Curry Hyuga

1204 Broadway, Burlingame
(650) 458-3082

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Mark Liu

I love Japanese curry. The best one I've had was at a charming hole in the wall in a little mountain village called Takayama, Japan.Then we had a pretty good one in Los Altos which sadly moved to Berkeley.This place is far from where I live but I was pretty impressed with their curry.Pork cutlet curry - Well, there aren't the same pork Japanese use in Japan, it's not as fatty so it came out dry after it's being fried. However with the curry, it still taste good.Chicken cutlet curry - I always order this in America. In Japan, ya gotta go with the pork but I'm US, chicken is always juicier because they use dark meat.Cream of corn soup - Very delicious. They used more cream than some place which starched it up.Karage curry - My son ordered that and I had a bite. Taste great as well.

Jacob Herrera

Very good curry, fast service, huge portions. I recommend the chicken katsu curry

Drawl L

Decided to check Curry Hyuga out since I saw it on someone's Instagram story. Walking into the store, I noticed that the restaurant feels very much like a ファミレス. The curry was very good and the chicken katsu I got was crispy yet soft and juicy on the inside. The curry combined with the atmosphere will definitely have me coming back so I can reminise once more about my times in Japan.

B Hofer

Don't know much about Japanese Curry, but based on our visit to Curry Hyuga we're planning to fly to Tokyo soon. Think Japanese comfort food, and you will be close to what we experienced. IMO I'm a fried chicken officianato, and what they served us was a 10/10. Not to mention the Japanese potato salad and the rest of the unexpected sides and friendly service. This is a casual place that deserves a Michelin star...

Mandi W.

I have been going down to the South Bay for my Japanese curry fix, but looks like I've got a good spot that's now close to home! We both ordered the #1 Katsu Curry for $13 - him with the chicken, myself with the pork add on. Both meals came with curry, shredded cabbage, and fukujin pickles on a bed of white rice with a side of potato salad. We ordered these to-go, and they were ready in 10 minutes. The meal was packaged really well in a thick plastic bag, each katsu were in their own containers separated from the curry so they didn't get soggy during your commute home, and then the entire to-go bag was placed in insulated bags at the front of the restaurant in case you're late to get your meal, which we were as we swung over to the boba shop across the street. Once home, the food was still hot, the katsu was crisp, crunchy and retained it's texture during the trip home, and it was everything I wanted and more. I will mention the meals are very good sized. Lots of rice. In the future I can easily share this meal with my husband, and if anything, we can order another side of Katsu. TLDR, check this place out to fix your japanese curry cravings.

Eric R.

"Maybe I won't be your first love or your first kiss, but I will be your last everything." - Naruto Hyuga was a battleship in the Japanese Imperial Navy sunk near the end of WWII. Hyūga is also the ancient Japanese province that dates to the Wadō era, circa 713. Naruto' fans might remember that Hinata Hyuga as the wife of the ninja warrior! And of course all of the Hyuga above has nothing to do with curry in Burlingame! Just the historian in me and the random weird. Okay, so now that's out of my system... maybe, just maybe the curry here might have been inspired by Hyūga province, but sorry Naruto fans... nothing to do with Hinata! I've been on this crazy Japanese Curry binge lately and when I saw my friend's (Lisa Z.) amazing pics of Japanese Curry over Rice I knew I had to be there stat... in Burlingame? Yup Curry Hyuga in the burbs! For my first visit I decided to order Online and pick-up in person. I chose the Chicken Katsu Curry with Tonkatsu topping. The meal comes with Japanese Rice (yes, there's a difference lol) and a tiny scoop of Potato Salad. I highly recommend getting the topping which basically makes your meal a combo. The Chicken Katsu Curry under $14 with the additional Tonkatsu of +$4, so around $18 total. The confirmation email said it would be ready in 27 minutes. I'm just around the block so it gave me time to secure meter parking and stroll over. I enter in 30 minutes, darting around the hungry people outside waiting to be seated. I notice the group of people waiting inside too... they were pick-up orders too... hmm. After an awkward minute or three crunched up front with the rest, the hostess arrives and I immediately tell her I ordered Online and I'm here to just pick-up. After confirming my name... she tells me it'll be another 10 minutes. Um. She also informed two others it would be another 10 minutes. See the trend? That 10 minutes, turned into 15 minutes but finally my order was ready 42 minutes after I paid for it Online. This experience was the only reason Curry Hyuga wasn't perfect. The Curry itself was amazing! The Katsu Chicken and Tonkatsu fried perfectly. The Japanese-grade Rice mingling with the legitimate Japanese Curry. Oh my! The Potato Salad as おいしい (delicious) as the rest of the food, my only regret is not ordering more of it as a side... and errr maybe more J-rice, right?!! In the end, I highly recommend Curry Hyuga if in the Southbay, just note the peak hours and business on the weekends to avoid the awkward moments of everyone just standing near the front. I later found out Curry Hyuga opened during the pandemic with a limited menu of curries made from scratch -- the basic one features 21 spices, as developed by chef Tadokoro, who hails from a family of restaurateurs in Japan. Ahhh that's why it's so Naruto Uzumaki geeeeeeeeewwweewd (おいしい)!

Daniel Judianto

The curry is too notch. I love how their Katsu is so tender and flavorful. The service from Everyone here is also so pleasant and professional. Keep up the excellent work!

Melody W.

Stumbled across this restaurant as some food influencers said it was the best curry in the bay. Will I say it is the best? Probably not. Is it a decent choice? Sure. We came here around 1:30pm, it took about 10 minutes to get seated. They had two workers, greeting, taking orders, serving, and bussing. It's not a huge restaurant but it did take a while for them to come around and do everything. The workers kept a good attitude while it looked like they were working every second. They had a ton of take out orders to take care of too. I was just hungry so I wished that it was even faster because I saw my food ready for a few minutes but the workers were swarmed with things to do. The decor is cute, kinda gave me Japan vibes. Now for the food-- the curry is smooth. I didn't see any option to adjust spicy level for the curry while I wish it did. I would personally like mines a bit more spicy but it was still decent. There's a slight after taste to the curry, it was sweet and a little sour. I can't quite pinpoint what it was. Initially I was like, is it because of the pickles? But it wasn't. The cabbage was light and I loved that on top of the rice. Potato salad was good- creamy, slightly chunky. Tonkatsu tasted thick and not super juicy. Breading was good though, crunchy. But it made this dish just ok because this and the curry is supposed to be the star, right? Cheeseburg was interesting. First taste- hmm weird texture. It was like a moisten soft Salisbury steak like texture with some cheese on top. After a bit of chewing, I kinda liked it more but it was still a weird combo. I won't say I hate it, maybe not love it, but it was ok. All in all, it's okay. It is good if I want some curry, but I can't say it's the best in the bay. I wouldn't mind coming back to try the omurice though!

Cameron Hui

Delicious curry tonkatsu - the tonkatsu is perfectly cooked, tender meat and crispy outsides. Chicken karaage appetizer was flavorful and had good presentation, but could be a little more crispy. The corn potage was yummy but not hot enough when served. The wait staff was very friendly and had great service, and the interior is well lit and clean! Lunchtime on Saturday is surprisingly not busy.

Allen G.

Simple and delicious. Pretty straightforward, only curry and two non curry items to select. Very intense curry with good crunch. Reminds of all those wii l curry places in Japan. Will bring the rest of the family here to reminisce

Kristen L.

Came on a Sunday afternoon with a party of four. The place is pretty small and seemed busy, but they were able to seat us right away. I know this place is called Curry Hyuga, but I've never been a huge fan of curry. Katsudon, on the other hand, is a different story. A good bowl of katsudon is the ultimate comfort food, with the rice drenched in dashi broth and topped with egg, carmelized onions, and a healthy portion of katsu. Curry Hyuga's katsudon is fragrant, flavorful, and the ultimate comfort food. A great alternative to their curry option at a good value ($11 for a sizeable bowl). It also comes with a side of pickled radish that adds a refreshing taste and contrasting texture to the elements of the rice bowl. The staff was friendly and came to refill our water multiple times during our meal. Street parking is limited. Whether or not you enjoy curry, I would recommend stopping by!

Justin S.

Overall, pretty solid but definitely no CoCoCurry (curry chain in Japan). We ordered the Chicken Karaage (dark meat) and the Chicken Katsu (white meat). The Chicken Karaage was quite good - a bit fatty. 4 pieces of deep fried chicken, rice, dark curry, some pickled radish, with some tartar sauce. The Katsu was very basic. A bit thin - harder. Friendly service. I had asked the server whether he would order the Chicken Karaage or the Cheeserburger version and he said Karaage. In terms of portion, there definitely could have been more for the price. Each dish was $18.50 with tip. Not too crowded when we went. Servers were wearing masks.

Lynn T.

The restaurant has lots of indoor seating available and feels very cozy. The food and drinks here tasted very authentic! Chicken Kaarage Curry/ Pork Katsu Curry- both meats had a nice crisp on the outside and tenderness on the inside. The curry was also cooked really well. The dishes were pretty big and very filling. The potato salad that came with it was delish! It was a nice blend of creamy and a little sweetness. I enjoyed the sauce (Japanese mayo) they gave for the meat. Matcha Milk Tea/ Black Milk Tea- you get a generous serving for both drinks. The black milk tea was a little sweeter than the matcha which had more of a matcha tea flavor. Both were really good and not too sweet!

Miley Yu

Very friendly service. Each curry plate has given good portion and tasty!

Amy Zhou

Fast, attentive service. They focus on a few menu items (mostly curry - no surprise!). Great service - most meals were ~$13

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