Hometown Heroes Sports Bar & Eatery

4000 Adeline St, Emeryville
(510) 250-9311

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Helga Stewart

Orderws some food from today's pop-up, 12/6/20 by Erin Williams (Chef Emerald). My daughter and I ordered oxtails.... and when I tell you the food was delicious... I wanted to eat both plates...lolHometown Heroes is a very nice bar. The service was awesome and I loved set up. adding this venue as one of my cocktail hour get togethers.

Brandi Bell

I attended the Properly Seasoned pop-up today. The macaroni and cheese was extremely flavorful and the greens were very good. The service was good and the drinks were strong. There was outdoor seating available.

Imelda C.

First time there & the drink menu & drinks were awesome!!

Rebecca B.

Disappointing. Why are the food highlights all Filipino food yet they informed me that they stopped serving Filipino food December 2019...All they have are bar basics like chicken wings and sliders. The worst part is... they don't even serve beer. Just cocktail drinks. I was eyeing the hazelnut chocolate beer I saw on their photos, but there's no beer at all....:(Maybe their food is good. I wouldn't know. Their previous menu would've been ideal.

Aariah N.

This place is a VIBE! Everything from the food to the decor. The bartender was so dope and friendly! The drink we had was "Cooler than the 2020 heat wave" lol I know so cute and catchy and it was bomb!! Definitely will be back

Leanor G.

i got the chicken teriyaki bowl and cajun fries and although the cajun fries were decent the chicken bowl was so goood!! we also got the heat wave 2020 drink and it was delicious! the vibe here is great and the bartender was so nice!! you should definitely have a lil date here!

Crystal M.

I would give this place one star but because the bartender/waiter/server compensated us for the spilled drinks, I give it a two star. Margaritas tasted like old margarita mix with barely any alcohol. The chicken wings were bland and the garlic fries & Caesar salad were basic. The place inside looked a hot mess with the bar filled with crap all on top of it and the bathroom had no hand soap. I had high expectations for this place considering how fairly new it is but I wouldn't come back nor would I suggest it.

Lupe D.

The food was great, my boyfriend and I got the mini sliders (i got beef, he got chicken) would definitely recommend.

Jared Fleitman

Bartender was really friendly. Came out to talk sports with us, moved our table to safely get a better view of the TV from outside. Affordable beer too!

Blessing Okere

Great ambiance. Mister puts his heart in every drink. Tonight's menu was a Haitian pop up of coconut shrimp, sweet potatoes and rice. The weekends offer a different menu to accompany the Mon - Fri fusion menu.

Christina Michaud

I ate it too fast to get a pic of the tacos but they were dank with dranks. Spicy salsa

Linda Clemens

They made us giant martinis and were super nice when my friend thought he lost his watch in the trash can. I mean, they made sure we weren't crazy and we tried to tip well to make up for it.. Lol

Lindsey S.

Awesome neighborhood bar! I live 2 mins away (walking) so super easy for me to roll over here. I haven't been here in months (shelter in place) but came by today for some tacos and they were bomb! Myster is nice as always and hella funny. My husband and I came here multiple times for trivia before SIP and it was always a good time.During normal circumstances there's indoor and patio seating, but only doing spaced out patio seating and masks required during covid. Still a great ambiance no matter the set up here. Drinks are tasty, food (seems to have rotating vendors now) always awesome, the staff and Mystery always the best. Glad to see this place still open and happy they're in the neighborhood!

V Knai

Great bartenders, nice place

Palmer Woods-Ponder

Very friendly, efficient great Taco Tuesday's

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Hometown Heroes Sports Bar & Eatery

4000 Adeline St, Emeryville, CA 94608
(510) 250-9311