Tabu Shabu

Japanese, Hot Pot

3286, 333 E 17th St #19, Costa Mesa
(949) 642-2660


Tripadvisor Tripadvisor: 4.5
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Reviews for Tabu Shabu

Liane Lee

I visited this place a month ago. Food was not bad. Service was rude though. Don't clink your beer glasses in front of the female staff cause she talks about it when she clearly knows that customers could hear her loud and clear. It's just clinking beer glasses, what's there to say 'Omg, they just clinked their beer'??

Jesika J.
After seeing so many pages I follow visit Tabu Shabu, I finally had a chance to go for myself. I love Shabu... like typically go 1-2 times a month... if not more kinda love. I am a convert and Tabu is my new go to. The broth options are pretty typical but the Spicy Miso actually had spice to it, most places it is far more miso than spice. The ability to customize the rice, noodles and veggie to cater to what you actually want to eat is something I have never seen on a full review
Robyn Fleming

Very tasty shabu shabu, with a good variety of broths, meats, and vegetables. I really appreciate how easy it is to customize the vegetable platter. The service was friendly and prompt, though there was a short wait for seats. The only thing I don't like about this place is the seats themselves, which I find very uncomfortable. Worth enduring for the delicious food, though.

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Lunch Sides & Extras

Garlic Chicken Dumplings $5.00
Truffle Oil Drizzle $2.00
Pasteurized Egg $2.00
Extra Veggies $4.00
Noodles $4.00
Tofu $4.00
Complete Vegetable Plate $8.00
Chicken $10.00
Pork $10.00
Lamb $10.00
Scallops $12.00
Shrimp $12.00
Salmon $12.00
Angus $12.00
Chuckroll $12.00
Prime $14.00
Shortrib $14.00
Grassfed $14.00

Lunch Dessert

Black Sesame Ice Cream $5.00
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