Pizza Hut

22859 Mission Blvd, Hayward
(510) 886-4111

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Jordan J.

I ordered a pizza online with the intention of using my ebt card. On the ebt website this location accepts ebt. I just got the card and just used starting to use it. I get there and a guy named Jesse says he's the store manager (did not have a work id that specified him as such) says they don't accept ebt cards. At this point I'm starving and haven't had a meal in a day and a half. I told him this, and the CA edd says you do, he started to raise his voice and I was calm the very whole time. It would of been nice of him to just give me the pizza, but his attitude towards me was more disheartening. Already going through enough.

Sakthi RN

Ordered contactless pickup today. Waited 15mins in the parking lot, no one showed up. Realising that no one is going to show up, I went inside to pickup the order. The lady at the cash register said there is no such order in her system without even properly looking. I showed the order on phone and the email confirmation I received, she kept saying no such order. After 10mins back and forth, she finally looked the receipts, It was right in front of her all this time. I got pizza after 25mins drama, it was cold, soggy and not eatable. I would never order here again.

Alvin Fisher

Terrible customer service rude asfc even after I asked to have proper customer service because no one being rude name was jessie TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERCIVE LEARN HOW TO TREAT PEPOLE !!!

Keone Tufuga

Rude, cancelled my order twice and I ordered a couple hours before closing. Talked to the manager and he was getting loud as well as the other 2 female employees. Petty people y’all, beware what they do and put into y’all food

Jessica Sanchez

Curbside pick up? Just go inside honestly.

Angelica L.

HAIR ON OUR PIZZA . I attached 2 photos there. I wish you can attach video. But First of all before i wrote this review we tried contacting the store so many time but no answer. Then we tried 1800 number it gets disconnected right away.First time ordering here at Pizza hut and this is what we get? I ordered a personal 1/2 cheese 1/2 pepperoni pizza for my kids. That hair was baked in there. I'm sorry but this is disgusting. Why are they not wearing any hair net or something? This is August 21,2020 placed our order 6:34 pm. So who ever you are that made the pizza i know you wouldn't want to eat any food that has somebody's hair. I hope you washed you hands while handling this. This un acceptable. Most likely our first and last visit to this place.

Victor G.

Pizza Hut or any major Pizza places i don't eat anymores. not even Costco. SO got one here weeks again for a Hamilton, cheese & Pepperoni, maybe some veggies too. it had too much sodium. would have jacked my blood pressure. she didn't eat too many either.either they with friends or the pizza are making fertilizer in the back has too much sodium, too much dough, little cheese. little flavoring..and It"s $30. one can get a real pizza for $30 at most Italian places.

Ruben Guzman

I love pizza hut??

Bob O'D

I waited outside for curbside pickup, as a pedestrian instead of in car, for 30mins doing everything the app instructed. The doors were unlocked. They were waiting for me to pick-up pizza inside. Pizza tasted as Pizza Hut pizzas are supposed to taste. ?

Ivyn Tep

They're very quick and efficient


Pizza but is your generic decent pizza. This place only gets two stars because they screwed up a plain cheese pizza order.

E. C.

As restaurants are struggling to stay in business by courting customers with free delivery, this one not only charges a "service charge" but also an over-inflated "delivery charge (separate from driver tip)." Your $26 cold mediocre pizza is now $43 dollars when you include driver tip. Shame on you. Yelpers Please go elsewhere for pizza! Cost summary $26.99 Subtotal Tax $3.36 Service Fee $1.95 Delivery fee (not a driver tip) $5.49 Driver tip $5.67 $43.46 Total

Easy Tax Services H.

I love Pizza Hut, one of best places for delivery. Always on time My favorite pizza is the filled crust topped with beef, bell pepper, mushrooms and red onions - heaven on earth Thank you

Michelle T.

Should've read the reviews on yelp rather than google before driving 30 minutes just to get Pizza Hut since there's not a location near us. So nasty... could barely eat a slice. Wings looked / tasted like they were just thrown into the microwave & served. Pizza was just not like how other locations make it.. won't be back! Should've went to the other location. Such a waste of time and money!

T Schultz

Would definitely recommend trying this place. Excellent character, fresh food, excellent customer service. 5 stars.

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