The Blue Room

916 S San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(323) 849-2779

Recent Reviews

Neill E.

John and Leonard are the two bartenders I have met since moving into the area. This place rocks? Drinks and service and cost!!! So sexy!!!!

John D'Angelo

Off the hook great bartenders lovely women just a fabulous place to have something to drink and relax

eliza pegg

Hello! When I arrived n Cali! I loved it! I went to the Blue! Room. I did have same cocktails even though! My wife said no... My kids were at ! the hotel though. Amazing bar !

Eilzabeth S.

Best dive bar around - cool vibe, CHEAP drinks! It's cash only so make sure you bring some , but one of my favorite gems in LA

Pandora Roy

R? For no reason they just slam my drink on the. Bar in front of me and tell me to drink it and leave. Suddenly all in 2007! Up to 2019! Oh, HI HERMAN!

cris taylor

Love Wednesday jamm night!!!

Wayne G.

When you go to this place and the men behind the bar say that they can't make a cocktail or any mix drinks because they aren't employees getting paid is a major issue. Why are you behind the bar washing glasses and getting buckets of ice but aren't employed working for the blueroom bar? very very weird placeThis place is so boring as well as the drinks are way overpriced for a very "DILAPIDATED" state this dive bar is in. It's really sad because if the owners would just revamp the employees by getting rid of them all together and start employing only good looking girls behind the bar and also as waitresses, the place would be more fun than just looking at ugly DEJECTED men behind the bar. I can't stand all the employees that work for blueroom because they are just unprofessional on so many levels. When I see employees over charging customers and pocketing the money just makes my stomach sick to look at. It's really sad how the owners have just let the employees ruin this place and also let go of how the the old original blueroom sign outside is missing lights. Come on really? fix your sign geez The Patio section needs to be called a "hookah lounge" because its been taken over ( if you know what I mean ) because you will know when you have enter the patio section that it is not welcomed to the public and only to a selected group. When you ask any of the blueroom employees to turn on the patio heaters they will never ever come out to switch the empty propane tanks but there is just multiple male blueroom employees just standing around doing nothing behind the bar. But if you're looking for a DISREPAIR place that is a very SEEDY dive bar with unprofessional male employees that over charge their customers and pocket the money and have a Hookah Lounge in the patio this is the place for you.

Charles Williams

Came here on a first date which turned out to be quite lack luster but I loved this cool bar and the friendly bartender (big shout to Kyle for making an awesome gin cocktail which wasn't on the menu!).

Corporate Offices

This place is pretty full generally most of the time. It is mostly a bar for locals. I liked it. It is pretty lively.

John A

Cool everyday drinking spot with live music on certain days. NOTE: cash only

Erika H.

Some reviews are harsh. It a dive bar. You come to relax with friends or yourself, have a drink, watch some sports, play some darts. Whatever. I love coming here with my boyfriend and grabbing a Moscow Mule & Marg. Prices are A+. There won't be any speciality cocktail making at a place like this but if you want something quick and a place to have a drink without 500 people surrounding you, this is it. On top of this, certain servers are kind. When locals come to celebrate, they include the whole bar to a sing-a-long. Now that's friendly and welcoming service if you ask me.

Sunil Karanjikar

Very good place to get drinks that aren't heavy on the pocket. Great selection of alcohol from beer to single malts to The. Good music. Great people.

Susan Hamilton

This place is pretty full generally most of the time. It is mostly a bar for locals. I liked it. It is pretty lively.

Samuel Schellenger

It's a great neighborhood bar, with friendly people and comfortable seating. Hockey on the large screen TV. Inexpensive beer and drinks.

Miss L.

This place sucks? The front door needs WD-40, the bartender with grey hair and glasses is dismissive and the customers are annoying. I wish this was just a cool neighborhood bar. Not the case. Guess the prices are ok though. Decor is cute. Best spot on the house though is the back corner of the patio, where no one is.

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