Viking Pizza and Kabob

3740 San Fernando Rd #2919, Glendale
(818) 547-5555

Recent Reviews

Anthony D.

My wife and I wanted to try something new, so we walked to Viking Pizza and Kabob........and it's amazing. We ordered the Kabob Pizza and were blown away by the flavors. Viking Pizza and Kabob is a must try. Highly recommend.

Jake G.

I've picked up food from here a few times and the place is just okay. I recommend the Viking pizza over the Valhalla. The Valhalla is very meaty and oily which left me feeling heavy after eating it. The Viking is good, but I felt like it came with too much sauce on top. The owner seems like a nice guy, but the place is pricey and the food didn't wow me to want to keep returning.

nghi t.

I'm so glad I finally tried this place. I've driven pass this place and was always curious about it. I tried their Viking Pizza and their grilled hot wings. It was the perfect lunch. It's not like other pizza places where you feel really heavy after. I will definitely come back again to try their other pizzas. Oh and also to try their Armenian Coffee. Thank you Viking Pizza for the great service and delicious lunch today. I'll see you soon.

Rho G

Great food great prices great people good quality good customer service I highly recommend them if you’re in the area and want some snack or pizza.

Lena G.

I'm Swedish, and I love coming here for kebab pizza and the lobster pizza. It really reminds me of home. This is legit Swedish pizza. I love that the pizza comes with the traditional pizza salad as well. I live further away but it's worth it. I just throw the pizza in the oven when I get home to just warm it up a bit. Still amazing. Everyone I've introduced this too, loves it too!

Daniel Borg

Vartan is a great host and can get a delicious pizza ready from scratch in minutes. Definitely worth the trip to his pizzeria. The kabob “Viking” pizza is a must order

Danial Khan

I drove all the way from Encino to Glendale to get the kebab pizza, however, what I received was more like an imitation kebab pizza than the actual kebab pizza that I grew up with. The most common and known kebab pizzas have gyros with white garlic dressing. The one that I got from here had pork and a yellow sauce. The pizza was alright and the pizza salad was pretty spot on. I would have given 5 stars if it was an actual kebab pizza. I DO NOT recommend getting this pizza if you are a religious muslim!

Mats Lindquist

Great pizza. As genuine as you can get outside of Sweden. Even had pizzasallad!!

Evan Carrillo

Very nice and friendly! Pizza was phenomenal! So delicious!!


This pizza is really really really delicious! You won’t regret coming here! Best pizza in LA!

Josefin Mirsch

This pizza is really really really delicious! You won’t regret coming here! Best pizza in LA!

Daniel sjoholm

Great pizza. Worth the drive from redondo beach.. Took me about 50m to get there and 1h20 back home. Has some classic swedish pizzas on the menu. My daughter and i loved it. Please open a 2nd spot in the south bay....

Karr K.

This place is absolutely delicious. It's one of our go to spots to order. I highly recommend the Viking pizza and the filet mignon sandwich. The wings are also BOMB. This place never disappoints, highly recommend.

Mohi S.

This place has my most favorite pizza which makes me come over from Sherman oaks to buy my pizza. The ingredients are always fresh , the place is very cozy ( although it's small but it has a friendly atmosphere and of course with a nice and friendly owner ) It's Viking pizza is unbelievably delicious

M K.

My son and I discovered this place on the way home from the dentist yesterday. His mouth was too numb to eat it for a while but it was still AMAZING reheated. Luckily we got enough for left overs today! Can't wait to bring my husband and try more adventurous pizzas from the menu. The owner was so nice and welcoming, we are definitely going back!

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