The Ugly Mug Coffee House Burbank

3112 W Burbank Blvd #100, Burbank
(818) 736-5275

Recent Reviews

Camille U.

Stopped by here with my sister this past Sunday. I got the Blueberry/Lavender Iced Coffee and my sister got the Banana something Latte. No one was in there, but by the time we got our drinks and left, there with about 5 people waiting in line. Ambiance is cute. More country cute, than modern. Drinks were good, but I think I liked my sister's latte more than my iced coffee. The Banana Latte was smooth and creamy. The Blueberry Lavender Iced coffee was very flavorful. I think, it would've been better with one less pump of blueberry flavoring.

Father And Son D.

It was ok and staff wasn't the nicest (and they were not just at all) went in with super high expectations nothing special

Samantha Z.

Finally tried Ugly Mug this morning and was not disappointed! The service was very friendly, and they have a great menu. I tried an iced lavender latte, and it was so good that I had to order a second one to take home for later. Please support this lovely small business. You won't be disappointed!

Maggie E.

Had a great experience at this little local coffee shop this past weekend! I haven't been out in public in weeks, so I wore my mask and popped over for a tasty Wildberry smoothie! The interior and little front patio seating was so cute, I wish we weren't in the middle of a pandemic and I would sit and enjoy the atmosphere! As is, there were some folks seated outside, but I opted for a walk around the neighborhood instead. Ample street parking on these residential streets, so drive, walk, bike, bus, scooter, etc etc on over and enjoy a drink (or pastry) today! Support local business!

J.R. G.

I haven't been since before the pandemic started, but what better time to write a review than now. The Ugly Mug actually has some very delicious lattes. Make sure you get a punch card, cause you will end up using it. A nice little oasis on Burbank Boulevard between Buena Vista and Hollywood Way, since I'm not aware of any other coffee shops in that area, that don't involve going all the way to Magnolia Park. The workers are very nice and the service is great. Continued success to this cool little cafe.

Cee R.

Their Banana Latte's are amazing! The chocolate latte and vanilla chocolate latte both hot and cold are just as delicious! They have many choices, if you're craving more than a classic cup of coffee this is definitely the SPOT! Also the baristas are quick and friendly!

Stephanie S.

I decided to come here after seeing their instagram and am happy I did! The staff member making my drink was friendly and offered recommendations based on what I liked. The ambiance and decor are great as well. I look forward to going back and trying more things on the menu!

Alexis C.

I'm solely basing this review on their espresso... almost 5 stars... almost! The first time I visited, I loved it. I thought it was strong enough and great quality. I loved it enough to come back a couple of times to experience it all over again. Unfortunately, it never quite lived back up to the hype I remembered the first time. It's definitely not bad and will blow Starbucks out of the water with ease. I'm going to try it again sometime soon to see if my opinion changes. The baristas are skilled and friendly. Thank you, Ugly Mug!

Ricardo M.

04/26/20 mint mocha blended, raspberry mocha blended; sprinkles on the whip is a win win. Today was the 2nd time I've been here and they won me over with their smiles and friendliness.

Tyler Z.

My fiancé and I have literally gone here every day since the beginning of quarantine. It's within walking distance of our house and it's the perfect way to start our new work from home routine. The iced blueberry coffee with sugar free vanilla is my go to! I also LOVE the nutty doodle hot coffee when the weather is a bit chilly. Staff is very friendly! They even have a loyalty program, 9 drinks and the 10th is on the house.

Brian Y.

Found this coffee shop at the start of the quarantine. Since then, haven't missed a single morning. Our go tos are the blueberry iced coffee with vanilla, the vanilla nut latte iced, and the nutty doodle. All of them are delicious. It's a great way to start the day and support a local Burbank business. The employees are also very friendly and welcoming. A great find during interesting times!

Heather Allen

I write for a music and coffee blog called Crooners In Coffeeshops, in which I interview local musicians at local coffeeshops. My writeup reflects the positive experience that I encountered at The Ugly Mug on our interview date.

Heather A.

I write for a music and coffee blog called Crooners In Coffeeshops, in which I interview local musicians at local coffeeshops. My writeup reflects the positive experience that I encountered at The Ugly Mug on our interview date. We have a special place in our hearts for Burbank and we are happy to finally list The Ugly Mug as one of our long list of reasons why we will come back to the city again and again. This family-owned shop takes you to the past once you step inside with its adorably vintage décor (comprised of old-time-y artwork, clocks, cameras, and coffee pots) and traditional fifties interior layout and design, complete with rustic hardwood accents and a warm and inviting color palette. Apart from its physical appearance, the shop's menu is absolutely something to praise as they've found a harmonious balance between classic recipes and potential new favorites. On the food side, you've got a variety of fresh-baked pastries of the croissant, muffin or bagel form with options ranging from sweet to savory to fruity. On the beverage side, lattes, iced coffees and espressos are the scene stealers with plenty of flavor options to choose from, in which I gluttonously opted for a Blueberry Lavender Iced Coffee for our visit. Don't drink coffee? No problem! There are plenty of equally delicious tea and non-caffeinated beverages to choose from, including fruit-infused smoothies and hot chocolate. For the past two decades, the Ugly Mug owners have strived to create a welcoming community for coffee (or tea, smoothie, or non-caffeinated beverage) lovers from all walks of life, and it's always impressive and exciting to hear about a local mom and pop shop staying alive in an era of instant gratification in shop form (think Starbucks or Coffee Bean) or delivery form (i.e. subscriptions, pickup services, etc.). In a way, it shows that there are still many of us who crave a homecooked (or in this case, homebrewed) experience when it comes to the types of businesses we step foot in, which is something that has slowly been returning as a trend in the modern age. Hats off to The Ugly Mug and cheers to many more years of caffeine fueled memories!

Breeonna F.

I've driven by this place a bunch of times and finally have made my way in to try it out. And I absolutely loved it! I ordered an iced almond milk latte and it was delicious. I went back 2 days in a row! The latte was very strong and had a caramel taste and was delicious! I'd literally go everyday if I could! This is also one of the few coffee shops open during the "shelter in place" order right now. It's always busy and people really seem to enjoy it! (Totally understand now). I will be happy when the order is lifted so I can actually sit inside/outside the shop and enjoy it there! I've been pre-ordering my drinks and just running in to get them. The barista was also super friendly! I didn't get a stamp card the first time I went in but the barista remembered me and gave me a stamp for the previous day. Definitely a must try! Can't wait to go back!

Christopher K.

Hidden gem! Was going through Burbank and found this coffee shop on yelp and stopped by. Due to the virus the interior seating area was closed off. The drinks were made fresh one at a time. Really nice place will be back.

Merry Anderson

Love this coffee shop. Whenever I am in Burbank I stop. Today was Earl Grey Lavender Latte! Yummy

Justin Raymond Merino

Nice spot to grab a drink. But def would get it to go. Music inside is just way too loud for the vibe. Not a place to study, chat or have a biz meeting. Grab n’ go.

Lara L.

I came in here while waiting to get my brakes done a few blocks down. The location seems convenient and cute. The inside is very homey and feels like a small town cafe. My biggest issue was the loud music playing inside at 8am. The coffee is good the bagel was good. I do wish they had metal cutlery and ceramic plates though. Overall a good experience

Craig W.

It's a small but very cute coffee house. Plenty of free street parking. The decor is charming inside. We took our orders to go but it would be a comfortable place to hang out. My iced Americano was good but a little lackluster in flavor. In contrast, the wife's iced caramel macchiato was insanely good. They also offer baked goods. They looked good but we didn't try any. They also have a nice little patio out front.

Angela E.

The mugs are cute and their decoration is unique. I had a matcha and my friend had a chai-- both ok drinks, but my friend did say her drink wasn't warm enough. We were bummed cause it's called the "ugly mug" but we were served in paper cups. There were also no pastries left at 11 am on a Sunday. It was an ok experience.

Whitney N.

Just a normal coffee house, it's really nothing special. I thought because of the title I might be in for a fun and different experience. They have some mugs for decor but it's very minimal and served me in a to-go cup and all the other customers I saw had the same. The coffee was alright. I was kind of disappointed. Probably wouldn't come back.

Nasser Akeel

Good place to have coffee

Bryan A.

If you need quality, friendliness, and a cozy coffee house then this is it. The iced lattes are very good. I strongly recommend the vanilla banana one. Great little spot.

Becka M.

I love them and literally use a trip to them as part of my walking training program with the promise of a poppyseed muffin because it's amazing. Always fun options and the baristas are happy to explain alternatives and work with your weird dietary our plain bougie needs. Wish they had plugs for inside (I love writing there) but then I'd never leave, which now explains why there are no plugs...

Jacqueline M.

Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of Ugly Mug because of rude service, horrible coffee, and an overall overpriced experience. I was greeted with ignorance and short-tempered attitudes, but I still gave them a chance because I love supporting local businesses. However, I don't think I would come back either because I was not impressed whatsoever. The drinks were cold and tasteless, as if I was drinking hot water that sat for hours! These prices at Ugly Mug are marked up so HIGH I feel like I'd go bankrupt if I drank here once a month. The barista taking my order wasn't very friendly either, she was impatient with me even though the cafe was empty that specific day. As a result, I don't think I'll be returning at all - it's up to your decision though. OVERALL RATING 1/5: Service & Hospitality 1/5: Price Cost 2/5: Coffee I've had way better coffee & an overall experience; therefore, I will not be returning nor recommending this place to my friends and family.

Gohar K.

Saw this place on IG and decided to try it out. Took my husband and son for some hot chocolate and coffee around Christmas time. I found this place very cute and cozy. At the time the whole place was decorated for Christmas. They even had Santa's mailbox right outside. We wrote letters to Santa, dropped it in the mailbox and few weeks later we got a coupon for free hot chocolate. How cool is that. I purchased a cappuccino and liked the way it tasted. The hot chocolate was good too but nothing special. We still have our free coupons so hopefully we will stop by again soon. Overall a good place to enjoy a cup of coffee or have a business meeting or study. Has indoor and outdoor seating. Street parking only.

M S.

The hot banana latte is very good so are the strawberry croissants. They have a wide variety of different fun flavored coffee and teas. The shop is very cutely decorated

Nathalie Santiago

Cute little coffee spot. The vibe is very homey and the staff is incredible. They always so cheerful and sweet. They always have great music on so that’s a big plus.

Laura Gagliardi

Amazing people, amazing drinks, amazing atmosphere, amazing events, did I say amazing yet? Just amazing!

Don M.

Take these bad reviews complaining about having to toast your own bagel or lattes not having latte "art" with a grain of salt...some people just love to complain!! Amazing coffee and great service! That's all that's important.

Cami C.

I simply love this coffee shop in Burbank. Not only is it a super cute location, but the drinks are so amazing! Of course they have basic coffee and tea drinks, but the best part is their specialty and house drinks. They have matcha lattes that are incredible and if you also are a coffee drinker, the dirty matcha (matcha + espresso shot) is probably the best thing on the menu. They also have a lot of lavender drinks like lavender lattes, lavender matcha, lavender iced coffee, lavender tea. Each season brings unique flavors and drink combinations that keep me coming back! They have bakery items too and snacks you can buy alongside a drink. They also have alternative milks so easy for vegans/allergies to adapt. Their unique and special menu items keep the daily grind fun and trust me, stopping into this shop is a must! Besides the great drinks, the staff is always kind and friendly. The first time I went in, I ordered from Brie and was so indecisive on what to get. She gave me great recommendations and I ended up getting the pumpkin spice matcha latte at the time. It was amazing and the experience was exactly what I was hoping it would be. They have a few tables in and outside to sit and enjoy or catch up with a friend. Not the best to come in and work (no outlets) but there is free WiFi and a hip and inviting environment. Great job Ugly Mug!!

Joe Yatsky

So I stumbled upon this amazing little coffee shop and I have to say they do a great job of delivering. They have these unicorn hot chocolate drinks...well...I know it's silly, but it was really good and the fact that it is so silly, colorful,and doused in sprinkles just made the experience all the better. The staff have also been incredibly friendly each time I've gone in

Ophelia H.

Rewriting my review for the owner who seemed confused. Pros: -The ugly (cute) coffee mugs for display/decor. Cons: -You toast in your own bagel in their community toaster. People don't wash their hands, & then use the toaster. Gross! I could have toasted my own bagel at home too. -They charge $4.50 for a latte. Does latte art change the taste? Obviously, no. It's $4.50 and the quality and taste is already meh. If it included latte art, then the $4.50 would be justified. I can mix hot coffee and hot milk at home too. -I was under the impression by the name of their cafe, that the drinks are served in ugly mugs. They are not. This is why it seemed misleading. -The employees weren't rude. They just seemed more into their buddy/buddy convo, rather than on quality customer service. -There is nothing unique about this place and no reason to come back. It's mediocre all around. -I can deal with a latte that's meh, and with no latte art. But adding having to toast your own bagel in a community toaster - and nobody is washing their hands prior to using it, is a deal breaker. -If I go out for breakfast, drive, look for parking, & choose your establishment, I don't want to have to toast my own bagel. It's why I went out for breakfast. -Plenty of other good cafes on Magnolia that measure up to the $4.50 latte price and will actually toast your bagel for you. -Street parking is free, it's timed tho. I wanted to correct my mistake from previous post as I thought I had paid for metered parking, like most of L.A. Apologies.

Andrea S.

Quality has gone down all of a sudden.. the last three times I've gone my drink hasn't been mixed correctly. I always get the iced mocha latte and there's been chunks of chocolate powder at the bottom. Maybe it's the barista I get at the new time I go to the shop.. I used to go early in the morning before work but have avoided that because of the long line that doesn't move very quickly.. ugh such a disappointment. Glad there's plenty of boutique coffee shops along Magnolia to choose from!

Bernadette Allavesen

The place is lovley. Very clean and friendly staff. It's my to go place for a nice small Burbank biz. I would give it a 5* but the prices are a bit high.

Joseph Vach

Good coffee and pastries. Good price.

Polythene Pam

Cute little coffee spot, I got the pumpkin spice chai latte, and it was way too syrupy sweet. Didn't taste muh like pumpkin either.

Ruby Fink

I love the friendly atmosphere in here and the creative drinks. Any time I don't know what to order the staff always has helpful suggestions.

Craig Froman

They one of they most best cups in bur

Stuart M.

Saw the name while driving past a few months back and eventually found a weekend where me and the husband were able to visit. This is a fun, cute, and very hip-looking place to sit down with a cup of coffee and a small bite to eat. Even though the weather was nice enough to sit outdoors, Jeff and I opted to sit indoors (which felt like a breakfast nook - but a lot more spacious). Quiet, spacious, and a great place to go if you need a minute to yourself (or to bring a date!).