Old Gyumri Restaurant

4441 San Fernando Rd, Glendale
(818) 550-0448

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D Garcia

Service and quality. My first time having armenian food at this quality. We were greeted and served by a really nice lady who went the extra mile. It was so nice for dinner. The outdoor seating was nice. I got the sultani and shish kabob along with an Armenian salad..did not regret it at all. If youre a cheapskate this aint for you.

Sean Gr

Really good food , authentic Armenian and russian food

Rom G.

I still think this place is number one in all of LA for Armenianfood I'll be going there tonight with some friends and I'll put some updates about how awesome it is. I promise to post pictures this time. We were hosted by Ms. Luisa and Shira great job

David S.

Such amazing food and restaurant! If you're ever looking for delicious and authentic Armenian food, look no further than Old Gyumri. A buddy of mine and I were craving some genuine/authentic Armenian food and decided to order from Old Gyumri and we were not disappointed. I've eaten at a lot of Armenian & Caucasian restaurants in Los Angeles and I can truly say that no other restaurant can compare to Old Gyumri's food. The taste was so reminiscent to the amazing dishes I tried back in Armenia. The staff was also awesome and kind. I highly recommend it!

Laureen M.

Old Gyumri is one of the best Armenian restaurants I have ever been to. Everything we ordered was amazing. Flavorful and authentic. The best Armenian restaurant we've ever been to!

Gevorg K.

Old Gyumri is the best Armenian cuisine around LA. I only take my family there I even do takeout very often. Besides Armenian cuisine they also serve Russian and Georgian cuisine with a good flare of kabobs and such thing The service is amazing, Luiza was our waitress and she was fantastic. She did all we asked for and then some. Constantly changing our plates keeping the table clean and even filling our waters and drinks. Thank you to Old Gyumri and Hacatun for the amazing food and service

Arutyun T.

Good service good food highly recommended specially manager Armine also have a outdoor patio

Askhat E.

If you are hungry and want to have a great meal definitely have to check out this place.Their food is amazing, stuff is friendly and helpful.They will not make you wait.Every time I'm around I always come to this place!Love this place!

Josh B.

I thought I wrote this in February. Better late than never. It was a super-unusual experience - there's a main dining room and another room with fully enclosed private booths, and one woman sang karaoke.The pork ribs and lamb chops are both fine picks; go with fries over rice. And the basturma appetizer was excellent. But somehow the most coveted item was the Armenian salad. Absurdly great and I couldn't even tell you why. It had dill and I believe cilantro and wasn't especially exotic, but it had great tomatoes and a liquid that was too light to be called dressing. Tomato water essence?

Foreign Home D.

The best place in LA. Authentic Armenian cuisine and the best staff. Armine is the best manager! I highly recommend it!

Anna P.

Fantastic food, from employees to all staff.....Amazing!! Service was fantastic, food beyond delicious and atmosphere was amazing. Didn't feel rushed and very relaxing atmosphere. I highly recommend this restaurant to all, for any occasion celebrated or just to enjoy authentic Armenian food.

Arman E.

A little piece of Armenia in the heart of LA. The best manager Armine will make you fee welcome at any time of the day! Highly recommended!

Garen K.

Best Armenian restaurant in Los Angeles. I felt like I was back in Armenia. Great food. Nice decor. Highly recommended.

Alex T.

Great place to celebrate a birthday! All the waiters are very nice, they play great songs as well for the occasion. If you want a good time with friend and/or family, come to this restaurant and you won't be disappointed.

Raffi T.

GREAT EXPERIENCE! The food was good, the music was good, and the service was good! I highly recommend it. Armine was very helpful, as well as the rest of the staff. I will be back!

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