Pizza Hut

1199 W A St, Hayward
(510) 278-7575

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Alexis Chaves

Awesome pizza Cheap too 20 dollars got my kids and I a sad and a large pizza

justice rogers

Had to wait over a hour for my pizza because they had given it to someone else. So stupid that you have to pay for cheese and peppers.

Robert S

Very good pizza and great deals!

L M.

Internet vs reality. I saw the poster on the window for the mini cinnamon buns, they look delicious (on the poster), so I walked in and order me one. It cost $8 so I assuming it will look as good as the poster. I was wrong...when the guy (h look like he dont want to be there) handed me the mini box , it was the most disgusting looking cinnamon buns I see in my life. I shaked my head and left, didn't want to even argue with them bc its covid stuff. I gave 1 star bc there was no choice for zero star.

Regando Piedras

i like this pizza, good time and right on time!

Joseph B.

Horrible service by joseph , he smells like shit, and there was a horndog working the register

Jahna S.

Damn Loretta didn't get me my pizza.she be more useful then the dishwasher,one star cause a customer harassed me by calling me "fat pikachu"",and the cashier laughed.I slapped the shit out of him and the other customers ap loud.The door was as good as roaches in a spider web soup,so not good.Will never come here at 3AM ever again!!!

Fabby Z.

Last Sunday I made my order online for pick up.Simple easy and fast by the time I got there it was ready. Good pizza "stuff crust"and some lemon pepper wings paid extra for ranch and some crush pepper. The only concern I had it's the extra charges... my online bill said $48 and some cents and my credit bill said $53 and some cents... I guess now the add their own tip?

Yolanda L.

I had a reorder set in place for this pizza hut. In my order i have 2 double orders of breadsticks meaning i should get 4 dips. They have me 4 dips last time but didnt this time..only 2. To the lady who is working cashier at this location at 7:15pm today, u should review the menu. When asked for the 2 missing dips, she was just do you not have an answer either? Homie, at least do something..say something? LOL Anyways I recommend the Hesperian Pizza Hut location. They are at least consistent.

vanessa cano

The people here are super friendly, I work here and let me tell you that we all work hard and fast to get your pizza ready as soon as possible. Yeah we are human and sometimes get your order wrong but plz don’t be so mean to us, just talk to us and trust me we got you, we want to make sure your experience is the best,

P G.

Walked in today and saw no menu posted anywhere. Asked if they had a menu I could look at. I asked where were the prices on the menu? The little Indian lady looked at me and said ,no,no prices on menu. This isn't a frigging five star restaurant where if you have to ask the price you can't afford it. It's the God damn Pizza Hut!

Simon F.

I went here on Friday for the first time in years. This location is still underwhelming, but at least I can give it 3 stars now. I was ignored at first (a young woman that I've seen before should have at least greeted me). I also had to figure out what register to go to. Jaylen was my cashier. He came across like a stoned Prince at first (I'm not really saying that this is a bad thing). He came alive more later. Anyway, he did a good job overall. I ordered right after 7 p.m. In general, the employees kept busy, but they lacked energy (they were lethargic). They needed energy drinks and maybe even a good pep talk. A woman who regularly goes to Target was around (I knew that I was going to see her at the store earlier, and I did). It was fine, but she briefly interrupted me while I was ordering. "15 minutes": My order was actually ready in about 20 minutes (because he was hungry, my son said that it "took forever" when I returned to the car). A guy who looked like Dolemite came in ( It was awesome. I briefly looked around to see if Quentin Tarantino was filming. Service Fee: My fee was $1.80 (the total was really brought up more because of tax). The fee has to do with "the rising costs in CA." Still, it's a bunch of bullshit. I also complained about it when I went to the Newark location last year. No other eateries around me charge a service fee. Grated Cheese; Crushed Red Pepper: You'll be charged $1 if you want any. The chain started to do this last year (the items come in shakers now, not packets). It was pretty dead inside. Most customers, like I expected, took their food to go. The guy who gave me my order called my name in a low voice. It's like he wasn't confident saying Simon. He probably butchers names that are more complicated like John. (I am partly being sarcastic because the guy wasn't friendly when I thanked him.) The table that I was waiting at smelled. It could have been from a cleaning product, but I doubt it (the table was a bit dirty). The restaurant, in general, was clean. There are at least 6 TV's inside. An NBA game was on. On the TV with the sound up was a slightly boring Food Network show. The fountain drink selections are solid here. Personal pizzas are 6". Medium ones are 12". I learned before I ordered that small pizzas aren't sold at Pizza Hut (I was kind of stunned). Note: All prices include tax. Personal Pan Pizza: $7.12. My son enjoyed his pizza (he only wanted cheese, but you can choose up to 3 toppings). They're only $5.15 at Target (it's just across the parking lot), but Target constantly runs out of them quickly now. Meaty P'ZONE ($8.22): 8.25/10. "Pepperoni, Ham, Beef, Pork, Italian Sausage and melted cheese sealed inside a folded, pizza crust. Finished with toasted parmesan and baked calzone style." My wife and I were pleased. The P'ZONE was big and delicious. Only pepperoni and Italian sausage were prominently featured. I especially wanted some more ham. Mozzarella Poppers Pizza: 7/10. "A large 1-topping pizza with its own appetizer - 16 squares of fried cheesy goodness, baked right onto the crust." Although I had to order a large, there were only 8 slices (for years I have felt that Pizza Hut pizzas are too small and overpriced). Still, the pizza was cheaper than I expected ($17.55). The mozzarella poppers were sizeable and tasty, but the slices were nothing special. I was given plenty of marinara sauce. I'm a fan, but the Crazy Sauce at Little Caesars is better. It might be worth signing up. "EARN FREE PIZZA WITH

Dayanna O.

The only reason why I come here is because it's close to home but man poor customer service! I go there today and the guy making the pizza yells at the Indian lady in the back that there was a customer up front she yells back hold on ! She comes to the front with food in her mouth LITERALLY TALKING TO ME WITH THR FOOD SHE WAS CHEWING STILL ON HER TEETH!!! She then tells me she can't apply the deals from online so then I sit down and order online instead. My order is ready and when I asked for cheese and pepper she tells me that now it is not free now it's $.75 for the packet since when does Pizza Hut charge $.75 per packet for cheese and pepper are you joking ???!?

Cindy W.

This location is terrible. You walk in and are hit with some overwhelming awful smell - almost like nail polish remover? The lady working the counter was unfriendly and didn't seem terribly sure of what she was doing. She and the guy in the back kept shouting back and forth at each other in confusion. A lady came in and complained that they had gotten her order wrong, which wasn't surprising to me. I won't be coming back.

florinda calmo

This is a dirty dirty place really bad service lady taking orders touches her nose and hair plus having hair down + giving out food imagine what is happing in side the kitchen I’ve never had this experience. PLEASE REDERS DONT WASTE YOUR TIME in this place

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