Haig's Delicacies

25673 Nickel Pl, Hayward
(415) 752-6283

Recent Reviews

Joseph Wright

Great place to load.

Karl Wimmer

The Hummus is devine

Autokraft Automotive

Love them. Great hummus.

Maureen Hentschel

They make the best Tabouli Salad! I purchased it at Lunardies in Danville, Now individually packaged.

Victor G.

Haig's Delicacies sells all kind of mediterranean goodies, most of which i can't pronounce and have never eaten. sadly, Haig's is closing this retail store at the end of the month, they will continue their wholesale trade (hummus, ready to eat foods, etc.) everything is 50% off so i grabbed some durable goodies: -strawberry tea (4oz, 6.99) -twinings ceylon orange pekoe tea(5.99) pretty potent stuff, too much leafs = bitter taste still good after 3 refills hopefully, i made some good buys as i can't complain to them since they won't be here much longer.

anita h.

I am a hummus fanatic... Why have I not discovered this place earlier??? I LOVE their plain hummus and muhammara (walnut and red roasted bell peppers). I like how old and simple this place looks. They sell dried fruits, nuts, loose tea leaves, cous cous, foreign snacks and candies, and most importantly HUMMUS!!! You must go. NOW.

David G.

Great resource for Mediterranean spices and supplies......especially hard to find rose water,saffron,sumac, harrisa and many other unique items... Want sesame paste....they got it! Prepared foods: Falafel and dolma pretty good as well as hummus and baba ghanoush. This place is another clement street landmark that has been here for probably 20-30 years....maybe more. Support these wonderful, unique, and local stores!!!!

Andrew A.

What is not to like? This is a great deli with an awesome store with all types of Mediterranean foods - halvah, baklava, honey, nuts, spices, olives, filo dough, couscous, the list goes on! I wish they would redo the sign outside so that there were more people who knew about this place. Many that I've asked in the neighborhood never heard of this place and I keep on sending folks here! Note they close early (6-ish) so if you are entertaining, stop by early to grab your essentials...

Helen D.

You can not imagine how happy I got when I stumbled upon this little gem in my neighborhood yesterday during my random afternoon stroll. It was a walk down memory lane with all my childhood goodies in one place. Mmmm...never have I seen so many (legit) Dutch goodies at one time since I moved to the US. In the Netherlands we also have a lot of Turkish food, and guess what, they have amazing Turkish goodies here too, although the Baklava is a bit dry. The gentleman behind the counter asked "are you in heaven" upon check out, if only he knew... "Yes sir, Dutch Goodies Heaven that is." So many great European spices, herbs & delicacies, the only negative side of this is that I'll be broke, because the products in this store are really expensive (as they are all imported), but it will be so worth it. Gosh, I can't wait to go back!

J. C.

Dear Haig's owner Haig's is most definitely a gem of the neighborhood. My husband and I stopped in once and since then we visit at least 1x a week. I am impressed by all the spices/nuts/grains that you carry i.e. Saffron, turmeric, cumin, different kinds of almonds, pecans, walnuts, couscous and tapioca, there is so many I can't remember them all. When I want to remember my travel travels to Europe, I browse and end up buying Spotted Dick (don't laugh readers it's a pudding), Tetley teas, crisps, Horlicks/Ovaltine (euro), Ribera, Roses' Marmalade, British biscuits and my absolute favorite is Devon cream. If I feel adventurous and want to trying to make Indian or Indonesian foods, you are the first place I visit to get the packets/jars of spices that I need. My husband loves to come and get your sandwiches here; his favorite is Mortadella, on a soft roll with Provolone cheese. While I usually go for a falafel or even pick up some Tabouleh, Hummus, or dolmas to go. And sometimes I treat myself to your Turkish delight, or Baklava or Halvah. We don't leave your store until we pick up euro chocolate candies i.e. Bounty, euro Kitkat, Buttons, and Aero just to name a few. Last but not least we really enjoy the service that we get from Carlos; he is always smiling and always stops to chat a bit. From my observations he does this for everyone that walks into the store. I really appreciate that and I know that other customers do too. One negative is that you should try to get a least a part-time person in those 2 guys look super busy and run around quite often. How often do they have time to clean it up or at least dust the shelves? Some of the items need a rotation. This would only benefit you.

Yvonne K.

I guess I had high expectations for this place after reading its reviews but I left a little disappointed. While they carried Turkish coffee pots and tea cups and lots of evil eye accessories, they did not carry many Turkish food products. I only saw a few Turkish candy/snacks. They did have jars of salep, but because I didn't know any recipes calling for salep, I did not buy it. It'd be nice to recreate some dondurma in the states with it, but I'll have to pick it up later after I do my research. They also have kofte spices which is great to have when I wanna try to recreate the kofte that I had in Istanbul. They have unboxed turkish delight however they were not as fresh as I thought they would be. They had 3 kinds, plain with lots of pistachios, plain with not as much pistachios, and an assorted variety of fruit flavored lokum. They sell it at 11.99/lb for the plain with most pistachios and 8.99 or 9.99/lb for the fruit ones. I got a quarter lb of the plain with not as much pistachios and a quarter pound of the fruit ones. The fruit ones were way too sweet and seemed artificially flavored and colored. Tasted too much like Dots than authentic turkish delight. The fruit flavored were so old that even the powdered sugar/cornstarch that it was covered in was drying out. Crusty lokum is not fresh lokum. Having just studied abroad in Istanbul this past summer, and having bought and tried 60lira/kilo turkish delight, I thought that the turkish delight was not as good as I have had. They also sold prepackaged boxes of turkish delight for ~6.99/box, might have been a better choice if I had known that their lokum had been out for so long. They carry Gulluoglu, a great baklava place, brand turkish delight too. I would recommend getting that instead and please let me know if its any better! They carry baklava from Oasis which is very convenient. I had thought about visiting Oasis bakery in Belmont for their baklava but its out of the way and closed Fri-Sun. I did not get it Haigs because they didn't look as golden brown as the ones I had in Istanbul :/ Baklava in the states seem so pale compared to baklava in Turkey. Lastly my sister ordered the Mediterranean plate and we were kinda disappointed. The humus was good but the rest of the plate was not that great. The falafel, I think, were small little balls that were brown and dry on the inside. I think they would have fresher food if they had more business. Old, stale food should not be sold though.

Emily L.

Their hummus is good, like previous reviewers have mentioned. HUGE selection of teas and jams from Britain and India! :) What really appealed to me was the British soda, I bought 5 cans... heh! The falafel is aiiiiight, I've had better. It was really really dense. Service was spectacular. Both of the guys working were friendly and kind.

sophia I.

Friendly and helpful staff, lots of things I miss from the UK, huge containers of Marmite, Heinz beans, UK chocolate bars and cold drinks, all at reasonable prices (at least reasonable prices for the US). The have a wide variety of spices, that I need for cooking a lot of ethnic foods, they carry a lot of ingredients that are essential for cooking Indian food. They used to be closed on Sundays, but are now open 7 days a week. It's nice to have them in my neighbourhood.

Venus S.

The best things about Haigs. 1- Their Dolmas. They are the only dolmas I've ever found edible. The leaves aren't gooey, the rice & spice mix is perfect. And they sell them in some supermarkets too, but they're much cheaper in the store. 2- Candy! They have all sorts of interesting european candy bars. The Crunchie, Flake & Aeros bars are my favorite. They had something called Chewy Kit-Kat last time that was scary yet intriguing. 3- Tons of baklava. 99 cents each. Or 3 for $2.79. Or 6 for $5.29. 4- Love their Bulgarian Sheeps Feta. Very strong yummy cheese. There's a cute little seating area too, but there's a stair or two in order to access it. The bad part, the rest. I really dislike their pita bread, falafel, hummus, basically everything else. But don't let that deter you from trying it for yourself, I think I have distinct tastes when it comes to mediterannean food. A lot of people I know love their food. The guys behind the counter are super nice too, although one is a bit too nice, sometimes making vaguely inappropriate jokes or comments to women. I don't think he means any harm though.

Chelsey B.

Haig's hummus is like crack-cocaine. I could (and have) eaten it by the spoonful. Like all falafel, theirs is best eaten shortly after being fried, but it can be hit or miss depending on how long ago it was cooked. That doesn't matter though, because the hummus makes this place shine. The service is also really friendly and prompt.

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