454 Appian Way Suite B, El Sobrante
(510) 601-6400

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Rodney W.

UNSAFE & UNSANITARY. I ordered a tunafish sub online. I arrive about 5 minutes before the stated time I could pick up. When I arrived there were 2 other customers in front of me. Since I was early I waited. While I waiting I noticed a tunafish sandwich sitting open face on the counter. There was bread and tuna fish but nothing else was complete. I watched the lady working make 5 other sandwiches. By the time she finished with the other customers, it was 5 minutes past my pick up time. This meant the sandwich had been sitting open face uncovered on the counter for at least 10 minutes from when I first came in. I don't know how long it had been sitting before that. Before greeting or helping me the lady walked to the back of the shop. I'm not sure to do what. about 2 minutes later she finally came out. I asked her if that was my sandwich. She asked what I ordered. I said tuna fish. She said it was. I asked her to make a new sandwich. Long story short she refused to remake the sandwich. I requested she canceled my order and refund my money she said she would not. The owner, Manoj Tripathi, emailed to say they had 20 minutes to make a sandwich and could leave it open. I told him that was not sanitary for any sandwich but especially one that contained seafood and mayo. I requested a refund he refused. I also noticed flies flying around the shop and mayo sitting on a back counter unrefrigerated. Eat here at your own risk.

sabawoon alekozai

Don’t go there the owner the lady is hella rude plus the way she makes the sandwich is awful i would highly recommend don’t waste your money and time to go this location.

Janelle S.

First off, they are the only location who does accept the coupons per the owner. Secondly, the lady who made our order - just terrible. We asked for order to be toasted - she literally put it In for 6 seconds and pulled it out before the timer went off. Our bread was still room temp and our cheese not melted. During the veggies part she took me and husbands order simultaneously and kept getting herself confused on which sandwich was what. Like hello, just do it one at a time if you cannot multitask! Anyway, first and last time ever coming to this location. Never again.

Nick William

Rude staff. Went in for a doordash order, clerk ignores me for almost 5 mins, then rudely tells me, "You have to wait ten minutes, the order just came in." I should apologize for my lack of psychic abilities, but I'll just grab the food & make it a point not to return. She needs to check her attitude at the door. You should be happy you have any customers to begin with cuz y'all are rude & take forever prepping sandwiches anyway. Hire people with better attitudes.

Ed S.

Zero Star!Does NOT accept corporate coupons. Left Subway Inc. apparently does not care.I have not found a way to contact Subway Inc.

Amy Rynearson

Another great sandwich made with love!! Served with a smile! Love those meatball sandwiches extra sause, always!!

Randy O.

While I was waiting for my sandwich to be made, I sat down reading my email. I had my face mask on. One lady was real nice, the other one, not so much. The not so nice lady told me I cannot sit down and demanded I leave. She said she called 911 on me and took my picture with her cell phone. Like police officers have nothing better to do !!I will not return. Randy O.

Pete Anderson

Wish we liked this place, because we do like Subway in general and it’s close but multiple visits have shown them to not keep their produce fresh. It’s had cleanliness issues, they don’t accept subway coupons and their bathroom has been “broken” for months. When it was working it was disgusting. The owner is also rude and disrespectful.

Kevin E.

Many problems with this location. 1)the bathroom is always "broken" 2)the veggies rarely look fresh and you quite often have to redirect the sandwich maker not to put wilted lettuce or shriveled up tomatoes on your sandwich 3)they don't accept subway coupons (seriously...what the heck?) 4)Customer service - the owner really doesn't care to address problems or concerns. It's really a shame because its a good location to have a shop in the neighborhood, but the overall quality is sub-par.... 1 star is the lowest you can give, so that's what I'll give them... but it should be lower.

Dave D.

I visited this location for lunch one afternoon the door was left wide open and a sign saying keep door closed I proceeded inside and nobody said hello I made my way to where you order the girl looked down and wouldn't even acknowledge me she took my order made my sandwiches and as we moved farther down I seen the cookies and thought a couple of cookies that would that would be yummy until I seen little bugs flying around inside the display case and then I go to the other side right in front of the register to pay and I asked can I get to cookies and I look down and there's a whole nest of bugs with literally 40 to 50 bugs swarming in flying around in one area of the cookie display case I said actually no thank you I changed my mind the girl laughed and asked me why is it because the bugs? I said yes that's why I don't want the cookies and she said she's doing her best never ever go to this Subway or any other Subway for that matter their food is not even real their chicken is 55% chicken and none of their vegetables organic so you're eating pesticides stay away for the sake of your well being! Despicable!

James Montijo

I absolutely enjoy their dishes and service, good area to my apartment. The staff members are always friendly. Will visit here again.

Pam R.

My daughter ordered oven roasted chicken sandwich last night and she got very sick. She had diarrhea and she was vomiting. Stay away from this Subway!!!

Arlett Vicente

Sometimes they might not give you what you asked for when you said the same thing 4 times

Unicorn Rose

Sometimes they might not give you what you asked for when you said the same thing 4 times

Dao Norrell

Stop by in the Morning the Lady who made our Sandwich was very polite but the Vegetables were Gross most were frozen red onions were very bitter tomatoes tasted old even after taking out the vegetables did not want too waste the sandwich still ended up throwing it away

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