Wetzel's Pretzels

201 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank
(818) 559-8758

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Vard Tu

Rude worker.I was there quite time.HelloShe is looking me and doing something, after 2-3 minutes. One more time i say Hello.She doing something.Another 5 minute and I left there

Jackie C.

My girlfriend and I specifically go to this wetzel pretzel because we know it's going to be good. We are basically regulars we come to the Burbank mall just to get pretzel bites and pizza bites and we hope to see Tiana working there because they are fresh every time.

Priscilla R.

This morning I went to the Wetzels pretzels on the top floor in the Burbank mall. The caucasian girl working there had just begun her shift to open the place so there was no pretzels ready and told me they would be ready in 30 minutes. When I came back 40 minutes later she was barely putting them in the oven. She asked me what I wanted which was a cheese pretzel for my son so she then charged me for it and told me it would be ready in 7 minutes so once again I took a lap inside the mall and when I went back she did not even acknowledge me standing there but took out a cheese pretzel and placed it in the display area right in front of me. I asked her if I could have the one she just put in there but she wanted to give me the other one that she took out the oven which looked burned. When I told her again that I wanted the one in the display she laughed at me and said that they are all the same. When she finally gave me the one that I wanted she asked me if I had already paid for it. This girl could not only not remember her transactions but she was so rude. Worst service ever!

Michele D.

I was in the Burbank town center I thought pretzils sounded good. The sign on the counter said to original for $6 so I ordered to. I was charged $9 when I ask I was told that was a special Monday through Thursday even though that was not written on the sign. I still took my order and was very disappointed in the pretzels because they weren't cooked all the way through. What a very disappointing experience

Alejandra A.

I love Wetzel's Pretzels but this location sucks! I went to get a bag of bites before my movie and the lady charged me $15. I didn't realize this until I checked my bank statement. I was so preoccupied with getting to my movie on time that I did not ask for my receipt nor did the cashier offer it to me, so I was not able to dispute it. After reading other reviews on here, I believe they are overcharging at this location on purpose. They also don't taste right, as if they're skimping out on ingredients. I have contacted corporate and hope they do something about it.

Tina M Skaggs

These pretzels are not good in Glendale! I love Wetzel’s Pretzels in other locations. The bread was not completely cooked and very little cinnamon sugar on them. My son got very sick and threw up all night after eating pretzel bites. I will not buy from them again!

Jeff Y.

I paid almost $16 for two bags of the pizza bites. They were undercooked and literally dough in the middle. Bad customer service. Very expensive for undercooked food and bad customer service. Not worth it.

Joyce R.

I love this place because of the cinnamon bits and the cinnamon pretzel. Definitely one of the best pretzels I've ever tasted.

Jo S.

We were in downtown Burbank to attend the art festival during the weekend and wanted the snack. We weren't thrilled with the food selection at the festival so we popped inside the mall to see if we can grab something there. And there was a Wetzel's Pretzel located just outside the nice outdoor area. We decided to get something here and take it outside since they had a DJ and some art on display. Boy, the customer service is bad here! The lady working here is very unpleasant, doesn't know what she sells, I had to ask her three times about the topping on a pretzel to kinda get an answer out of her. My husband was giving up. The selection isn't the best for the chain, but they had a booth at the festival where they were charging about $ 2 more for a pretzel than here! I got a bag of wetzel bitz, I wasn't thanked or anything. Didn't even get the receipt. The food was decent, but the customer service needs a lot of improvement for me to shop here again. Maybe they could use more training?

Heidi M.

I normally would never give a one star, but this location I have frequented more than once, and every time, it has been awful. I tried to give this place a couple tries before deciding to write this review. I love 3 things: popcorn, mac n cheese, and soft pretzel's, with Wetzel's being my favorite kind. This location has a very rude Asian female manager or owner. Any time Wetzel's is doing a promotion or you are trying to redeem a coupon, she acts like she doesn't know how to do it or says you need a flyer for "National pretzel day" where all wetzel's give free pretzel's to everyone......but her location......i think something is wrong here. I tried to use a buy 1 get 1pretzel from Wetzel's app, and she made me buy the small hot dog bitz to get my free pretzel.....we literally just wanted 2 pretzels exactly like the coupon stated. So, we didn't get what we wanted and was charged for the most expensive thing on the menu which was like buying 2 pretzels....I just don't understand. If you drive to the Glendale Galleria Mall, they have a huge main store front and then smaller kiosks through out the mall. It is worth the 10 minute drive to get a better mall and much better service from any of them inside the Glendale Galleria. It is also worth driving into Hollywood and going on Hollywood blvd, finding parking, and walking up to that one than coming to this one. I see there are other reviews about this rude woman over the years, so obviously, I am not alone.

Jessica Darwich

Delicious pretzels that are freshly made and come out piping hot and dripping with butter and salt. I can use my AAA card and score a 10% discount too.

Linda Greenfield

they give you a small portions of the mini size pretzels and it has a little bit of cinnamon and sugar and it doesn't even fill up the bag their very cheap, very unsatisfying customer

Rommel Belandres

love this place!

Ryan N.

Today I came with a coupon for free pretzal bitz, the asian lady (I think the manager on duty) had trouble speaking english, didnt know how to work a coupon ( she legit tried to scan the coupon before she brought up the barcode then said it doesnt work), once I marked redeemed she scanned it and then went on to say that it didnt go through (even though on my side it showed that it took the price off and that I owed nothing), she went on to say that it happened to 3 or 4 other people today. So she didnt say anything scanned and used up my coupon after she supposedly knew it wasnt working. So she used my coupon and tried to not give me the pretzal, and lied and told me that it would work somewhere else even though when another worker from there scanned it again it said it was not redeemable. Aftet me protesting, 20 to 30 minutes of the lady on the phone with someone else, a little under our breath trash talking by me and my girlfriend about how we getting ripped off I finally got the pretzal bitz. There was no reason why that should have happened, I actually come here all the time without coupons, but this store at least lost my business.

Rebecca J.

my sister s and I went to this place on Friday, August 1st. The people working here have ZERO customer's service skills. we stood by the counter for 2 minutes but some lady and a guy refused to acknowledge us. after two minutes we told them we would like to get some pretzel. the lady looked at us and looked away in disgust. She said "five minutes" which we did not understand. What we wanted to buy was already prepared and on display. She finally came to the counter and gave us the pretzel . they were already prepared I repeat, because I don't know why she wanted us to wait 5 minutes. we asked for some drinks the lady got them and said "are you making fun of me" Whattttttt.?????? Yes we were amazed at how rude she is but kept it cool. SHE SHOULD BE FIRED. The higher ups should not allowed this kind of behavior.

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