Max Donuts

214 Harder Rd, Hayward
(510) 886-3588

Recent Reviews

Alec A.

Great place for a quick and delicious breakfast. Nice and simple yet very tasty. Price is just right and the workers are nice and very hardworking. Help this business out, this is the type of breakfast place that needs to stay.

Tim Yep

OMG! Those donuts were like biting into a fluffy cloud. Yum!

Oscar B.

The family that runs the place is super nice, classic donut shop not super fancy but just as tasty. Breakfast sandwiches are sooo good!

Mike P.

I came in today to get some donuts for Father's Day and the woman behind the counter was not wearing a mask. Cases of covid are increasing again in Alameda County and there is a statewide public mask order in place. AVOID.

Irene G

Back in the 1990s my mom took me to this place all the time when I was a kid every Wednesday, left such an impact even now Wednesdays are my favorite days of the week! I miss this place

Erika A.

I come hear often and the owners are really nice. Their breakfast sandwiches are very good and their coffee is always hot and fresh. Also their donuts are very good.

Daniel Nazario

What I like about this place and I am from San Francisco I got to Fremont early so I needed to kill some time so I picked up my nephew pick me up and we went to this Jonah shop and everything was for rash just like it should be


Liked the croissant and the great coffee, very nice and friendly service

Justin T.

Best donut shop in town. The owners are REALLY NICE. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Marcelo Ballado

This place is literally on my back years , green house with a lot of trees. I love it , whenever I feel like not making breakfast i just open my door and I’m there. Friendly , delicious and clean place to visit and eat some donuts.

Eugene A.

I came here Sunday morning because of the great ratings. I was sorely disappointed in questioned why there were so many highways. I may have to come back a second time on a different day. I ordered a croissant, Sugar Twist, and custard-filled chocolate donut. though very large for the price, the croissant was clearly not made on the same day. It was also very thick instead of fluffy and flakey. It also lacked The Buttery flavored you expect on the crust of a good croissant. The custard filled chocolate donut was actually quite good. I also like that they put in the custard as you order it rather than having them already filled which sometimes takes away from the separation of the individual flavors of the donut and the custard. the custard they use it's also not overpowering nor too sweet. The sugar donut was fine. There was nothing special about it as is the case with something so simple. Usually, these places really stick out because of other types of donuts.

davey vargas

Hot croissants and good coffee for the right price


Good donuts!

Jose Rivera

very good

Ann T.

I'm no novice when it comes to donuts, this is going to age me but my first job while in high school was Winchell's 4am-noon Sat & Sun! It took me years before I could enjoy eating a donut and I won't eat any donut. What makes these donuts so good is that they're very fresh. The young couple who owns the shop keep the selection down to a minimum and fry up the donuts in batches rather than all at once. Shop is located on the corner of Harder & Franklin near Soto and across the street from Cardenas. Seems like most of the clients are regulars. They have the standard cake, old fashion, raised, bars, twists, apple fritters, bear claws and cinnamon rolls. The apple fritters are crispy and good and the raised donuts practically melt in your mouth. They also have bagels and croissants. The croissants are HUGE.

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