Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

110 Jamacha Road, El Cajon
(619) 441-3355

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Richard Vieira

Food is good, but they are so stingy on dip. A single ranch for my entire order? Weak.

Rogelio Rubio

Went to this Popeye's with my young daughter as we enjoy eating fried chicken, service at the drive thru was outstanding and the lady at the window very amicable, chicken was really good as well as the mashed potatoes, enjoyed eating in the car with my baby girl, life is good!, what more can I say? loved this Popeye's

bill tompkins

My issue with this particular store and after all the name brand of Popeye's Chicken has been reduced to a two because after they took away the ages old favorite of Cajun rice and replaced it with their macaroni and cheese. that was their own style. that was surprisingly exceptionally very delicious with this crust all over it. It was like macaroni and cheese. au gratin It was fabulous the first two times I was there after that the last time I went through there it was just like eating craft, macaroni and cheese. It was horrible. I tried to put in a complaint nobody would with answer their phone. I called and called and called again and again nobody would ever answer. eventually I get a voice message thing. so I left a message for the manager to call me. They wouldn't call me so I went through the drive-thru about two or three weeks later and voicemail. I complaint to the lady that I was giving my order to and she said I probably wouldn't like it that night either that there was no crust to it. I said then you shouldn't be serving it if she looked just like what's on the picture or better. so I called into their headquarters and their headquarters assured me that that store manager would be calling me back right away about this. It never happened 3 days later. now avoid Popeyes. they've gone downhill

Danny Arredondo

I love popeyes but whoever runs this one sucks. It has HORRIBLE ownership. I have to drive to San Diego or Ramona to get popeyes that is not dog water. Only reason its not 1 star is because i can’t stain my favorite friend chicken place on earth. I just wish they would get new ownership/management so the food is consistently good instead of hit or miss like it been the last few years

Valentina Fitzpatrick

The employees at this Popeyes gave us a really good deal a few weeks ago when we had to wait for our order. God bless you guys and keep up the good work :)

janie henderson

Just rendezvoused nearby so I figured I’d drive through and grab a bite here. I hadn’t had a sandwich from here for years.I gotta say that I actually liked the cajun fries more than the sandwich. They don’t have regular fries. I thought the cajun fries were going to be too spicy and or salty. But they weren’t. They were perfect. There were spices for flavor, but they weren’t spicy. Of which I wasn’t in the mood for “heat” at the time. Anyway, the flavor was perfect. Even had a bit of a crispy crunch. But, weren’t dry. Had a nice hot potato chew to it. Some fries from other places are too dry and tasteless. These were great. Finished them before I got back home! HahaThe sandwich was just ok. Nice n crunchy. But, I think too much batter, not enough flavor. The buns were ok, not very solid, tho. Didn’t hold together, flaked and fell apart.After trying chicken sandwiches from other newer joints over the recent years, these sandwiches really don’t measure up. Didn’t hit the spot. I didn’t even finish the sandwich.

Jeff B

They turned off online/mobile ordering, making everyone have to drive up to get it, which causes really long lines. Why are fast food managers so dumb? Anyway, I love the chicken but if you don't want to be in business then why are we even doing capitalism?

Ryan Moran

Great service !! great food worth the wait.

Maxine Gulihur

Of course the food is really good here but the service is awful. I would try a different location to be honest.

John Westfaul

Food is always exquisite but the drive thru line is always ay least 15 minutes. Today it was about 40 minutes. But again food is worth waiting for.

Kalena Garcia

Food is great!! Wait was more than 30 mins

Matthew Laney

Just ate dine in. Hot delicious food & fast service. (3:00pm) Manager went the extra mile to redeem my free chicken tender coupon when website down.

Irene Solano

I usually order take out because the wait time is outrageous but since there was only 2 cars in the drive thru I didn't hesitate to go. Well, the wait was long, I guess they were making the chicken. The girls at the window apologized for the wait once I got my food and gave me a blueberry pie, which was delicious. I guess it was worth the wait.So happy they have chicken nuggets now, my kids love them. I also ordered a spicy chicken sandwich for my son and he really enjoyed it.

Miss K

It's good to see dine in open. I visited this location once or twice. But today was first day I visited years . It was a Tuesday if course, but they have a good deal for two people which I liked. They were Busy pre usual, cashier's were friendly and took order correct. The inside was clean but social distancing inside. I Didn't wait long for take out. I don't like the drive thru at times , especially at Popeyes. They had a little problem with health dept a year or two ago. But overall my experience was okay, I'll go back for that dinner for two deal.

Postoria Aguirre lll

Nice clean service with a smile and they honored the Tuesday two-piece special

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