Nordstrom Ebar Artisan Coffee

102 Caruso Ave, Glendale
(818) 502-9922

Recent Reviews

mike isshac

Good coffee. Surprised with the free refill. It is always good.

Mr Nick

Never bed experience

Anton E.

I expected so much more from a Nordstrom coffee bar, even if it's on a busy Sunday afternoon. We ordered a Mexican mocha and a lavender chai. The drinks didn't take too long considering the crowd so that wasn't an issue. Unfortunately, the place and the restroom were a mess. So dirty between sticky floors and counters, trash everywhere, and the bathroom was disgusting and out of both toilet paper and paper towels. I just had to wash my hands so I used napkins outside but still, not a good sign. The drinks were meh. The Mocha had a very weird taste and it was muddy. The chai on the other hand was way too milky and had little to no chai and no lavender flavor.

Enanito G.

I instantly dropped my drink a few seconds after picking it up and made a mess all over the floor. I felt super bad; but Stacey, Anthony, and Rocky made me feel alright about it and got me a new drink! Thanks! Appreciate y'all!

Petula C.

I always loved this place, great stop while your shopping at Nordy's. Until yesterday, I stopped by to ask for a water the lady barista looked at me and said give her a few mins, she was busy having a conversation with the guy barista. Since I noticed she obviously ignored my request for a simple water. I stood in line and asked the cashier for a water, then the lady barista had the audacity to say that she, "thought she had already made the water" so instead of just giving me a water she filled 3 cups halfway with water and told the guy barista to put ice in it. Why couldn't she just fill a simple request??? If you don't like your job, go elsewhere!! You're working at NORDYS FOR GOD SAKE!! ITS A COFFEE SHOP FOR CHRIST SAKE!!! I'm a frequent shopper here and often come on my lunch break.

C.j. F.

I am a frequent customer at This location. The staff is always great and makes sure I get my coffee quite and with a smile! Especially Michelle,Stephanie, and Cinnamon Kingsley!! I will continue to be a regular customer because of how great they are Thank you!!!

Maðurberg O.

Great bar. I'm always a fan of these places. They always "make it fancy" as Rea would say. I like the seats that you sink into making an audible fart sound and feeling like a leathery hug around your waist. They always have the milk options I enjoy. Milk makes me so bloated and fat. It also transmits bovine hormones that are seriously jacking with bodies and minds of people in our societies. If you want that the bar can make it happen, but if you don't then they got you. You've got to check them out when you shopping like madd at the Nordstroms.

Aamna M.

My favorite part about this coffee shop is the outdoor seating which is plentiful! It's a great spot to relax and people watch at the Americana. I appreciate the wide variety of items on their menu, they also sell snacks and have free water cups ready to go on a hot day. We got an iced almond milk latte and the espresso was under-extracted resulting in a sour after taste. So I can't recommend the coffee here but the people are nice and it's probably a cheaper spot to get a caffeine fix than other things around the Americana.

Andy Sidik

Cozy and relaxing place to get a coffee or tea drink while shopping.

Arthur Zhigalov

Unrespectful staff, insulting their clients. When I reach for honey at the counter and politely call the person who obviously an empleyee - excuse me, sir. He chatting with coworker , sarcasticly, but in quite voice replied, - excuse me boy... (I regret I went to this place)

Mario Solorzano

Drank a latte with whole milk and have been throwing up since, improper food handling

S Alicia S.

I completely heart this eBar... Everything is made fresh on a daily basis. However, they open at 9am and stock their baked goods, salads, sandwiches, and few other things for the day from open to about noon. That means the later in the day you decide to eat eBar stuff, the lesser the choices (not that I'm decisive to start, but you know). Besides that... All the barista orders are made as ordered.


Coffee is fine (it’s just your average coffee), but service is almost always terrible. I’ve only interacted with maybe two nice people here? But today the cashier was just apathetic, rude, and made me feel like he was personally mad that I walked in today, yet never met the guy before.

Susanna J.

I always enjoy the regular drip coffee and it's amazing each time. Their service is okay, not great though.

Alena B.

Ebar is always a stop when I'm at the Americana. On my last visit I Accidentally Dropped my drink right after I got it. I felt terrible because the employee had to sweep it all up. I was really surprised they didn't offer to remake my drink for me as a courtesy and that really bummed me out. I ended up leaving with no drink because I was offended they didn't offer.

Scott Pactor

The good side is that the coffee is reasonably priced and the location is very convenient within the mall lay out. The bad side is that I purchased the worst cold brew of my life here. So much so that I contemplated taking it back and asking the barista to taste it. I didnt do that, but I did write this review.

David Jung

Americano Grande size 2.90 Gooooood

Destiny M.

Great customer service at this location! Even after waiting in a long line they still took my order with a smile on their face and friendly advice on what drink I should get. They made me feel welcomed and helped me pick out a drink that I definitely loved. They recommended a Pomegranate Iced Tea and it's the best drink on their menu. Definitely will continue to come back to this location with their great customer service!

E K.

I've been here twice and both times there was an longer than expected wait for my drink. They are extremely busy but my drink had to be remade both times. Staff is friendly! Coffee cake and banana bread is good!

Andreas K.

... After walking out of Pressured Juicery a few doors before without buying anything, I came here to look for something similarly refreshing to what I would have ordered at Jamba Juice (had it not moved out of the Americana). Okay, they had mostly coffee drinks and only a limited selection of smoothies, but I selected Pomegranate Tropical for $6.65. After waiting for 10min, the employee to actually prepare the order stated that they did not have the ingredients for this (!) - amazing. So he offered a Strawberry-Banana (list price 6.35) instead which I agreed to. However, it would not have incurred the manager to offer a refund. To be honest, I could not care less about 30 cents, but I believe it is a matter of principle of good business practices to develop such an idea spontaneously and not at the rightful reminder of the customer. P.S. the smoothie was okay.

Sophia N.

I usually love going here and love their drinks but I had a bad experience recently. I get when a place is busy, the workers get a little frustrated but please dont give your customers your bad attitude. The workers over the weekend had bad attitude when I asked for a cup of milk for my crying baby (I had paid and was waiting for a good 7minutes already). How hard is it to fill up a cup of milk while your filling up 10 cups of milk for other customers at the same time? And the attitude? No thanks.

Veronica L.

I absolutely love coming here because I love all their drinks. I once ordered a hot chocolate and they not only have one type but a couple of different ones. I think I tried the Mexican hot chocolate and it was so darn good. I love tea and coffee but the other day I was just thirsty and I remembered how good their pomegranate sparkling iced tea was and I ordered one for my husband too. He loves sparkiling water and since we don't drink soda, this kind of does it for us because of the sparkling fizz. He was raving about it and wanted to go get another but by the time we went back it was already closed. Anyhow, try out that iced tea on a hot day and it will be soooo refreshing. I love the location since there are so many things to see while you walk around. Or you can simply bring your little blanket and sit on the grass while your kids run around (if you have any). I love this place and I love that they sell hydroflask here too. Their food items and pastries are also so tempting and delightful.

Ronan T.

This cafe is on the first floor of Nordstroms. The coffee actually isn't bad. I thought it'd be shitty gas station coffee, but it's better than Starbucks (albeit not as good as Coffee Bean). The prices were in line with what you'd expect at this kind of place, and the service was friendly and fast. There's some seating inside, but really you want to sit outside and people watch. Just be careful no one steals your credit cards. Recently these dudes stole some woman's credit cards who was sitting outside at the Cheesecake Factory. One guy put a jacket over her purse while the other stole her cards and used them to buy gift cards at Nodstroms. Be careful, everyone. Sad to see shady shit happening in Glendale, but that's just life. Although I'm not exactly sure how that gift card scam works. I mean, can't Nodstroms just cancel those gift cards? You'd assume every gift card has its own unique number. If they know what credit card was used to buy the gifts cards, can't they just cancel those gift cards? I wonder what the thieves are gonna do with the gift cards. Try to sell them to other people? Use them themselves? I was thinking when someone tried to use the "hot" gift cards, the cashier should pull out a machine gun and shoot them dead. But then my wife pointed out that might not be fair because what if it's not the thief who uses the gift card? Fair enough. So instead take the person to the storage closet and mercilessly beat them with jumper cables until they divulge where they got the gift cards. I hate thieves.

Josh B.

Love coming to the E Bar here at the Americana because everyone behind the counter is an amazing employee. Michelle and Stephanie always remember my order and start making it before I even get the chance to tell them !! It feels good to have somewhere that welcomes you everyday with a smile!!

Edward A.

My favorite coffee place at the Americana thanks to the incredible service from Michelle and Steph, and the rest of the crew! They always ensure to get the long lines moving swiftly and do so efficiently. Even on super busy days, they make sure they are attentive to your caffeine needs and desires; never lacking in quality. Thank you for all that you all do! Y'all are appreciated very much and keep up the great work!

Mariana H.

Great Customer Service Tasty Strong Cappucino Size medium cappuccino is huge ! Comfortable couches ! To chill and be on your laptop or phone .

Jessica T.

Got a vanilla latte, it was good!! Service was friendly and quick too. Good place to grab a quick drink to sip on if you need a break from shopping!

Isobel L.

Ebar has saved my internet-addicted a$$ more times than I care to admit. I take my car to my mechanic right down the street and am then left to wander the Americana while I wait, a lost soul in a sea of luxury goods, just yearning for some free Wi-Fi cuz I am almost out of data. And then I remember Ebar, courtesy of Nordstrom, serving up piping hot coffee and free Wi-Fi. Nice service, good reasonably priced coffee, and Wi-Fi. What more could you want? Outlets? They have those too. Bazinga!

Me .

It is excellent, although it would have been best if they extended the hours. Overall these complains may just be for waiting in line and etc... P.s please extend ebar hours.

Jeremy Hodges

Efficient and excellent for my Cappuccino. Also they carry Donsuemor madelines out of Alameda. Simply the best. Also there's a single bathroom in the back. Great place to hang out near the holidays.


It is excellent, although it would have been best if they extended the hours. Overall these complains may just be for waiting in line and etc... P.s please extend ebar hours.

Nordstrom Ebar Artisan Coffee

102 Caruso Ave, Glendale, CA 91210
(818) 502-9922