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Tushnim Bhattacharyya

Good to see bengali street food in a restaurant menu. Fish chop wasn't bad, daalpuri was good. Egg chicken roll wasn't that great.

Arpita S.

Had been wanting to try Bengali food as it's been a while and found this place on Yelp. Ordered bunch of items to try and I would say I had mixed reviews. Some food items were really good (goat biryani, egg chicken roll and fish chop) but the rest were disappointing - mughlai paratha was way too oily and didn't have any flavor to it (felt like eating oil), Shorshe Ilish was decent but again too much oil in the curry. Will be coming back though only for their rolls and biryani and will try their chicken dishes next time. It took around 40 mins for our order to be ready in a weekend so make sure to order in advance.

Pooja Mukherjee

This place serves some of the most authentic Bengali dishes. The rosogolla and Misti doi are spot-on; reminded me of my hometown Kolkata. Fish chop, radhaballabhi and alu r dum are also equally delicious; alu r dum was a bit oily though but tasty. Will definitely come back again and try more dishes.

Bikalpa Chakraborty

This is my favorite restaurant. I love their chicken kosha, rosogolla, and misti doi the most. They really hold authenticity in their food. This restaurant is a must-try if you like or want to try Bengali cuisine. Their food reminds me of my hometown (Kolkata). I love how they customize food according to the customers’ needs. 1 or 2 meal(s), sometimes more per week I order from them. I highly recommend this place to everyone.

Tanzila S.

I ordered the morog polao, goat biryani, mughlai, jali kabab, and mishti doi. Unfortunately, as a Bangladeshi-American I was very disappointed. I want to support my fellow Bangladeshi-American, but not if they're providing below par quality food! 1. The polao just looked like regular basmati rice with splashes of food coloring. Polao in general should be aromatic. I don't know why the jhol (or gravy) on the chicken was greenish looking either. It looked and smell unappetizing. 2. Jali kabab looked like it was fried in old oil. Not to mention it was burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. Guessing the oil used to fry it in was too hot. 3. Mishti doi lacked the flavor and color of what it's supposed to be. Also, mishti doi is supposed to have a slight tartness to it. Like I said, it lacked flavor. It was just bland.

Fish F.

Food quality is good. But the items seem overpriced. I have tried Hilsa curries, Murgh polao, goat biryani. Parking available. Wait time is ok.

Piya S.

Some of their food including weekend specials are delicious. Food is a bit overpriced but best you can find in the Bay Area. I tried their Haleem and few other items which I am not a fan of. Tasted way far from what we have back home. But Biriyani and sweets are really good

Sumit Kumar Kar

Great Bengali food served here. The kachchhi biryani and mishti doi are highly recommended!

Megan V.

The Nolen Gur Rasogulla is absolutely divine followed by the fish curry! We went back next weekend for an encore!! A little gem that shouldn't be missed!

Divya Agrawal

Highly recommend the green peas Kachori and Aloo Dum, even though the aloo Dum is on the oily side.Now the list of things that were a huge turn off:- Misti doi (expected the bengali misti doi that I ate as a kid growing up in Bengal, they serve sweetened yogurt - not the same if you have ever tasted the authentic one)- Rasgulla (again something they made and decided to give it a name used for a more authentic preparation)- Egg chicken roll - not like any traditional rolls you would find in Bengal- Mughlai parantha - not worth buying a second time

Parveen A.

Bongo's food is the type of comfort food that we needed during the pandemic I am amazed that they have maintained the food quality throughout! I especially love the biryani, rui do pyaza, ilish Maas curry, Murighonto, loita shutki and rasgulla and misti doi. This is one place I'll go any-day for the food. Sometimes they have specials like duck curry (the best I have tasted in my life), golda chingri and the yummiest rasmalai ever! The chef truly has magic in her hands! We have also catered their food and it was a hit amongst our friend! Thank you for keeping the quality consistent and hope it remains like that!!!

Appoorve Agarwal

Russhagulla is amazing. Very good food as well.

mihir das

Good food but not much veg options like other bengali store.

Sayani Nandy

This is my one star rating for the patishapta. Quite decent filing .The other things that I got - I would not call a curry floating with oil a Bengali dish.. Bengali food is supposed to be tasty and flavorful. I being a Bengali expected decent food if not overwhelming.The result - except for the misti dahi and patishapta- I had to throw away the chicken kosha- peas kachuri ( hands down any day I make it much flavorful and less oily) paratha and even aloo dam.

Arvind Sharma

Good food, but little pricy.

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