L & L Hawaiian Barbecue

27328 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 782-0880

Recent Reviews

C Castle

Good food for value! The half sized portion is plenty for one person. And Lived the freshly cooked pot stickers! Definitely love the CURRY sauce instead of the traditional catsu sauce. The curry is perfectly seasoned and delicious when eaten with the Mac and rice!

Tyler Jenkins

last night was the first time in this fine restaurant. But It is absolutely not the last time. We had a good time with the excellent service, with the great food and booze and with the friendly price. We will definitely visit there in a short time.

Mark Campbell

Awesome and tasty food, I like the vibes the spot has, and the employees were kind. I will surely come back again.

Raelynn Z.

Never will come here again. First off didn't know they have new owners. The food is nasty!! Ordered spam siamin and asked for extra so Pam, when I got it it was Luke warm and they didn't even slice it to thin slices all they did was slice it and threw it on top. I had to slice it up. They mini chicken had no h lavir and the Mac salad was nasty. Local people don't eat here. Place is dirty and not appealing. I didn't even it the mini chicken just had one bite.

Tin N.

Noted on Grubhub delivery. from the restaurant needed extra sauce though it didnt come with any Katsu sauce. Why? loss my appetite

Abell Kendrix

I always come getting some food in this place. I enjoy the fast customer service and well cooked dishes. Never disappointing.

Deena Peterman

Tried numerous dishes here and all were really good. About the only thing I thought was off was prices, a little high, but I still ate there.

Joe Gonzalez

I celebrated my PhD earlier this evening in this great place. I am glad to say that it was a astonishing evening and the restaurant was absolutely the reason for that strong celebration. The team helped in a splendid manner, the meals were yummy and my buddies were so overjoyed. We shall absolutely come back again for more joyful events. Thank you very much.

Eve H.

Ok... I really do miss the original owners the whole personal aspect of this place is gone they took down most of the pictures it kind of gave you a sense of Hawaii nobody in that place Smiles there like fuckin robots... the girl is at the counter so busy looking at her phone and laughing in some weird tone. The guy that has to come out and cook looks like he hates the world...smh

Tadeo Stewart

This spot is good! Fair prices, considerable dishes and the staff are constantly welcoming.

Ichigo Neko-Kyuketsuki

Had food order through Uber Eats and found a plastic object in my food...I was very hungry...

Jeannine Morales

Good Food evertime I go here

Catherine White

Usually love this place I don't know if they have a new owner or the cook was new. The spam musubi the spam was thinly sliced and the sticky rice seemed very dry

Ichigo Neko Kyuketsuki

Had food order through Uber Eats and found a plastic object in my food...I was very hungry...

Ray S.

Customer service was very bad. I'm glad the woman didn't miss a word with her friend as she was yapping into her cellphone as she took my order. No acknowledgement of any customers whatsoever (before or after any transactions). The food is not as good as it was before the management change. Not going back to this place again.

Sam S.

First time here, and not impressed. I got a side of lumpia, while my friend got the spam noodles. The lumpia skin wasn't even cooked all the way though. It was squishy and soft. Didn't feel safe eating it, raw dough and all, so I threw it away. At least it was only $2.99 My friend's spam noodles were a little too salty for his taste, and he likes spam, so he expected salty, but he got about halfway through it and tossed the rest as well. Too bad. I usually like L&L.

Rutherford Simos

BBQ chicken and the garlic shrimp is the best. Nice place.

Roman Zherebnenkov

Great food, nice staff, nice price.

Yolanna Lazarte

Hit and fast juicy barbeque salad and rice yeaaahh

Randy Eldridge

Cool place owners are nice great dishes

Joel A.

Looks like they have good Hawaiian food here but my gripe is about they don't accept plastics as payment (Debit/Credit Cards). I really don't care of how good your food is nor what ratings here on yelp as a restaurant but if you don't make convenient for me as a customer? I'm NOT giving you my business and it's that simple! It's 2019 now and we've already sent satellites to the planet Mars and people to the moon but apparently, some restaurants can't get with nor get with the program that customers COMES FIRST f you're SUPPOSED TO make it convenient & easy for their needs and not the other way around! I've seen Chinese restaurants like this and their ratings is up the ying-yang BUT won't accept plastics as payment. Once I've seen the poster "Cash Only", I just turn around and walk away and leave. Some people who operate restaurants just don't get it nor want to get it....SAD.

tuercas14 mm

Good portion and delicious

Chyanne Sequin

This place went down hill. New owners are rude and the meat is tough. Macaroni salad recipe changed too.

Frank Zolo

I love L&L, you usually can't go wrong with Hawaiian BBQ. I think everything is made fresh, at least it tastes like it. Good food, fast service.

Thomas Sujo

Pretty good but a bit pricey. Over all food was decent.

Patricia Wheeler


Tony Barraza

This is were magic happens reading but moustly starbucks great place to find comfort .

Geo Fucile

Good food,

Thanks For Your Interest

Food is always good 👍

Seth M.

At the time I came in there were only 2 other people in the restaurant, and I only ordered 2 spam musubis. I had to wait more than 20 minutes and I saw other customers come in 5-10 minutes after me and they ordered and got their food first. No sense of communication from the cashier either.

Mary Jean

Nice customer service, cook made us special spam burger, very healthy portions!

Tristan Nguyen

How has L&L not made a deal with Hormel and spam? Place is getting quieter but prices are rising, not good, and not doing business as well due to location. I really wish this place traded locations with the nearby Burger king because I'm worried it's going to go out of business soon.

Muhammad E.

Every single time their food is excellent! Meat is always perfectly cooked, whether chicken or beef or steak. Even delivery comes perfect God bless this place

Onassis Cayetano

Food tastes good but the place looks run down and depressing. Order to go and enjoy the food at home.

Rico T.

There's no way i should be spending 30 dollars on lunch, but when i do i expect for the order to be right. I don't know who fault it is but between grub hub and you guys really let me down. you need to upgrade/update your system as soon as possible.

Jay K.

New ownership! The ambiance alone no longer says "Hawaiian" when you walk in. The food is horrible! ALWAYS BURNING THE MEAT! You're better off eating at any other "Hawaiian" BBQ in Hayward. This one does not live up to your expectations, unless you expect burnt food.

Mark Kingsford

They were a bit expensive but the food is all right and they give you a big portion the so I guess it was worth it went back the second time

Nathan Whitehead

Good food friendly staff

Nathan Creecy

Extremely satisfactory. Not bad, but not great. It's okay

JaMize G.

My mother visited this restaurant yesterday and was served a whole piece of fat. When I took it back for her the "manager" seemed to have a problem with the fact that my mother who was hungry ate her food. That she should have been responsible for their quality of service and should have driven it back immediately. Will not ever be back nor recommend!!