13337 Artesia Blvd, Cerritos
(562) 802-0200

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Brother McMullen

Rude to us about the sauce and just in general. Got my order wrong. Mid

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 2

Service: 1

Eddie Kanemoto

Very bad, ate there and asked for take out. Chicken was not fresh, not prepared well, paid $28.00 for very bad fried chicken. I would say stay away, looks like it’s going broke anyway.


Mostly take out. The chicken wings are delicious!

Demarius McLeod

I didn't think about taking any pictures, I was hungry. I ordered from Kokio through Doordash. Those Sweet & Spicy wings were too good to be true but that Honeybee was the one for me.

Belvet Page

The staff was nice, but the Spicy chicken sandwich was ehh ok not crispy enough no seasoning on chicken,sauce not spicy tasted buttery n fries were plain and dry. would not recommend .theres alot ofspicy chicken sandwiches resteraunts out there that have raised the bar very high .

Mike A

Food is overpriced and smells like feet. Male owner is unprofessional.

Ash P.

Literally our favorite fried chicken please just trust me and try! Crispy original and sweet/spicy you can't go wrong with. The onion rings are also off the chain. Lolly pop shrimp were also yummy. Not to mention service was amazing. If you like fried chicken it's a must go. Also restaurant and restrooms are very clean but it would be nice if they added a baby changing table. We live 2 hours away and every time we drive by we stop here. We have never been disappointed even with a to go order. This was our 4th time going and a review is way overdue. I also want to mention everything is made to order so chicken is always hot, fresh and crispy! This is no fast food spot so just call ahead if needed. Keep up the good work!!!!

Harry M.

I've frequented this location often and it's always been delicious. I recently went back after not going during the pandemic and the flavors are still good but the chicken used for their wings and drumsticks are much smaller now. For the price it's not that great of a value anymore as it was before.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 3

Service: 4


Always on the prowl for good fried chicken and was suggested here by a friend. Overall, solid and would love to come back!Wings (Honey) - 4/5 would get again easily. It’s not like Mayo or heavy on honey like most honey flavoured KFC sauces it’s actually more like most places’ soy garlic but even a bit more savoury. Honey is there for sweetness and it worksTenders (garlic) - 1-2/5; The garlic was there and it was juicy but the breading was off like it was almost naked and just fried, not much flavour other than garlic and that it’s tenders with no fat doesn’t help all the above.Drumsticks (hot crispy) - 4/5 this was basically just standard fried chicken drumsticks. Juicy and crispy but not like KFC crispy is known for and lowkey don’t think there was any skin just batter and breading because it didn’t taste as fatty or pull apart as regular drumsticks.Sweet Potato Fries Korean style - 2/5? But easy to binge. It’s basically like those bags of chips that say they’re French fries but it’s just crunchy potato like regular chips and cut thin. The powdered sugar actually brings out the sweet potato flavour more since they’re cut to shreds and hard to taste the sweet potato without eating a handful at a time. This is more like a snack than a side. Would easily be a 4/5 for me if it weren't for the powdered sugar as after a while it became more like a glaze with wet fingers.Garlic and hot crispy basically were dry seasonings and not saucy or wet, with hot crispy being pretty much just regular naked/fried chicken? Just an FYI for anyone interested in these flavours.

Tim H.

Haven't been to Kokio Chicken since the Pandemic started, realized what I had missed these past 3 years. It's just as tasty as I remember, the original has just the right amount of spiciness without slapping you in the face. If you have never been or haven't been in awhile, you're missing out, this is great fried chicken. They have a spicy and a honey bee style too, haven't tried.

Evan N.

The chicken is good with generous portion. If you haven't tried korean chicken you definitely should. Way better than Popeyes/KFC! The only disappointments were we came 1h before closing and weren't allowed to sit down and eat as they closed early, and the soda cans were expensive AF. If you don't mind the inconvenience grab something to drink at the gas station in the same lot. Still ẹnjoyed it in the parking lot though.

javier a.

we were craving for a korean fried chicken, since this place is close to us (1 block) we went here. when we went inside, the guy didn't even greet us and looked at us on a weird way......i was like "table for two please"....... the guy look on us again and pause for like 5 seconds and said "we cannot have you as as dining customer" me and my wife cannot believed on what he told us....we didnt wanna make a scene and just left the place... WHAT THE F(_)CK is that???? F-ing racist...just because we are not Korean. we are not allowed to eat to your restaurant??? BEWARE to those Non-Korean Customer PLEASE DO NOT EAT, COME OR ORDER HERE!!!

Katherine N.

This Korean fried chicken spot is a great place for late night craving, especially when going with a group! With many flavors and options to choose from, it's a shareable meal to have with a drink. The service here was amazing as our server came by to check on us often and the chicken was flavorful, juicy, and crispy. The interior was clean and they also have a restroom to use as well.

juno n.

my sister said this place was good so we drove here :3 20 Piece Whole Wings

Justin C.

AMAZING FOOD & CUSTOMER SERVICE My wife and I were in Cerritos for open houses, and we got hungry. We were just browsing the stores in this large strip mall and found KOKIO. We went in and checked out the menu. We were pleasantly surprised to find they served Korean food, specifically Korean-flavored Chicken Wings and other Korean dishes. We ordered 10pcs "Honey Bee" and "10 pcs Sweet and Spicy" Chicken Wings, "Honey Rice Chicken," and my wife had Green Tea Macaron Ice Cream for dessert.THE CHICKEN WINGS WERE AMAZING and FULL OF FLAVOR. Our favorite was the "Honey Bee" and we also enjoyed their "Honey Rice Chicken." The food was amazing, but we were extremely IMPRESSED WITH THE SERVICE. Our waitress JANE WAS AMAZING AND VERY ATTENTIVE. She guided us through the menu and was always checking to ensure our glasses were always filled with water. She even proactively replaced the melted ice in the glass for my Coke, which had melted before I could pour the Coke into it. She is so friendly, respectful and provided just service above and beyond our expectations. We plan to return to this KOKIO for their EXCELLENT FOOD AND AMAZING SERVICE. We highly recommend coming here to try their food and meet Jane who will surely provide you with 5+ service experience.

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