Taco Bell

5280 N Jackson Ave, Fresno
(559) 278-4586

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Davy Vang

Great service

Ashley G.

This was my first time ever getting food in the student union here. There was a line of course and I can tell the employees were busting their butts off. They were running out of food quick, so people obviously had to wait a few for their food. I waited and grabbed my food. I purchased it. I come to take a bite and it's extremely bland. I tossed it after the first few bites. Not enjoyable. I don't know if it's Panda Express in general or this place, but the chow mein I was waiting for lacked flavor. I recalled the Panda Express on Willow and Nees had flavor, so I feel like it's this location. Definitely not getting chow mein here again.

Erik Rosales

Fast service and many affordable items perfect for on-the-budget students.

enrique aguilar

(Translated by Google) I don't like taco bell

Jacob Kuhlemeier

A bit slower than the other taco bells but still pretty good


A bit slower than the other taco bells but still pretty good

Christopher Cole

Braindead drive-through staff.

Lakshman Talluri

Cheap and fast.

Clay Freitas

Nice diharea

Jake Kuhlemeier

A bit slower than the other taco bells but still pretty good

Samuel Collins

Great Taco Bell make me HUNGY

Steven G.

The service was great, everyone was friendly and I got what I want. I would recommend everyone to come to this Panda for a quick easy pan-Asian American food on the go.

Mason Juarez

Gets pretty crowded with long wait times sometimes, if you order on Tapingo I see them keep all the orders in a pile for a while before they actually prepare them.

Wanugee N.

I have a family member who loves Panda Express. They are very picky eaters, so they only like one item. Orange Chicken with steamed rice. Double order of Orange Chicken, to be exact. Been like that for years. When they come over, I have frozen Trader Joe's orange chicken in the fridge so I can feed them. It's not the same, not as spicy, but close enough. I was at CSU Fresno recently (No, not trolling for jail bait like some of you Yelpers! It was summer break for crying out loud!) It was well after lunch and I was hungry. This Panda is in the Student Union building, downstairs mixed in next to the Subway sandwiches. Being summer break and sort of quiet, they only had 3 entrees: Beijing Beef (their own invention), Orange Chicken (their own invention. You can more commonly get Lemon Chicken in Cantonese restuarants) and Kung Pao Chicken. I got a combo fried rice and chow mein like I usually do, and tried the Beijing and Kung Pau entrees. In the seating area, there are 3 large flat screen TVs, all showing something called MTVU. Uh? Wha da F? MTVU? First the soda vendng machines on campus, then the mall fast food joints, and now MTVU? What is MTVU? A piped in congolmeration of mostly music videos, some public service announcements warning about HIV, and news university students might be interested in or understand, well about like MTV news. No hard news, no PSA about your brain on drugs, and no choice in programming. Actually, it doesn't really matter. The few people in their eating were either A) study groups getting organized for summer classes, B) Loners staying to work on campus C) working adults on the State payroll, or contractors. D) Me. The bad thing is, the people working at the food concessions were students who A) Didn't want to be there B) Have sh*tty attitudes C) Pissed to be working in Fresno to earn book money for fall. D) wanted to be with their boyfriends this summer. I read an interview with the founders of Panda Express, a Chinese couple from SoCal. They believe fully in the 7 Habits of Successful People, that Steve Covey phenomenom popular a decade ago, and require all associates to read it. I wonder if that was an elective for the workers at Cal State Fresno? How I longed for Orange Chicken with that picky family member of mine, from a mall Panda Express with eager blue collar asians serving me with a smile. Habit number 1: Have the End in Mind.

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