Original Yaki's Teriyaki Bowl

3750 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(818) 957-7781

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javier rivera

Tried the Aloha chicken sandwich ½ pound for the first time ( and added avocado) very good very juicy chicken has that great grilled char Flavor fresh off the grill taste. I've been here many times for their bowls and they are good but this chicken sandwich is awesome worth trying. Fries are really good too fresh ,hot crispy on the outside and soft and yummy on the inside.

Andrew Hernandez

Chicken and steak were burnt, makes waba grill and flame broiler look godly. Sorry but won't be eating here again.

Amy K.

It's not terrible, but not good, either. Chicken really hard and dry. Taquitos have absolutely no flavor at all. Took it home, drowned it in sauces and was able to eat it. Won't be back.

Linda Vasquez

It's a good place to eat but sometimes their chicken is too dried


Its great here! The food is magical. Thier teriyaki bowls are absolutely delicious. Would come here all the time if I could

Vincent R.

There is something to be said for a place that does a few things very well. Put your blinders on when you are here and just get the Teriyaki bowl. I can't comment on the other food, because I just get one thing here and it makes me happy. This is the classic americanized/fast food/dinner teriyaki bowl. This isn't an authentic teriyaki bowl, but that's not why you are here. You eat this bowl with a fork and not chopsticks. you want that salty, slightly sweet, and kinda viscous sauce. They have several bowls, but they are all just riffing on a central formula. You get a meat (chicken, steak, or both), veggie (cabbage or carrots and broccoli), and rice. You can make your bowl extra spicy (suicide bowl) and you get your choice of 4 sizes. The regular size is fairly reasonable for the price and you will be satisfied unless you are a really hungry person. This is a gut bomb meal. you've been doing some physical or manual labor and you want to be fed. The prices are reasonable and the staff will give you food if you ask for it politely and pay for it. You can eat outside on the patio, in your car if you are in a hurry, or just take it home and use a real fork.


We've been coming here for years. These Teryaki Bowls are definitely some of the best in town. The prices are a little steep, especially once you add extras such as Avocado and a drink..you won't be paying under $15 for one person. Food is still very good and worth it.

Marzoe Nevelle

I love Yakis!!! Amazing food and decent portions!

Mark V.

Good food, love the burgers. They do not include teriyaki sauce if you order delivery, which makes their bowls boring and bland. It really made me sad to get the food and have to eat it dry.

Manny W.

My very easy order was wrong. I order a chicken bowl with brown rice and no veggies and got a chicken bowl with white rice and veggies. Not a big deal however it was not what i ordered. Will not be going back

Hzl G.

I usually get the dog pound special: three bulldogs and an order of french fries. their rice bowls can not be beat. also the hamburgers are made with care. I recommend the yako cheeseburger. the pizza place on the same side of the street is great as well.

Diane T.

This has been my family's staple for many years because they serve delicious teriyaki chicken bowls & plates, chicken sandwiches, cheeseburgers, steak, and delicious fries (at no extra charge, ask for bulldog sauces to dip fries in and you won't be sorry). Speaking of bulldogs, i.e. battered & deeply fried hot dogs (not for the weak of heart so bring your tums), but iconic here! Personally my hubby and I love their teriyaki chicken plates, which you can order in various sizes, but note that size difference only refers to amount of protein you'll be getting. In my humble opinion, ordering the chicken plate is your best bang for your buck as you'll get their signature potato salad (truly the best you've ever tasted), & cabbage coleslaw-ish comes standard in each plate. Add fresh steamed veggies- broccoli and carrots- and brown rice, each around 75 cent upgrades, but well worth it.


Don't get beef my dog couldn't even chew it and he ran away from it.. never again yuck

Jorge G.

Picked up some dinner for the wife and I. Its good stuff, was expecting something less bit it beat our expectations. I choose the steak and chicken combo plate and it was good, she had the yaki chicken and it was good as well.

Tim N.

Yakis has become our new dinner obsession. Pros: + High quality meat and lots of it, my favorite is the steak but dark chicken and chicken breast are also delicious + Rice is perfectly cooked + Easy ordering via website + Lots of good customization options - spicy sauce, steamed veggies, grilled pineapple, etc + House Teriyaki sauce has lots of flavor without being too sweet or salty + Prices are very reasonable Cons: - With the plastic shields in place and noise of the kitchen it can be hard to communicate with the staff and you kind of have to yell

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