Caravan Restaurant & Grocery

28285 Mission Blvd, Hayward
(510) 581-7411

Recent Reviews

aLi Q

Food is ok owner is cheapBe aware will give you bones and rice no meatNever again

Hayward Airport

Best Bolani ever, I got mixed bolani leek and potatoes every piece was delicious. The owner is young and energetic.

Daud Hazratzai

We went to buy fresh meat and the same time we ordered a Bolani, the Bolani was so good and delicious that made us order Chicken Kabob and Shami Kabob. Honestly, it was worth the wait for Kabobs. Shami Kabob was so good and juicy. Love this place the meat the bread and food is 5 stars.

Ahmad Parwiz Sharifi

The Worst Bulani ever I had, no salt and we found a piece of plastic on bulani

Rauf Adil

Fresh meat, Afghan and ethnic Central Asian groceries.

faheem yunus

So far I have ordered food from here 3 times and Everytime it has been fresh and tasty. I hope they can continue to keep that standards. Very clean inside out store.

Katie C.

Ordered from Doordash today. Asked for some yogurt on the side with my chicken kabob, but wasn't provided any. Both rice and chicken was flavorless and chicken was very dry. Also tried their bolani which was a bit better.

Baher Tamim

This guy served me the best Teka Kabob ? after a long time, I recommend to give’m a shot, you won’t regret ✌️

Lori C.

Once you try the Bolani from Caravan, you are probably going to crave it again and again. I know I did! The Bolani was perfectly grilled. Portions were huge and I loved the savory potato and leek filling. It was on the spicier side with the chili flakes mixed in, so if you can't handle heat, you might ask them to hold off. We have also tried the Chicken Breast Kabob, Chabli Kabob, and Sabzi Challow and were happy with all of these dishes. They were very generous with the rice and/or bread, which allowed us to have leftovers for a few meals afterwards. Delivery is currently available on DoorDash.

wallie samim

A very clean and professional place, much needed in community.

Zarha M.

If your looking for a great place to to do some grocery shopping and craving some delicious Afghan food, you should definitely stop here. The location is great and clean, the staff is very helpful and polite. The grocery side is well organized with prices listed and you can easily find what your looking for. The owner is very professional and helpful with what you need to order through the restaurant side . The food that your order on door dash is also on time and very delicious. A must go place for all middle eastern people .

Khan A.

Great place, shopped my grocery and ordered some kabob. Best and convenient store. Young guy energetic and respectful. Yeah very organized and the cashier is honest and talkative hehe. Oh Yeah honestly very good MEAT, definitely I buy my meat from here after this. BEST AND CHEAP AFGHAN KABOBS. Try their food it is worth it.

Wahid Sayedi

Friendly place and great customer service Plus food.

Sayed A.

2nd time shopped at this store. Very clean and organized. Staff are friendly and variety of options to choose. The food is delicious and affordable. The meat section is very clean and fair prices. I will definitely shop here again and will refer friends to check it out.

Mohammad K.

I ordered food with rice. You sent me 4 platters with no ride and I paid you money. It's Ramadan and you close at 730 so I'm sure you broke your fast when you decided to screw me and my family over. I'm taking my complaints to the better business bureau. Get out of the business if this is who you are. You own a grocery shop a so don't act like you ran out of rice. Shame on you.

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