800 24th Ave, Santa Cruz
(831) 515-7455

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Caitlin K.

Great fish, great sushi. Plated my to-go order because look at the beaut! I love the chirashi bowl and all of their nigiri.

Jen C.

Happy Veteran's Day! I have a day off today so I'm trying to catch up on my reviews. But, really, teachers DON'T have a day off. We're always thinking of lessons, and there's always something we NEED to do for school. But, I decided to take a mental day off, which I'm most likely going to regret later. Oh well, at least I'm not wasting the day. I'm supporting restaurants because they need it more than ever.

Wasabi Sushi was a great spot for lunch, but I have to say a couple of things that bothered me before I get to the good part. First of all, I have to say their menu needs improvement. It's kinda hard to order when there's no description or picture under the names on their menu board. We had to ask the guy behind the counter what's this or what's that. Good thing there was no one else behind us. Second of all, we were kind of uneasy about how the guy making sushi had his mask under his nose. Third, there was a guy hanging out behind the counter chatting with the workers without a mask.

But we were hungry so we took a risk.

I almost gave them three stars for carelessness, but the food was freakin' great! Okay, the Edimame was not that special, but the sushi was fresh. Between the three of us, the Mango Roll was the most popular. I also liked how they sprinkled crunch on top. The Black Tiger roll also had fun sprinkled crunch on top, and so tasty with shrimp tempura, eel, spicy crab, and avocado. The Rainbow and California Roll satisfied our taste buds as well.

We didn't get sick so I gave them four stars instead of three, but they should be more careful with masks. Like our new president Joe Biden said, "I implore you, wear a mask. Do it for yourself. Do it for your neighbor. A mask is not a political statement, but it is a good way to start pulling the (our?) country together."

Stephanie G.

Updated Menu as of 11/11/20 also check wasabi sushi
Wasabi is really great under the new management!! Love their food and them.

John S.

This spot has been consistent with its product love all the deep fried sushi. Keep up the good and I will come back and buy no matta the cost
Is a little pricey but always worth it when your craving

Lena K.

Unexpected stop on my way to north from LA area and we were surprised by excellent sashimi quality and sauces on the rolls do not overpower the fresh ingredients. I have experienced many sushi restaurants put mixed sauces to cover up low quality fish but we felt very lucky to enjoy our lunch here.

Nathan G.

Excellent sushi at a great price. The double shrimp roll and Jalapeño Bomb make for an excellent lunch. I look forward to coming back next time I need a quick bite in Capitola. Outdoor Seating and the whole staff was wearing face masks. Much appreciated.

Lyndsey E.

We ordered salmon rolls for dinner tonight and my niece is now in the middle of an anaphylactic shock. She is deathly allergic to shellfish so we only ordered avocado rolls, cucumber rolls and salmon. Beware if you eat here!

Kristine G.

We ordered dinner at 4:40pm and was told our order would be ready in 25-30 mins. We went to target across the street, and pulled up 5:10 to pick up our food, we paid and were told it would be ready soon. At 5:50pm, sitting in the parking lot, we still have no dinner...We will not be back.

Camilla R.

I am mad at myself for not writing this sooner! This is like the best secret little place in Capitola. I absolutely love everything on the menu but their hot rolls are simply mouth watering. Dine here any day or anytime and you won't be disappointed. Even their Miso soup it's pretty outstanding also!

Victoria A.

9/11.. it has now been 10 days and the charge was never removed from my credit card. I have reached out to the restaurant and 'rapidyum' and have been ignored by both. Super unprofessional. DO NOT ORDER TAKE OUT THROUGH THEIR WEBSITE. They do not tell you the wait time ahead of time and they force you to pay with a card. Only after I paid did they tell me it would 35 minutes for a SPICY TUNA ROLL. THAT IS RIDICULOUS. Called to confirm because that seemed insane. Was told that yes. At 530 on a Tuesday evening it will take me 35 minutes to get a spicy tuna roll. I ask if I can cancel since I JUST placed the order....that has to be done on the website. Wouldn't you know, the website has NO WAY to cancel your order. Called the restaurant again and was told sorry, we dont know how to use to app to cancel. All I wanted was a quick bite to eat. Oh yeah and all of this after I pre-tipped 22% on my card because I like to be extra supportive during these hard times.UPDATE: begrudgingly waited the 35 minutes. Went to pick up the order. They didn't make it because they didn't think I was gonna pick it up. And they still charged me. I'm furious.

Letizia B.

We order twice a week and the sushi it's so delicious, our favorite sushi is pop corn lobster we suggest everybody toTry it . We coming back next week for sure !

Justin C.

Amazing and delicious! We're in town for the fire strike team and found this little gem on a whim! So grateful!

Sam M.

Delicious sushi for a really great price. My girlfriend and I got takeout the other day and everything we got was awesome. Their crispy rice with the spicy tuna on top is really unique and delicious, I could have eaten 10 of them. All the rolls were really tasty and filling. We got La Fiesta sashimi, that was also really unique and tasty, but ordering both was a bit too much food for two of us along with the rolls we got. I got the Yellow Tail Delight roll and loved it! Overall everything was really good and I would go back to this place all the time if I lived in the area

Allyson P.

Drove all the way from San Jose to get this for a second time. Their baked salmon roll is really good, especially when you're introducing sushi to someone who is hesitant. The rainbow roll is also great.

Richard C.

The sushi was super good and provided outdoor dining.+1 star Good sushi+1 star Short wait time+1 star Relatively big rolls+1 star Outdoor dining +1 star Free soy sauce

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