Bottom's Up Club

27935 Manon Ave, Hayward
(510) 782-6696

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Thomas H.

I live down the street from this dive bar and still love it till this day..yes its in the hood but the little asian lady who owns it is always welcoming and always has a story to tell!

Angel F.

The Bottom's Up should be called Rock Bottom because that is where you'd have to be to like this place. I love dive bars and greasy spoon restaurants. Nothing suits my fancy more than to be in an unpretentious place in the comforts of my jeans and sneakers, sipping beer and listening to old random tunes. So I read the reviews with a grain of salt before coming here, meaning, I didn't think too much about it. The first time I was greeted by the owner and quickly bonded over having Asian young genetics after she asked to see my ID (thanks mom). I asked for a Lagunitas or any kind of IPA and there went our bond. She looked at me with disgust and said "we no have none of that". She named all the basic bottles; Bud, Miller along with some other malt liquors I know not the name of. Whatever, I went with Stella Artois and asked for quarters for the pool table. My partner got a double Rum and Coke. She asked him to pay first before she poured. He jokingly asked her if we looked like the type to run out on a tab and gave her his platinum card. While we played pool, she sat at the bar playing video poker. There was only one man sat at the bar reading on his cell phone. The music was playing oldies tunes, but so unnecessarily loud that we were yelling at each other. I asked her to turn it down and she in turn yelled at him. They went back and forth yelling at each other to turn the music down. It was not my intention to start a domestic dispute over music volume. We were half-way into our drinks when she turned the music off and loudly yelled at us "Excuse me, I'm closed, go home now". We were in complete shock. I walked over to her thinking we could at least small talk while finishing our drinks and asked her if she lived nearby. She yelled at me "No I live in San Francisco and this asshole just wants to sit here all night" glaring in his direction. The man seemingly ignored her and continued looking at his phone. We could cut the tension in the air and as I know the wrath of an Asian woman, we left in haste before she pulled out the knives on him. We stopped in after work a few weeks later....after making my way in the world today, took everything I got. I thought taking a break from all my worries sure would help a lot. I wanted to get away. My partner arrived before I did and ordered his double rum and coke. For medical reasons I was unable to drink alcohol, so when I got there I asked for water. The owner told me she did not have water and offered Coke or Sprite. I don't drink soda at all so I politely declined. Once again, we experienced the wrath of the angry Asian lady. She yelled at me "If you not drinking you need to leave". My partner calmly pointed out he was drinking enough for both of us and we were spending money on the pool table. It seemed since we were the only customers in the bar that our money was just as good. Her response was "You both get out". We couldn't believe it - we got kicked out of a bar! And just like that, I realized Rock Bottom is not the place where everybody knows my name and they're always glad I came.

Mashed Potattoos

Bottoms up mate! Captains orders


Bottoms up mate! Captains orders🤙🏻

Nick P.

This is your standard dive bar, and you'll love it. Simplicity is the key. Strong drinks, not a lot of noise or obnoxious crowds, and you'll meet some great people here. No fights, problems, or other annoyances. There's a pool table, a jukebox, and a friendly bartender. If you're looking to party it up and drop a lot of money on weak drinks, this isn't the place for you. Go downtown or into SF. It isn't in the best location, it's tucked away in a shopping center off Tennyson, but come in and give it a shot. No pun intended.

George Ibarra

The bartender which is the owner is on a power trip must see for yourself

Alfred Santiago

This is waiting to die

David Galindo

Cheryl's slot is the best little "hole-in-the-wall, dive" bar in all the Bay Area and I even hesitated to mention it because I don't want it to lose its local "vibe", but at the same time it's a cool spot to lay low and grab a drink either by yourself right after work or kick it with the boys. Off the beaten trail if that's your sort of thing.

victoria Jackman

If you are wanting a real Long Island Ice Tea this is the place to go.

Ashley J.

I usually don't like giving low star ratings, but this bar is no good. I can't complain about the drinks, they were heavy poured. But the owner, was extremely rude. Considering how dead her bar is, I'd assume she should be more nice& personable to keep customers in there. My aunt& I went in there just for a few drinks. As we started to catch a buzz, I went over to the pool table and was setting up the game. The owner comes up and pushes all the balls into the holes and says we need to go home& that we've drank enough. Then she goes to the bar and throws our drinks away. The thing about it is, we were just starting to have fun. Turned the jukebox on, was going to play pool, then she felt the need to make us feel bad for having a few drinks. I can guarantee I will never waste my money on that place again.

David N.

I think the bartender is drunk. Poured me a triple. Couple guys at the bar watching the game. $10 minimum order for credit card

Athena C.

I LOVE Bottom's Up! It's definitely my go-to bar in Hayward, especially because boyfriend lives so close. I've noticed that some Yelpers have mentioned the bar owner's name being Shell or Sherell, but it's actually Mandy. She introduced herself to us as Mandy and I LOVE her! She's a little Chinese lady in her 50's, I think. She speaks her mind with all her customers and makes quick friends if you let her - part of the bartending trade. Boyfriend and I have gotten so close to her that she offered to give us two packs of instant ramen and let us borrow her rice cooker because it was getting too late for dinner in Hayward on a Sunday night. She's so sweet! And she whipped up the most delicious drink for me in a beautiful Martini-glass. I couldn't taste any of the alcohol, but I tell ya, it definitely sneaked up on me. Mandy knows how to mix drinks! Besides the alcohol though, Mandy's stocked her bar with tons of activities to last you hours! She has two TVs - sports on one and some Chinese channel on the other, facing the bar so Mandy can watch when things are slow. The pool table's in the center and the cue sticks are on the back wall in the shadows. There's a jukebox tucked away in the corner, which serves as the ONLY music for the entire bar - so if you don't pay the money to play some songs, you'll be sitting in a very quiet bar. She also has a touch-screen with card games at the end of the bar. Bathrooms are in the back behind the locked gate. The ONLY awkward thing about this bar is the customers that come through. It's typically a VERY quiet bar with a handful of regulars - Mandy's been here for a while, but the bar is hidden in a small parking lot on Manon. But whenever she does have customers, they always seem to bring in drama or gossip with them. It just seems everyone that comes in is super lonely and looking for that special something, or someone, at this bar - not necessarily fun, but something to fill an empty space. Or maybe we just go on off nights - Sundays or Mondays.

Laura B.

The owner of this place (Sherell).She is a straight up B****....ALSO,A DRUNK...I use to like to go in there now & then,because I live just around the corner,but can't do that place anymore.Now I c why she has no customers in her bar!!!

Scott O.

This is a great dive bar. The bartender is fully attentive. She strives to excel. I come in late usually after 8 pm and she, the bartender, is always welcome to newcomers. Not much food, unless you like chips (charged) - no ATM there. ATM is next door or across the street. They take credit cards, but no cash back. Fun place, but no kids..., Minimum Credit Card Charge $10 There is one issue: The owner gets charged by her bank every time she swipes/scans a credit card. So, keep the card open until you know your done. The owner prefers CASH!

Jessiica A.

Really low key. In a small parkinglot, not much parking. My hubby and i live close and stopped in on chance for a brew. The bartender is a small lady with a heavy Asian accent but dont let it fool you, she is fiesty! Give her some time, maybe break the ice. She is really funny. Its a really small dive bar. One pool table. Full bar. Not sure about a restroom and she closea pretty eairly most nights, theres not much triffic through here at all. We will be back for a beer soon! :)

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