Malan Noodles

2020 S Hacienda Blvd, Hacienda Heights
(626) 369-5602

Recent Reviews

Rosanna W.

Amazing!!! Love this beef noodle soup. So authentic. Noodles are so fresh. Loooove! I also ordered the pickled cabbage and it is also very good.

Claire A.

Food came. The portion is soooo tiny I can't even call it a snack. They sold it for $10.

M G.

Terrible service / no service if possible I'll give zero star! No apologies even the waiter/owner's own mistakes , just justified the customer!

Happy V

Located in the plaza with USPS and Vons on Hacienda Heights, you will find a delicious noodle shop that prides itself on hang pulled noodles! They make it fresh before your eyes and eagerly waiting stomach. You can hear them smack the noodles on the counter as the lamían noodle maker expertly pulls the flour into tasty al dente noodles to perfection. Customers have the option to choose the shape of noodles (round, triangle, flat) and size (small/thin, medium, and large).

Shae Ochoa

Stopped in here on a friend's recommendation and had amazing food!! We tried the special and the tomato egg noodles which were so tasty! The portions are very big too!

A.J Herrera

first time here , had the beef noodle I think its the house special , I should've asked for a large instead of a medium but overall the noodles were great and the beef was nice and tender with nice flavor , definitely coming back for more . . . ??

Tolga G.

Been visiting this restaurant since 2011. They have very flexible noodle sizes that customers can choose depending on their tastes. Soup is well-made by beef bone stew. If you like the soup spicier you won't be disappointed by their Northern-West style chili oil. They also have plenty of tasty cold dishes. Highly recommended to those who like Chinese Northern-west style cuisines and halal foods.


This place is the one. Authentic noodles are handmade here and come in all shapes and sizes, the noodle soup is cooked really well, really thickened some of the noodles, waitress hosted customers really well. Definitely recommend.

Paul Segade

Good customer service

Edward Q.

Omg don't know what happened to the mind of the owners of this joint used to love their generous portions in a big bowl of hand pulled in under 6 slurping i could finish the whole thing and less and less ingredients than ever....flours cost what less than 50 cents for a big bowl of noodles..come on be generous in your servings for $13 noodles or business will be losing a lot of customers for sure

Chenfan F.

I really appreciate everything at this restaurant. My friends and I arrived late and didn't notice the time, but the restaurant was still very welcoming. The food was authentic and tasty. We end up finishing the meal 1.5 hours after closing time (we didn't know how late it was), but the staff was very friendly and patient. We were very happy with everything. This restaurant fully deserves a five star review!

Li Richard

Just OK food. Not a place I will like to go again.

Rome G.

Love this place. Got their specialty beef noodles and a cold plate appetizer. Both are really good and tasty. Very friendly and accommodating people too. Will definitely come back!

Sarah Y.

Delicious noodles ! They are using the real beef bone to cooks the soup , love it ! All the noodles is hand made too

Brenda I.

Hand made noodles here! You can choose from multiple kinds of noodle sizes. The owner even made some suggestions which noodle would be best for my choice of dishes. I got the tomato and egg with medium round noodles The eggs are scrambled with chunks of red tomatoes in a light tomato base sauce. Also, the Malan beef with medium flat noodle which came with sautéed cabbage and onions. In the past, I used to get the soup, but it was too hot to order soup today. Try the triangle noodle! I forgot my daughter likes this noodle . Can't really get it anywhere else I know ....

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