La Pinata

904 Rose St, Hayward
(510) 538-9967

Recent Reviews

Sareesha S.

Follows all COVID 19 rules which I appreciate My issue was the burritos I order 2 super Steak burritos they were nice size to only Take a few bites and notice there was more rice than anything you'd think I ordered rice burritos

London Maynard

mexican food and the feeling at this location is super good. It was so savory. The service here is great. This place has a cool feel to it. Reminds me of a cafe in Chicago I loved to visit.

Cecelia Whiteside

Been there twice the chicken Burritos everything fresh makes very testful not dry.I recommend 3 friends they absolutely love there food

Raihana Mubarak

The food was amazing. Huge portion sizes. Parking is available. Horchata is a must buy. Only downside is that the locality is not that great. I saw someone peeing on their building in the parking lot.

Carol S.

Use take out twice a month for many many years. Large portions, tasty, order is ready quickly. I usually order vegetarian super Burrito, chimichanga, chili relleno... chicken is too dry for me. Guacamole chunky fresh and good. Salsa hot & good. Price very reasonable.

Harpreet G.

This restaurant is totally garbage. They charged extremely extra and put hair in my burrito when I completely complaint they laughed and said we will not give u money back.


I have been going to La Pinata for many years. They have had to adapt for COVID 19 which is difficult.I think they are more buist than ever because of door dash and chow now . I called the restraunt and ordered a Torta , I had to wait an extra 10 or 15 minutes & They forgot my jalapinos.Thier priorety was door dash & Chow now. The Torta was Great and they came with fries , I did"nt expect . Buisness is good for them . But you will need to call in advance and if they say 15 minutes then wait 30 before you pick up your meal.

Kathy McCole

We would eat take out once a week. No more will I patronize. I ordered dinner for 6 fomoso burritos and two had hair in them. Pretty sick when you spend $ 100.00 to have hair in your meals. Good bye La Pinata. Food is always great but hair doesn't cut it

Alicia O.

I want to give La Piñata a *10-star * review because today I lost something that was very dear to me, a piece of jewelry, that was in a jewelry bag in my purse, I accidentally reached in my purse to grab my wallet and it must have slipped out and fell on the carpet without making a sound. My heart was broken, and I prayed about it, and of all the places I went today, I decided to call them, and no one else at the 3 other businesses had it. So it was my last hope. I thought there's no way I dropped it at the restaurant and I called anyways, and I asked if anybody turned in jewelry because I think I dropped it there. The enjoyed who answered the phone said hold on, and then she said we found a little bag, with jewelry in it. Yes it's mine! I said I'm in front of your store calling now. They gave it to me. It was so touching, and so wonderful to know that they were able to reunite me with something that's been in my home for many years. So thankful and so blessed, thank you La Piñata. Also, The food I ordered there today was excellent. I brought it home enjoyed it and then realized that I lost something but I recommend this place and I couldn't be happier

Alessandra Alari

Massive portions and great mexican food. We loved it!

John Rieder

I have never had a bad meal here in 30 years. There food is how I judge other Mexican restaurants. There are lots of great ones out there but this is at the top of the list. I prefer the original restaurant but they are all good. Try a chicken taco!

J S.

Less than an hour after eating here I was throwing up. Once it was out of my system, I was fine which is why I'm pretty sure it was food poisoning and not a stomach bug. I went back a few more times after that but I worried I'd get sick again. It's just easier to go somewhere else.

Sudha D.

I love the food and the portion size. I enjoy taking my family here on Friday nights. The customer service is wonderful. I'm vegetarian, and La Pinata has a great selection for my meal preferences. I would recommend ordering 3 dishes for 4 people as portion sizes are quite large here. Other than that, you get a great bang for your buck!

Jj Kain

Good food what else can uou say.

Michael Torres

This place consistently has the best authentic chicken mole but no matter what you order you won't be disappointed. Order ahead or be prepared to wait but it'll be worth the wait. I come here whenever I come to my old stomping grounds and take home some Mole sauce even when I lived in Hawaii, it’s that good. I'd give them 5 stars but the wait This time was just a little bit long. I think they were short handed so order early.

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