! Will not go back to this location.

Annemarie M.

I used to love FB when they first opened this location. Not sure what is going on but on Wednesday I just spent $50 on two soggy, covered in so much sauce all the cheese kept falling off pizzas. To the point where when we opened the box, the corners didn't even have cheese on them. Huge Birthday party pizza fail.

Francis C

This restaurant is my favorite. I visit a lot of restaurants but to this place I go the most. The crew is very helpful and the cooking they cook is so yummy. I never decline to have a nice meal in this restaurant. I highly recommend this place.

Don M.

Honestly VERY good pizza, but only giving 4 stars because - what is the point of having curbside pickup when no one answers the phone upon arrival? This was the second time I have ordered curbside, and had to find parking and go into the store because no one answers the phone after waiting in my car 5 mins and calling several times. Not the biggest deal in the world, and I would completely understand if they were too busy to get to the phone, BUT both times I have walked inside and seen two workers standing behind the register talking to each other meanwhile the phone is ringing from someone else calling, and they are ignoring it. Pretty annoying and unprofessional. But good food nonetheless.

Zakieh A.

I've loved Fresh Brothers for their vegan pizzas for a while, but now for the second time in a row I have received dairy cheese instead of vegan cheese. I ate a few slices before I realized it this time, and I'm realizing in retrospect that I ate an entire dairy cheese pizza last time. I'm vegan and really sensitive to dairy (haven't eaten it in 10 years) so this was disturbing for me and made me feel sick, but had I had an allergy it would have been much worse. Huge waste of $27. Also, every time I've gotten curbside pickup, no one has picked up the phone.

Jen S.

I just want to give a shout out to Michael who works at this location. For the last 4 weeks I have been calling in a last minute large catering order and he has been so amazing. The order has come on time and he is super accommodating. Thank you Fresh Brothers for hiring such an amazing employee!!

Roseanna G.

Minus one star just because the "tenders" were just blah. They tasted like regular frozen morning star tenders covered in bbq sauce. The beyond meat ball sliders were good. Nothing special but still good! The pizza was great though ! They gave a lot of toppings and the beyond pepperoni had a great flavor.

Justin C.

The pizza here was pretty good. They have good combos and so you can get pizza and wings for a deal. The pizza kind of reminded me of that round table style pizza. The wings tho were awesome!! I deff recommend them. I always get Buffalo sauce but they do have a few options. Parking is pretty easy here as well.

Connie Middle

The meat lovers pizza is my favorite! My husband and I love everything we’ve tried

Dina G.

Fresh brothers food is delicious! But they cut corners that affect my meal. I ordered a specialty heart shaped pizza! ... it was delivered uncut. I got a super yummy antipasto salad. And they didn't bother dicing all the cold cuts. Just full slices of cold cuts in my salad. Basically got a giant sandwich with no bread. The taste is amazing but seriously. A prep cook in this place could do wonders.

Christopher Bisente

I ordered their Chicago style pizza. If you're expecting a pie, don't get it. It was barely more than a thin crust with high walls and extra sauce. My pizza had barely any cheese, and they give you no measurements online so you end up with a general medium sized pizza for $20 when you were expecting something more substantial at that price point.I also completed their feedback form after the fact and just got a general automated response a day later.Don't know about their normal pizza but after my experience I can't recommend and I will not be coming back.

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