Fresh Wok

16232 Foothill Blvd unit C, Fontana
(909) 822-2522

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Hanan Salman

theyre okay.. not the best place to eat at. they give REALLY large portions and it sucks that i had to throw more then half away, theres no way anyone finishes a plate like that unless you have a really big appetite. but i wont come back here

Good Vibes Gram 'E'

Ordered through doordash, and I must say my food was great. Packed and sealed appropriately. Completely Satisfied ???

Emmanuel Ezeoke

Very fresh and yummy, sizeable too. It worth every penny spent.

Mikita Andino

My husband likes to eat here he likes a Wong Tong soup

Mariam Shinoda

Delicious and very generous portions. Special items $1 extra, but worth it.

Viola A.

First time trying FRESH WOK !!! I ordered by phone the Mongolian Beef (made to order) and told them I would order more food when I arrived. Very friendly customer service; I walked in about 11:30 am and saw all the food items hot and ready. I asked for the Orange Chicken and double on the chow mein noodles and a bag of their fried dry noodles. FRESH WOK serves plenty and the price is affordable. My husband likes the Mongolian Beef ( it's a little spicy ) but very tasty. I asked for the soy sauce and chili sauce; she gave me plenty of packets. Definitely making this our go-to Chinese Fast Food. Thank you FRESH WOK !!

Alex Jimenez

this place never disappoints. the staff is nice, the food is delicious. and is literally the only Chinese food I will eat here in fontana

Alberto Carranza

Enjoy coming here! Service is great and portions is very generous! Entrees are very good and they have a bowl special that includes a can of soda and an egg roll. They also serve Thai tea and milk tea boba! I recommend coming here

Gloria E. B.

After reading so many great reviews, I decided to give this place a try as I had a strong craving for Chinese food since I rarely eat it & there isn't any good, legitimate Chinese food restaurants in Fontana. I was excited about the fact that they had a tofu option so I immediately wanted to try the orange glaze crispy tofu with chowmein/fried rice, vegetables & teriyaki chicken. Well, the chowmein was okay but not the best, rice was bland but ok for the most part, the tofu was disappointing bc it wasn't crispy at all, it was extremely soft & almost soggy-like & the orange glaze & tofu just isn't a great mix (really appreciate the idea though). The vegetables were ok but a little on the soggy side like they been out for awhile in the oily-like water that it sits in when the vegetables are cooked/steamed. Teriyaki chicken was good, some parts felt like hard pieces to chew on & some felt really chewy, but the taste was good. Overall, my cravings honestly were not satisfied. Also, the egg rolls tasted/smelled kind of funny like the vegetables inside were going bad & towards the end of the night, the food gave me really bad & strong stomach cramps.

Mary A.

They give you a lot here for the money. I ordered fried rice, chow mein with orange chicken. It was all a little dry, but still tasty and would order again. I also got a Thai tea with boba, a little powdery tasting, boba was good.

Darcie K.

I love the sesame chicken and sweet and sour chicken. My favorite is the chicken and broccoli since there isn't any breading and makes for easier re-heating. The lo-mien is fantastic here either the veggie or chicken. If your a fan of wantons I highly suggest them from here. Plenty of cream cheese and they they are flaky and crisp not think and crunchy which is a preference of mine. I have tried the meat ones. They don't come with any cream cheese, like a little meat pocket. Not my favorite but still tasty. Will always be my favorite Chinese take out.

Stacy Wilson

Always been fresh every time I go. Good price nice portions

K. Herrera

Best Chinese food in town, always bring out more hot and fresh food!! Staff is nice and friendly


You get more than what you pay for here. Plates cant close with all the food they put on it. Spicy Orange Chicken is my favorite.

Raychel Brigante

Not fresh at all chowmein noodles are soggy and sticky orange chicken is dry and not flavorful at all. Not worth the price. Only came cause my normal place is closed tuesdays. If you want good Chinese food go to brothers kitchen. This is not the place

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