Marley’s Treats

838 B St, Hayward
(510) 397-1499

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paulo botelho

Amazing place with extraordinary treats.

Jen Supelario

The flan is so rich and creamy!! That dessert is dangerously delicious!

Noel K.

You must try their UBE ice cream shake. It's amazing! It's ube heaven. The shake is topped with a ube mini waffer, ube whipped cream, and ube ice cream with ube syrup. Super popular. They have other flavors too, avocado shake, oreo ube (i still need to try), leche flan, and more added to their menu. I also tried their cupcakes, it's pretty good too. Another amazing treat they have is their ube rice krispie sandwich. They give a generous scoop of ice cream in your sandwich. It's PERFECT for IG photos. Keep a look out for their deals over the weekend. They currently have $5 deals on their shakes. :)

Robert R.

I had recently stopped by for some desserts on way home from the Peninsula. I had the opportunity to try their Cheesecake Ube Flans when I had them from a Food-truck in Oakland. (Marleys Streets) at Fourth Street East. I had tried the Ube Rice crispy and a few cupcakes. I also had a small ice. cream tub of Pandan. My favorite was the Pandan cupcake. This time I bought the 4 Cheesecake Ube flans and.6 assorted cupcakes. I had a little trouble finding the place but they were very friendly and helpful when I got there. I will definitely stop by again for more Sweets next time I' m in the area.

Melissa M.

I drove 30 minutes out of my home city to try this place. I am an ube fanatic and I am willing to drive places for it. Let's start off with stating that the staff is absolutely patient & wonderful. Due to Covid, we're unable to look at what items are available & must go off of a piece of paper that's taped to the window. This place gets busy & if you are caught behind a large order, you can be in line for quite some time. It's harder to make decisions especially if you cannot see the actual product. When I first came here, I got the horchata churro cupcake, strawberry mango, buko pandan, and a 6 pack of ube flan cheesecake. The horchata churro and ube flan hold a special place in my heart. Don't get me wrong... the other cupcakes were fantastic! The horchata churro was delicious. The cupcake wasn't dry at all, even after a day or two it kept its fluffy state. The ube flan, now... that's something to speak about. It's a bit smaller than a cupcake but it makes sense cause it's nothing like a cupcake. It's a mini pie. The pie crust is delicious, and it holds the ube cheesecake very well. Some pie crusts fall apart when heavier fillings are place but not this crust, you can take the whole mini pie out and chomp into it. The cheesecake itself has enough ube flavoring without over powering its top. The flan is sweet & perfectly placed on top to accentuate the ube. You gotttttta try this place!

Beth Uno

Just learned about Marley's and was beyond thrilled that they're located right down the street from my work! We tried four cupcakes for our first visit. Each had light, yet sweet and flavorful frosting and delicious, moist cake with both unique Filipino and classic flavors. I can't wait to go back and try all their other goodies!

Jas Jaswal

I've been to Marley's twice now - both times for the shakes only. The first time was right after Covid restrictions took place and the line was long...I estimate it took about 40 minutes to get one shake from the time I got into line to the time the shake was in my hand. Today, there was only a pair of teens (2 people together) ahead of me. It still took 35 minutes to get my Oreo ube shake. Only the cashier was making the orders though there were 3-4 people in the back. When paying with a credit card and while the cashier is watching, I felt compelled to and did tip. There's no option of "do you want to tip?" It's automatic tip amounts with an option of "custom." I'm happy to tip if my experience is good, but it's bizarre to expect a tip at the get-go, then continue to wait and then leave half an hour later with one item considering there was no real "line" in front of me. I don't see myself returning unless they add more staff or enhance their current non-existent process. The shake was good but not worth this type of time.

Kelvin Chan

Love the harder to find flavors that they offer, and their flan is the best texture I can remember ever having!

CC Rodriguez

Ube horchata cupcakes were absolutely delicious. Crunch cupcakes were just ok.

Alvin M.

Honestly, hands down - the best Filipino Fusion bakery on this side of the Bay! Located right smack in the heart of Downtown Hayward - off B. Street - and a stone's throw away from City Hall & a few steps from the oh-so-convenient Hayward BART station - this hidden gem is NOT so hidden, due to the foot traffic it gets & the hyped up attention it has given to those on social media!I highly support them & will continue to do so; and I just love the fact that they are bringing Filipino-inspired goodies & treats for the diverse city of Hayward - and letting them know what's up with "UBE"! So what is "UBE"?! It is purple yam that is so prevalent and popular in the Philippines. With that being said, Marley's Treats specializes in desserts & sweets that are primarily made with ube - all the possibilities and delectable concoctions have been getting whipped up & it's for YOU to give them A TRY! Some background history...For owner Gemma Ballesteros, combining the flavors of her heritage with American favorites - like cupcakes - made sense, when she embarked on a baking career after her daughter, Marley, was born. After all, she says, "Every Filipino dessert comes in that flavor."Her maternity-leave project grew quickly. "As soon as I started posting pictures on my Facebook, I started getting requests and orders from family and friends," she says on social media. "I then took the needed steps to get licensed and work out of a commercial kitchen. And business took off." She's been catering, baking custom cakes and operating a food truck, the cleverly named Marley's Streats, since outgrowing a small space in Oakland a couple of years ago. And since February 1st early this year, she finally opened her new brick-and-mortar shop in downtown Hayward. Prominently located along B Street, it is the must-go-to for dessert and sweet treats whenever you're in and around Downtown Hayward! Ballesteros' top seller is the Hella Ube, a towering confection that starts with an ube Rice Krispy treat base, then layers of ube ice cream, an ube cupcake and an ube macaron. Naturally, all of those are sold separately too.Cupcakes come in a rotating series of flavors, among them red velvet, horchata churro, s'mores, banana split, blueberry lemon, and buko pandan, the Filipino fave made with young coconut. They recently introduced their Mango Calamansi cupcake - which I still have to try! Macaron flavors also vary daily; the rotation includes lychee, mango, dulce de leche, and pistachio cookie butter. As time progressed, they have introduced so much variety in their menu items - their Ube Flandesals, their Ice Cream Pints packed with the love of cream & flavor, their Ube White Chocolate Chip Macadamia cookies available for bake at home, etc. - AND, if you're not within the East Bay region, just know that they also deliver around the Bay Area! Make sure ya'll follow them religiously on IG, yo! Haha.Thank you Marley's for shedding light to put Filipino-inspired goodies on the spotlight right smack in the Heart of the Bay! If you work for the City of Hayward and/or the County of Alameda offices around the neighborhood, PLEASE tell them / show your ID badge & get hooked up with a 10% off discount your total purchase! It never fails to get a few bucks off your total purchase & it always feels good to support local-owned businesses!

Danielle M.

This might just be my new favorite Filipino place in the East Bay! I tried Marley's Treats last night after coming out to Hayward for dinner -- it was an excellent decision! I've wanted to come here for months now, and seeing that I was in the area already and craving some dessert helped me act on actually coming here. I had the pandan and horchata cupcakes (sad because there wasn't any ube ones available at the time) along with a pandan milkshake with ube drizzle.At first, I thought all of it was going to be super sweet, but it wasn't! It was perfect! The cupcakes were soft with just enough frosting (not to mention very cute and put together) and the milkshake was smooth and creamy! A+ desserts with excellent flavor! (Plus this place reminds me of a bakery down in SoCal that makes similar desserts, which made me so happy to find out there was a place like it closer to home -- no more waiting for trips down south when I can just drive in my own area). Aesthetic is gorgeous here -- obviously the specialty in ube treats is the perfect opportunity for the use of purple everything. I loved the Filipinx for Black Lives art that went along the windows and the neon lighting gave the shop a good flair, especially at night.Staff was super friendly and while they took their time, I could tell they put a lot of work into the quality of their products. I appreciate them and the business!All I'm saying is y'all are missing out if you don't try this place -- try to swing by if you're in the area. You won't regret it!

Belinda T.

Everything Ube, this is the place to be. They practically have ube everything.I wanted to try the pandan shake or the leche flan shake but they were practically sold out of the shakes on the day I showed up. I opted for the ube flan cheesecake.The flan was GOOOOD, as for the ube cheesecake part it was Ube, and it was creamy and the tart outside was crumbly but good. As far as "cheesecake consistency" it wasn't. It was more creamy like... ube cream?A little on the pricey side but worth a trip out to try a few items. As for Covid, they greet you at the door with a plexi glass and after you order if it's too big to fit through the hole, there's a bottom latch/door that they open to hand you your food, that I thought was pretty cool.

Trinh A.

I'm a huge ube enthusiast so I was excited to drive 30 minutes away to finally try Marley's. Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed.The line started about 20 minutes before opening, and by the time they opened there was about 10 people in line. Took about 20 minutes to be able to order. So get there early, as their items are first come first serve. Once you ordered, they were really quick to get you your food.You're not able to buy items such as the cheesecake, cupcakes or cookies individually - you have to buy in either 4, 6, or 12 packs. Which is unfortunate because I felt obligated to buy THAT many when I really wanted to sample one of each. Doesn't help that each pack is pretty pricey, especially when you HAVE to buy a whole bunch. Ube flan cheesecake - solid 4/5, the ube and flan flavors actually compliment each other pretty well. The texture is a bit off putting though as the whole thing feels like mush, the crust is pretty chewy too which doesn't help. 4 pack cost $20.Pandan cupcake - I had such high hopes for this but it was so DRY. The pandan flavor was super subtle and the frosting wasn't too heavy. The cupcake itself felt very homemade, which you can decide if it's a good/bad thing. 4 pack cost $10.If I were to come again, I would want to try the ube milkshake next time ($7) since a majority of people got it and it definitely looked IG-worthy.

Ron Lui

Found them attending the night market few years ago and made it a point to visit them each time. Ube shake and Ube rice crispy ice cream sandwich for the win. I've driven out to Hayward to get my fix a few times, ube shake is a must. I've started trying out thier cupcakes, so far the starwberry lychee which is amazing and chocolate banana Oreo (little on the sweet side). Haven't had anything I didn't like so far.

Joyce Z.

I recently came to Marley's for the second time and can finally write my review based on two visits.  My first time was on Mother's Day and the pickup experience was so terrible, I would've given it 2 stars at that time.  But wanting to be fair that it is hopefully not representative of what they are normally like, I withheld writing one until I can hopefully balance out the experience. The BadI had pre-ordered and was dropped off when I saw the huge line so I can jump right in line.  I was in that line for 20 minutes before I found out that I was in the walk-up (right side facing the store) line instead of the pre-ordered pick-up line (left side facing the store).  The signage is on the small window which I never got a chance to look at since I jumped in the back of the existing line.  So I immediately got out and went into the correct line which was just as long at that point.  Yes, I understand that there would be a wait for Mother's Day and yes, I understand that they would be swamped as well.  Here is what frustrated me.  They were serving the walkup line so much quicker than the pre-ordered pickup line.  If I stayed in that same spot in the walkup line, I would have left 25 minutes earlier when the original people in back of me left.  Even the people who came and started lining up AFTER I moved over was served and left 15 minutes before me.  Literally, by the time I got my order, there was no one in the walkup line and 15 people still in the pickup line complaining because we had now been waiting over an hour.  The reason may be because it took longer to put together and fulfill the pre-orders since the orders are probably larger than the walk-ups and they are not already prebagged in the fridge beforehand but with that said, my suggestion is taking at least 2 people from the pickup for every 1 person in walk-up to even it out.  The GoodScarred by that first visit, I have not been back until I recently got a promotion for past customers and finally gave it another shot.  I chose Friday evening pickup this time to avoid a line and was rewarded with no line on either side, easy pickup and even the ability to add on an ube shake.   Over the two visits, I have tried the ube and pandan cupcakes, the ube cheesecake flan tarts, the ube shake, and Frozen Ube Pandan Brazo de Mercedes.  My favorite is the ube cheesecake flan tarts as the smooth flan was the perfect complement to the more dense ube cheesecake and with that combo was not overly sweet.  The cupcakes although not the best I ever had was moist but would still choose the flan tart over these.  The Frozen Ube Pandan Brazo de Mercedes is perfect for a hot day as it has everything to hit your taste buds that your heart desires.  Ube, Pandan, Custard, Ice Cream, yes pleaseAs you can tell, if you love ube, this is the place for you.  I have yet to try enough to decide if this is the place for you if you love pandan.  I'm not sure if they have ever offered it, but soft chewy ube and pandan crinkle cookies will probably be a big hit as well.  So I cannot vouch for what a typical weekend pickup would look like and it will probably depend on the time of day.  Since they do not put your order together until you arrive, if you live close enough and the line is really long, you may want to come back later but hopefully by now they have worked out a better system.

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