27316 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 397-1800

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W T.

The Vietnamese was very good but their prices are overpriced and their food is overpriced and it's not as fresh as they say I've worked for companies where I seen what they do with the food so I can't be lied to have a good day

shayen demirel

Got popcorn chicken for my son, like I always do at the Castro Valley location, except they're super SPICY for some reason. Kind of a waste of a money and I wish they'd correct this at this location.

Tui Vaeao Saga

This place is good but for some odd reason my whole order of French fries were super soggy. I placed my order online and marked for my fries to be extra crunchy. By the time I realized my fries were super soggy, it was too late for me to go back b/c I was at work. This is unacceptable and not answering the phones makes it even more frustrating. Something needs to be done to avoid future issues like this.

Justin Fernandez

High quality low cost boba and tea drinks. They are also very fast compared to other boba places I've been to. The Nutella flavor is amazing and their watermelon tastes very fresh.

Suzie O.

Lost stars Bc they have gotten the orders wrong twice. Still tasted okay... & you still need to wait super long even if there is only a couple people ahead of you. They gave me a drink holder.. & said be careful with the holder... Ya Bc it's super weak and can't even support 2 drinks. So why even use these drink holders I rather just have them in a bag. Then I asked if their new rice water drink is sweet.. she says "it should be" Ehhhh not worth the hassle anymore.

Ivy Manuel

This place is great!! Since they're newly open location..everything is clean and organized. I like the menu and have tried several different boba drinks and food as well. Freshly made and they even have $1 drink as well. The only thing is the other door has a step and some people don't notice it so they trip a lot. So if you are coming into the store, make sure you watch your step in coming in using the side door and not the main door.

Brenda Y.

Came in on a Wednesday afternoon and was greeted by the sweetest bobarista! She was very kind and patient as she waited for us to look at the menu. I ordered my typical taro milk tea with small pearls. It was good as always... I don't know why people don't like quickly's they have the best taro milk tea in my opinion!!! As for location, it's not the prettiest, safest spot, but I think the interior is great because it has a lot of seating, and even a huge table for large groups. I also like that there's plenty of parking!

Sarah B.

Of course i yelped this place and it was still open! when i got there was not that many people but after a few minutes ordering lots of people came in and it got busy! i ordered their classic milk tea with grass, lychee, and coffee jelly and boba. And strawberry green tea (no fruit bits tho). We also got popcorn chicken, french fries, spam musbi, and matcha mochi waffle. Their popcorn chicken and french fries were perfectly fried. Knocking one star off for not having any fruit bits. Overall this place is really good will be back!

Lou D.G.

1 order of a drink and popcorn chicken took 20 minutes...WE WON'T BE BACK..UUGH!!! Also no one practices social distancing!°°

Alex L.

Giving 2 stars only cuz the wait time is RIDICULOUS. Hey management, HIRE more ppl and keep your store fully staffed. No issues with the staff tho, they where nice&friendly, sucks that they are being rushed and stressed.

Gina M.

Previously, 1 visit last weekend, Food is great but I was there at noon today, when they opened, and was told no boba pearls would be ready for some time. They offered the small pearls then realized they had none of those left. So I went for boba tea, the specialty Quickly started with, and left very disappointed. I have cooked boba pearls before, they take less than 30 mins. Why didn't they start them at noon? I hope the manager sees this. Not cool.

Jen Bawazir

Milk teas and mochi waffles are fanfreakingtastic. Unfortunately, the service can be quite slow. It seems they’re short staffed. The staff are friendly and helpful though! Hope to see them more appropriately staffed in the future.Also heads up-it’s loud in here. The TVs are always blasting and it’s not exactly family friendly viewing. I wouldn’t bring my kiddos again.

Leilani Gatan Segarra

This place is far from quick. I don’t know if they’re short staffed or something but it took them 30+ mins to make me my one drink. My drink ended up tasting really watered down as well. It wasn’t even worth it.


Nice addition to the area! Fun and relaxing place to get boba. Helpful and friendly service. A little packed around after school hours.

Patricia D

Sign outside says $0.99 but when I got inside...that was the catch! To get me inside because the $0.99 item is of course something no one really wants anyway. Left spending almost $15! It's the feeling of being fooled for me that I don't much appreciate.

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