Taco Bell in Clovis

Taco Bell - 2131 Shaw Ave

Rating: 3.9 - 67 Votes

2131 Shaw Ave, Clovis CA 93611
(559) 323-5124

Food is always fresh, hot & delicious!! Vegan friendly and the staff is always friendly. They do a lot of business and still remain curtiouse, focused and at attention. The restrooms could use more attention however.

Taco Bell - 434 W Shaw Ave

Rating: 3.4 - 62 Votes

434 W Shaw Ave, Clovis CA 93612
(559) 323-6795

OMG I LOVE THIS TACO BELL! I always asked for the service Noah, he is the best I swear! He's quick and always sweet to his customers very courteous. Just a shame his not manager yet. Also the food is always amazingly good never had a issues.

Taco Bell - 830 Herndon Ave

Rating: 3.3 - 68 Votes

830 Herndon Ave, Clovis CA 93612
(559) 323-1413

Had an amazing dining experience with the family...the new General Manager David Licasi was outstanding and provided us with exceptional service! We love Taco Bell, and found a way to love it even more tonight! Thanks David!

Taco Bell - 290 W Ashlan Ave

Rating: 3.1 - 60 Votes

290 W Ashlan Ave, Clovis CA 93612
(559) 294-9070

I only go through the drive through here, but be warned, once you're in, there's no way out till you get to the window. The food's Taco Bell. The girl that usually works the drive through window is really cute. And they haven't messed up any of my orders.

Taco Bell - 1097 N Willow Ave

Rating: 3 - 63 Votes

1097 N Willow Ave, Clovis CA 93611
(559) 322-7216

Update!! Just rolled through and they're out of nacho cheese. "Cause someone forgot it" dropped 1 point I was just here and there was maybe like 5 cars in front of me and upon arriving at the window I was greeted with a genuine apology and a discount "because of the wait". Well played Taco Bell.

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