27316 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 397-1800

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Jessica N.

My popcorn chicken was old and hard. It looks really dark like they refried it after someone else didn't take their order. It feels like they gave me someone else's old order that they refried.

Helen S.

My new fave stop! I'm not a CA native so discovering Quickly's is a chain is amazing to me! I think Quicklys is a good option for good Boba and small fun small bites. I've had a Snow and a fruit tea before -- both I would get again.

Linda T.

Rip off-- I think this was 7.99 or 8.99 for the calamari rings. Quickly is the OG of Asian snacks and drinks so I thought why not give it another go now that this is the closest location to me. Now I can remember why I stopped going here. Save your money and drive that extra distance for a better place.

Juliana A.

This place is amazing the food and drinks are amazing!! And I think people should come here in Hayward! 27316 Hesperian Blvd Hayward, CA 94545 United States

Gerald P.

Everything is taste Service is so nice and welcome you We were impressed by how much upgraded this Quickly is comeparing to others with the variety and interesting menu Will come back to try the rest

The P.

I ordered a Wild berry breeze, and it was very delicious and sweet. I heard their curry is good so I'll have to try it the next time I come back.


Ordered pick up through Clover long line once I arrived. Said it would be ready in 10 minutes so I didn't think I needed to wait in the line. After I realized everyone in line received their order. I went to the register & the cashier went to the back & said we’re still making your order. Once I received my food (20 minutes later than the time it was supposed to be done) it was cold & not even crispy. Never again will I order through Clover.

Kristina valencia

I love that they are located in a convenient area and have a very clean and organized store. Plenty of seating. Very fast service. Entertainment as you wait. So many options to choose from. I recommend the honeydew snow with boba. I am a frequent customer at this location.

Vanessa Chan

I tried to order in the shop and online, the waiting time is relatively longer. They are super busy but tried their best to serve drinks and food asap. Really appreciate all the workers.My favourites in Quickly: Oreo milkshake with boba, Takoyaki, Popcorn Chicken

Chan V.

I called to ask about the menu and the girl receiving the call was rude. I had no idea they didn't do phone orders. Why list a call button on Google maps but not take phone orders? Seems silly. They should not list the phone number if phone orders are not accepted. It was my first time there and I did not feel welcome. I don't mind waiting in line even if I did call in but the attitude was unforgivable. She made me feel unwelcome. She didn't ask how sweet I wanted the drink or if they had milk options. It was far different from the other Quickly's I've been to. The menu is cluttered with lots of options and I can't seem to find which drink is made with real fruit and not the powder. The food options appear to be more than other Quickly's but I can't tell if they use salt first or let me dress it after the order. Some Quickly's you can have them not put salt on the popcorn chicken which is great. Overall not impressed and I won't be back.

Arlo T.

Why is this Quickly hella nice looking? LOL. I bought some drinks for the family and they included a passport bag, which was hella cool. I dont have a picture of it. That's a good gift! The drinks are hella good and the takoyaki is smackers. The girl helping me out at the register was hella courteous and nice, she's hella cool. They were playing some 88 rising stuff. Niki, Rich Brian, the usual. I actually dig this place. It's pretty cool. I mean look at the pictures!

Guramrit B.

I don't care about anything else without the food and it's taste and this place is best judging by the price I recommend it

Prince Virk

They took little longer to make my order, but it was worth it. The taste was so good

Mary Barlescu

Perfect for hot weather like today.

Sherry P.

The drinks here are very good and their snack menu is big, which is a plus. I always get the calamari..really good if you add the spicy chili powder and pepper they have at the counter... but the MAIN reason why I'm giving this location two stars is because of the little cashier girl that works in the afternoons/evenings with glasses. She is so effen rude. I usually never bother wasting my time writing reviews on anything but I felt the need to put this out there. This is the second time I've been helped by her and she always gives an attitude when speaking to me. In my mind, I'm like okay maybe she's having a bad day....NOPE...there were people who ordered after me and she had a much more pleasant tone with them...People grabbing their orders before me, she's thanking them...and when my order was called she didn't say a word..just walked away. Lol What's the deal? Beats me...

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