Preston's Candy & Ice Cream

1170 Broadway, Burlingame
(650) 344-3254

Recent Reviews

william t.

Heard the make peppermint chews, so I had to try it out. They taste like my childhood memories remember.

Raul M.

New 3rd owner of 3 weeks, Javier is much a friendly person and I wish him good luck and a prosperous new beginning! Great selection of Loard's ice cream flavors and wide variety of chocolate candies including sugar free choices. Celebrating 75 years anniversary at this original family owned location. Nice to see original design including the exterior neon signs (wonder if they still work?) One scoop ice cream (espresso toffee) on a sugar cone is plentiful! I thought I got 2 scoops but was told that it was one scoop. Wow! Got my money's worth! Looking forward to more visits. Now I know where to go when my sweet cravings kick-in!

Renée M.

Came back for our fix of Peppermint Stick Candy flavor & the Espresso Coffee with Chocolate Bits but the alternate ice cream cooler wasn't working according to the new owner. He said they'll probably receive more Peppermint next Thursday. We were disappointed because that was our first choice. My brother ended up taste-testing & getting a hand-packed pint of Butter Brickle. I ended up getting a hand-packed quart of the Espresso Coffee. I was offered a ready-packed quart of coffee but was told the Espresso had a stronger coffee flavor. You could see the bits of espresso dotting the ice cream.The candy isn't as prevalent in the front left counter which was empty. There were still people coming in for ice cream, though and a line of 4 people was forming. Another Hispanic lady came out to help & I think it was Irene Preston, the previous owner who is 77 y/o. We finished with our order & told the new owner we'd be back for the Peppermint! I thanked him for saving the store!

Mandi F.

I was looking for some taffy for stocking stuffers and at first glance was slightly disappointed in the options as they were super tiny. But upon speaking to the woman behind the counter, she could just weigh out whatever size I wanted which is what we did. Now my family will have taffy for dayssssss.

Kristy S.

Stopped by after eating dinner just up the street and enjoyed this old school ice cream shop and candy store. I got an ice cream and enjoyed it while walking up and down the downtown streets. Takes you back to the days of old with good quality ice cream.

Karen S.

Stopped in here today after a many-years absence. Got a couple of goodies for some kids. And, I was able to order the dark chocolate non-pareils which will get mailed next week, fresh after they are made! Did you know you can order and ship products? Just call the store!! Used to go to their other store in Los Altos many years ago. Brought back fond memories. The caramel apples were fresh and looked great! Go support Preston's!!!! We want her to stay in business!

Bernice B.

If I could give this store a zero star review, I would. This store owner is notorious for drawing in customers and teenage workers with her woe-is-me stories. She is a cheat and a liar. My friend's son worked tirelessly to keep her store afloat before and during COVID. She owes him over $2,000 in wages. My friend's son is not the only one. Please do not support this business. She is a wolf in sheep's clothing!

Kenzo Ganbat

The best ice cream in the Bay area.

Nicole M.

Preston's has been a huge part of my life from a young age until now. It's one of those places that just driving by puts a smile on your face. As a little girl, I remember going to Preston's all the time for a bubble gum ice cream on a sugar cone, dipped in chocolate (I know that sounds like a weird combo) and a small bag of candy to take home while my mom got her chocolate covered frozen banana and some it's-its. I would also get the occasional rainbow sherbet. And now as an adult, I still get excited every time I make the time to head over for a bubblegum ice cream on a sugar one (no more chocolate covered). This place just feels like home. The ice cream is delicious, the ambience is nostalgic and classic ice cream shop. I cannot express enough how much people need to take a trip to Preston's ice cream for a delicious ice cream cone! I know their chocolates are supposed to be amazing too!

Kelly M.

This place had an old-timey, faded sign from yesteryear. They featured two types of ice cream. We tried the "Lenore" ones. I had butterscotch, my daughter had ube, and my husband had black raspberry marble. The ice cream had great flavor and texture. The scoops are rather small.

Jaymie C.

This is a charming ice cream shop on broadway Burlingame. They have a great selection of tasty hand crafted ice creams, yogurts , sorbets, chocolates and candies. It's an ice cream shop that fulfill the most posh of taste. My favorite is the Ube ice cream . Its so luscious , thick and creamy texture with a mellow, subtle nutty, and a hint of vanilla flavor. Location is great. It's on broadway Burlingame next to Walgreens. Meter spots , parking lots , and 2 hrs of free parking available. Cute ambience and the entire staff is attentive and welcoming.

A H.

My daughter moved to the neighborhood so we had to stop in when we were exploring the downtown area. Cute old fashioned shop with tasty ice-cream and friendly staff. Next time we will try the chocolates. Their credit card machine wasn't working but luckily we had some cash.

Andrea H

My daughter moved to the neighborhood so we had to stop in when we were exploring the downtown area. Cute old fashioned shop with tasty ice-cream and friendly staff. Next time we will try the chocolates. Their credit card machine wasn't working but luckily we had some cash.

Belinda C.

I saw this place on the news and wanted to support them. The lady that operates this place is super sweet and she makes the most amazing chocolate. I'm surprised her shop didn't get the expand as i know other cities can benefit from her sweet treats. These are handmade chocolates, which is hard to find nowadays. Not only do they make their own chocolates, but they make their own ice cream as well. That's a lot of work, which i really appreciate as these shops are hard to find now. Their chocolates are so smooth. I'm normally not a chocolate lover, but this shop made me crave their chocolates! If you go to their website, they have rescue boxes for your to purchase online , in which they will ship a box to you. Help out this business if you can, you won't be disappointed.

Mike S

Turn back the clock. 1968 Preston's donated gift certificates to the Cub Scouts. I was the lucky winner!! That was the best summer. Walk around the corner and get rock candy, or chocolate coins, all summer long. Best memories ever for an eight year old.

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