Max Muscle Nutrition

30166 Industrial Pkwy SW, Hayward
(510) 940-9901

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Ivonne D.

My personal Trainer sent me here to get my protein shake, guy is really friendly and helped and answered all of my questions! Definitely coming back for more

Chelsea B.

owner is accommodating and knowledgeable. products are really good and will be back to stock up!

Stephanie V.

Appreciated David's customer service, was very nice and informative about the products at his location. Will definitely be coming back!

MamaNiks Peach Cobbler

Dave was very welcoming as I approached the front door, not suspecting me of stealing or making me feel uncomfortable in the store. Dave had great input, advice, and I believe beneficial benefits. Oreo Protein Casing is fire ?.When I met Ben that just iced the cake, two great guys in my neighborhood protein shop that’s cooler than a fan. BTW hubby n I love the cool shaker bottles. Thanks guys,Nikki

Lindsey M.

Excellent service and David was extremely knowledgeable about the product that helped me in my buying decision. Nice set up they have here!

Calvin M.

First time shopping here and David was very helpful and informative about the products they sell. Got a great deal! Definitely the place to get your supplements.

Jeffery T.

I've been coming here for 4 years now and David always coming in clutch with his excellent customer service. All of max muscle's products are very effective and helps me with all my fitness goals. Would definitely come back!

Luis A.

This place is great! David is Awesome and knows his stuff! Went in not knowing what I should get and he had so many great recommendations and even gave me free samples of the products he was talking about so I could try them before I buy them! Great place and definitely worth the trip!

Mohammad M.

Went into Max Muscle for the first time today looking for a protein shake. I knew what I wanted in regards to grams of protein and how much sugar. David was able to make a recommendation right away and I took his advice. He is very knowledgeable on the product and made it feel like I was making the right choice. He also offered me some samples of pre workouts which i will tty out in the next day or so. Overall, great customer service!!!

Jon A.

Came in here to grab some preworkout, got my preworkout and also got a lot of help with my goals and plans. Every product I looked at was thoroughly explained with what ingredients it had and how I can use it and what time to take it. Extremely happy with what I purchased. Awesome customer service and genuine care.

Kathlene M.

Its been about a year or two since I bought stuff from this store. Their customer service is always the best and always so friendly. I already knew what I wanted to buy, but I had asked the guy what flavors he recommended for the emerge prework out powder. Last time I got the watermelon flavor and it was way too sweet. The blossom white tea flavor he mentioned really does taste like Arizona tea and I am enjoying it so far.The liquicarn definitely gives me the sweats, but its worth the boost to get into my workouts. He offered me to try out the pure collagen nutrition. So im giving it a shot today and see if anything changes. Tastes pretty good with my coffee!!! I'll come back here to comment again when I finish trying these products out!:)

Eric P.

The moment I entered the store, I was greeted by David, who works at the front desk. He asked me multiple pertinent questions about my workouts and eating regimen. He had plenty of edifying suggestions which helped my overall choice in products. I departed with an understanding of the products I purchased and I will be back.

Beverly C.

So glad they are open again! Husband only gets his BCAA here and we ran out after the shutdown. Lesson learned, went there today and grabbed two canisters. They also give discounts to military and first responders. Gentleman who helped me was friendly and hope they stay open. Support our local businesses!

Brandon Scarlett M.

Great energy!Loved his attitude, very informative and helpfulI will definitely go back.

Escarlett M.

Great energy!
Loved his attitude, very informative and helpful
I will definitely go back.

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