Ribs USA

2711 W Olive Ave, Burbank
(818) 841-8872

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Dom D.

If you enjoy true southern style BBQ, Do Not EAT HERE!!! The baby back ribs didn't come tear off the bones, I had to use a fork and knife to actually eat them. There was no rub on the ribs. They only taste you get from them is a very strong pig taste. The flavors I got were equivalent to a pig roast, not a southern style rib. The Mac and cheese not only looked like a high school lunch but lacked flavors. There were no flavor in the cheese, they also add like a mozzarella cheese but made it chunky and ruined the consistency. To go on the noodles were so mushy they would disintegrate without even having to chew. The only thing I got from here that We're actually good we're the french fries and their cornbread that comes in muffin form.

Glo L.

Sorry, no longer American traditional as website claims. No longer same owners. Went in today and ordered the $9.99 1/2 slab baby back ribs and the $ 12.99 BBQ combo plate (4 PCs). We got our order but sadly , we were not advised that there were no sides to the meals and frankly we were so used to the former menu, that we didn't even think to ask. Well, the 1/2 slab were 5 small pork ribs very saucy but very little meat. They appeared to be boiled then passed over a grill flame. No BB Q flavor at all and no sides- Just the ribs on a plate. In regards to the BBQ combo plate, there was one very bony beef rib, again with sparse meat; 1 very small chicken leg with thigh, 1/2 link, and 1 small rib end. Again, the meats appeared to have been boiled, passed over the grill flames to give it a charred look and well covered with BBQ sauce. No grilled flavor at all, no sides, not even a slice of pickle! Another formerly great BBQ joint that bites the dust...will the last American bring in the flag!

George B.

Heard good things about this place from some co workers so I have it a try a few weeks ago . I called in and asked if I can dine in but if they can have it ready for when I go on lunch . When I arrived the girl sat us down and brought us our food . The food was great as was the service . Will definitely be going back

Naomi Gaucin

First time there. Food was really good.

De Mann

I love Ribs USA fan! Like any barbecue it's the sauce that counts. I love the sweet tangy taste of their sauce. Have yet to try anything other than their rib tips but the tips are always tender and meaty. That's all I need. Plus they are affordable. If you're looking for a good rib joint in the valley Ribs USA is the place to go.

Neil Amin

Terrible.The sauces taste like stale gravy.The meat is not BBQ tender. Are they smoked or fried?Also be aware that the prices in the Google Maps menu is not up to date and does not match their current menu.Overpriced. Overrated.Worst barbeque in the West.

Guel M.

Ordered the 3-2-1. Great portions and with even greater flavor. It was really good! I met Don who welcomed me on my first visit. Really nice guy! I made sure to ask for their menu to take home because I'll definitely come back. I definitely recommend this place!

Chris O.

If I'm not making my own ribs at home, this is the only restaurant where I would ever consider having ribs. Best ribs in Burbank, possibly the best ribs in the country.

hro kity

This place has the best beef BBQ ribs in town! My family and I have been coming here for years. Staff is friendly and food has never disappointed.

Kat H

#chowdownburbankGreat lunch specials! Delicious, tender beef ribs, huge baked potato with all the fixings, and corn on the cob. They even have Cajun style BBQ sauce. ?


A great, casual family place. Really tasty & big portions. Moderate prices.

Jason P.

This place rocks it with their pork spareribs & sides.. I always made sure to drop in on Wednesdays, if I was working in the area. The ribs specials on that day are awesome. Very nice staff & clean place.. Keep up the great work staff..God bless! :)

Shane C.

The Food was incredible. Baby back ribs fell off the bone, Collard Greens cooked perfectly and very reasonable prices. Sarah the lady up front is awesome. Highly recommend this place.

Fred F.

A really nice, local casual sit down restaurant. Veteran owned, small place. I really like the friendly people, laid back atmosphere. The food is very tasty, I had the 3-2-1 (3 pork ribs, 2 beef ribs & 1 hot link) w/ a LARGE bake potato & large portions. Highly recommended for a casual, family sit-down place w/ very good food & big portions.

Steph C.

Terrible customer service. My friend is a loyal customer and he invited us here. We waited a long time for our food, we were okay with it at first, but then, we had to return some food cause it was undercooked. We waited and waited, and they never brought it back to the table. We asked 3 people for the food, and no one could give us an answer. The lady "in charge" has a terrible attitude. Very rude. Not a people person for sure. She is definitely not good at dealing with customers who are having an issue with food. She practically Never coming back. Terrible terrible. Can't believe how rude she was.

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