Ameci Pizza Kitchen

3800 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(818) 249-0400

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Michael Ear

Just ordered a jumbo pizza oases with toppings and 12 piece wings! Wow it’s delicious! I ordered plain Wings with the sweet chili sauce on the size. It was phenomenal! Crispy juicy chicken wings that were huge. Pizza was perfect with cheese and sauce. The guys working there were extremely polite and cool. Had a great experience. Thank you ameci !

Barbara Novinger

I told him I wanted a salad with NO OLIVES and a pizza. I got home and the salad had no less than 40 Olive halves and I had to throw it away. Waste of money. No one listens anymore.

Ara Zaghakian

Pizza ? place on Foothill Blvd, La Crescenta, delicious menuJust be careful when you adding toppingthat may add up to $$$$

Mia B.

Went tonight - super nice people and delicious pizza! Definitely going back for more another night :)

Lori B.

Chris and his co workers make an outstanding pizza! I went in today and ordered a jumbo meat lover's pizza. I told Chris no ham, and he made it to order. My husband and I also like their pizza combos that come with a drink. They are friendly and courteous! The place is clean. Chris and his co workers deserve a large tip of money! They work hard to bring you reasonable priced pizza as well as other cuisine. We may try the Georgian pizza sometime. They also have wings, pasta, salad and other items. Just look at their website. They are located in La Crescenta with ample parking. My husband and I highly recommend Ameci Pizza Kitchen!!! We love this place!

jimmy yee

Good tasty new York style pizza!

Marcos Alonzo

Presentation, quality, and service is awesome! An authentic epic pizza at its best!

Lola P.

This places sucks. Normally order online but walked in this past week. Ewwwww, they do not wear gloves when preparing the pizzas and they go back and forth from the cash register to tossing dough. How is that even allowed? The dough was rubbing up on the dude's sweatshirt. No gloves or aprons. Nasty. They cook in their street clothes. What the? Not to mention the guys that were working there look and act like they hate their jobs.

Aimee B.

I love Ameci and I order it every time we want pizza. I used to order a calzone for myself because they are so yummy. But every time I ordered one, it got smaller! The price didn't get smaller so I stopped ordering them and only get pizza now. That's the only reason for 4 stars vs. 5.

Kris C.

My go to pizza place.. Easily the best in the area and a weekly stop. The staff are amazing with some of the best customer service out there. 10 out of of 10 without a doubt.

Gregg H.

Horrible. Stay away. Do yourself a favor. This is why there is minimum wage. Run. Run. Go elsewhere.

Julie K.

Their pizza is crispy and delicious, however, none of the staffs were wearing a mask at all. Staffs were talking to each other while making pizzas and this made me feel very stressful and uncomfortable. Covid isn't over yet. They need to wear a mask especially when cooking!!!!!!

Tomik Grigorian

Best Pizza in Town! Great Tasting Pizza Sauce and the Pizza Dough is made to perfection; fully cooked bread that's digestible...the two most important pillars of pizza making! Thank you guys for your consistency in ensuring it's done right every time! Have ordered from AMECI LC for more than 10 times by now and evertime the staff has done a wonderful job. This is my go to Pizza Kitchen from now on!!! You know you have a great Tasting Pizza when you finish half of a JUMBO order by yourself in one sitting!

Hovannes A.

I ordered food from them for the Super Bowl ahead of the game, and they wait until the game started to notify me that they canceled it because they're unable to fulfill the order. What a joke establishment.

Elliott X.

The pizza is first-class here and at a great price. However, as of Jan 2022, the owner has decided to not comply with the mask mandate. Your pizza will be made by unmasked and (likely) unvaccinated people. It's a shame, they have the best pizza in the area and are very quick. I can't understand why a place that serves food wouldn't take such simple and obvious steps to protect customers' health. I've been coming here for years, but I guess that's come to a close.

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