1009 W Alameda Ave Unit B, Burbank
(818) 954-9525

Recent Reviews

Rosa Caldas

Not a good service, not friendly.

Chris Taylor

Fantastic staff and easy curbside pickup.

Noel Rodriguez

Good food to pricey.

Xander R

Good food to pricey.

Carlos Torthon

Nice and clean place for fast lunch time.i would recommend.

Anthony Wehner

I like this place, it's always clean, the people are cool, it's the best Subway in Burbank in my opinion. The service is great and so is the food! I'm going with 4 stars though but I do recommend this Subway, if any.

Martin Liko

The best staff ??

Nancy Tuscano

I get fascinated when I'm in Jo-Anns they have so many things and I'm very crafty so I enjoy looking at everything, if you have a talent Jo-Ann's is a place to bring out your creative ability. It's easy to spend too much money there.

Maťko Liko

The best staff

Dave Krieger

Under staffed, took a long time to make sandwiches and the tables were dirty

Salvador. Perez.

I love sushi plays.

Ed Binkley

Love their salads and their subs. What's not to like??

Jared Michael Degado

I eat at Subway nearly every day. Usually, each store is pretty spot on with their consistency, so I don't ever have to avoid one and only go to locations I have experience with. This will be the 1st one I'll be sure to avoid from now on. They skimp noticably on every topping, including not taking the extra few seconds to even scrape all of my steak off of the wax paper after it came out of the toaster. There are enough locations everywhere that avoiding this one will not be a problem.

Ray Adams

I like the food. And it.doesnt make me fat.

Steve Moberg

Love the wraps...

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