Eden Plaza Café

3541 Investment Blvd #1, Hayward
(510) 887-1963

Recent Reviews

Amie Peterson

Nice place to grab a bite to eat. I have the Philly steak and it was yummy

Christopher C.

They are open! Recently reopened on weekdays from 7 AM - 1:30 PM for takeout only. The staff wear gloves and facemasks. There is a plastic cough guard by the register. For card use you insert it yourself and the cashier holds it down so it doesn't slide. Operations are one way; enter from the plaza side and exit by the parking lot. They have 6' spacing marked on the floor. I used to come here once every couple of weeks during normal work life. My go-to's are the chicken burrito or the Turkey Supreme w/ avocado/bacon with a side of onion rings and pepperoncinis.

Larry B.

'turkey supreme'? not sure how its suppose to be supremely anything. very bland . cool cashier, but older lady behind counter seemed very over it making my sandwich (as u can see). u have to ask for EVERYTHING specifically, or else it's not happening .not sure I'll ever come again less I'm STARVING

Vicente Ochoa

Great Sandwiches

James M.

Place is great! Awesome selection and everything tastes great. Also can't beat their prices. Only thing I don't recommend is the chicken or any of the burritos other than the breakfast one. Definitely recommend any of their sandwiches or the gyro!

Jurgen V.K E&V

Best breakfast burrito I had in while , deffenitly recommended this place .

E&V Moving Solutions LTD

Best breakfast burrito I had in while , deffenitly recommended this place .

Vanessa M.

I love this place. The food is always so fresh and they cook it really quick for you. I come here all the time. Everyone is very friendly.

Jurgen Vk

Best breakfast burrito I had in while , deffenitly recommended this place .

Kerith H.

I love this diamond in the ruff! It's hidden in an industrial park right off the freeway. This place is an awesome breakfast or lunch cafe! Plenty of options for either mealtime. The food tastes great, especially for the price. Being from the Bay Area it can break you going to lunch but you can get a very decent size sandwich and fries for less than $10!!! I love that because it means i can come here more often! They have delicious homemade brownies (make sure you get them before they're gone each day, one they run out they are out!), cookies, loaves and muffins. The woman who runs the place is so sweet and attentive. I enjoy walking here from work and getting good food.

Veronica Caulfield

Friendly staff, good food, quick service.

Jon R

The old Asian lady who works here is SO BEYOND RUDE! She constantly messes up my order, walks away while I’m still ordering, doesn’t answer when I say thank you, mutters stuff under her breath while her two coworkers laugh. The way she treats people is disgusting. I had been traveling past this deli to go to Bay City Bistro (their food is way better anyways and their floor isn’t filthy) but figured I would give them one more chance, but I can’t give them my money anymore. They need to understand how to treat customers. It’s a shame because the owner is very nice. I’ve never dealt with someone on a repetitive basis that is always so rude, so she wasn’t having a bad day when she has served me. Steer clear of this place unless you love to dine on rudeness....

Jay K.

Julie and her staff are so great with their customers and their food is solid! I would advise if you're local to try their variety of breakfast and lunch meals and you'll find hidden jewels like their Philly Cheesesteak, breakfast burrito, garden burgers, BLTs.... just really good grub! The only problem is I wish they were open a dinner time when I'm working late!

Anthony Nichols

Good selection of food to eat it

Kyle Gogue

I enjoyed their tuna melt with pepper jack cheese. Delicious!

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