Tony's Darts Away

1710 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank
(818) 253-1710

Recent Reviews

M K.

Young group but fun place. Huge selection of beers many of which cannot be found on tap locally.

Shannon C.

Great beer, I love the system of a stout, lots of games, indoor and outdoor seating. All the staff we've encountered are great. Tried the non vegan brat today and it was bomb! A little too much mustard for my taste but everything else was great, loved the bun it was on. Really cool to see so many vegan food options on a menu, I'm not vegan but I love to see so many options for people who are, it's so rare. It is pretty loud if you're sitting at the tables closest to the street, but the ones in the little gated off section right outside the door are surprisingly a little better. We prefer the outside when it's decent weather. Definitely our new go to

For R.

I ordered vegan wings and Korean bowl. They gave me MEAT! I MEAN, FOR REAL? Sucks when you can't get an order, right!

Flavio C.

This place is a hidden gem, but I promise once you find it, you'll really like it. The bar has a great atmosphere and really makes you feel like you don't have to just get drinks, and so much of the food is vegan which is lovely for me and my partner. The pretzels are delicious, especially with vegan ranch, and the vegan wings and burgers there are all delicious as well! I had the banh mi recently as well, and it was delicious, it's hard to find anything here that isn't good! The staff are helpful and ask about allergens which is important to me as my partner has a number of severe allergies. Feel free to come if you're underage, the food is great, and if you're over 21, they have a great selection of drinks available. And if that wasn't enough, you can also choose the music and there are a host of board games available to make your time there even more enjoyable. Check them out, you won't regret it!

Giovanni M.

My girlfriend came home one day after a photoshoot and told me that this place had the best vegan/burgers in LA. We finally got around to trying it together. Boy was she not wrong the veggie/vegan burgers here are an absolute smash. They have a few diff options on wether to get the burger fully vegan or just the patties. Either way your in for a treat. Will defiantly be back soon.

Dave D.

I brought my cycling buddies here after a Sunday morning ride and everyone enjoyed it. It's great that they open at like, 10 AM. The food was great. I got the non-vegan Pazour Dog and french fries. As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of fries, I declare that these are outstanding. (So much so that I took a picture so you can see that they are not the boring skinny fries but kinda thick, or fat. THAT'S how I like 'em!) The dog was delicious. One of my companions ordered the breakfast and holy hell is it a big one! The very friendly staff were also generous with the tasters of their beers, since I like to try it before I buy it. (I hate paying for a beer that I don't really dig.) I really liked Bob Loves Amarillo; perfect for a mid-morning beer!

Alexander O.

One of the best spots in Burbank for just about anything. Always an incredible beer selection, vegan options on a great menu, games, and a great staff. Day or night, week or weekend, Tony's is a go-to spot.

Leah M.

A Dive Bar with an entirely Vegan Menu? SIGN ME TF UP! Thanks! Tony's is great! Love the vibe, love the staff and love the Burgers!

Victoria H.

Since my last complaint, TDA has worked really hard it seems to consistently keep a range of vegan items on the menu, and I appreciate that. The staff is always, always friendly and helpful. I really do love this place and it's my neighborhood hang and also my go-to whenever a beer lover is visiting me in LA.

Jacqueline N.

This bar is awesome and the staff is usually super nice but the girl working the bar with the glasses today was EXTREMELY RUDE for no reason. I walked in and read the sign really quick to see if there was bar seating and she gave me attitude about reading it and when I told her I was just checking if there was bar seating or a table open she made two more extremely rude and condescending comments and didn't try to help us get sat. Felt like she was kicking us out the second we walked in and was extremely off putting. I don't think I've ever left a bad review about a person but this was a circumstance that made it feel warranted.

CT Davis

We have enjoyed Tony's quite a bit since its resurrection from fading dive bar to craft brew-centric pub. They always have excellent news on tap with an eye toward local and variety of styles. We like to go with our dogs since they installed a small sidewalk seating area. The economical menu isn't long but is full of tasty pub snacks, with vegan and gluten free options alongside the meat and wheat based items.


So I had heard about this place being a fun place to be. Then my girlfriend and I went there a few nights ago for the second time. Actually have been there twice since they opened up everything. Both times horrible experiences. The owner never there and the General Manager who is in charge of the place had to be the rudest person we ever had to deal with. First he was rude to my girlfriend. Obnoxious, insulting and has become overpriced. Both times we were there they burned are already bad tasting food. I encourage those who feel this place is still thee spot to remember that you're as good as the last person you served. It's a shame.

James Chou

Beer selection- Excellent. Vegan/Vegetarian options- Excellent. Food preparation- Okay. Come here for a great selection of beer and order a little something to go with your drink. Don't bank your dinner budget here.

John Purdum

First time visit. Great selection of beer. Nice helpful people.

Joshua Meza

Get some of the best beers, and better food, in one place. Several vegan options, some are better than the non vegan ones.

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