Bamboo Chinese Restaurant

24458 Mission Blvd, Hayward
(510) 398-8869

Recent Reviews

Mario Coello

wonton soup 11/12 the wonton have to be going bad I got, that feeling in your mouth ! This is not okay to eat. Taste old and bad rotten . Maybe frozen Bach need a better label. Date and time. And please don't serve it no more. Untill new Bach. Love your wonton soup. But this time you let me down.

Natasha Trussell

Very good for the price! Great for munchies

Chrissy T.

This place definitely hits the spot when you are lazy and don't want to cook. Love their tofu dishes and Singaporean noodles. They give a lot of food for a very decent price. My only complaint would be I wish the spicy dishes were actually spicy.

C Castle

Good crispy noodles with shrimp and Veggies. Convenient location. Fast service. Ordered on grubhub for pick up. Food ready faster than originally scheduled ready time.

Josefina1 M.

Ordered wor won ton soup, spicy green beans and chicken wings and delivery timely. Food just o.k.

Diana T.

Order chow mein and honey walnut shrimp it didn't taste good I had to throw it away. Shrimp was good size. Girl who took my order over the phone had an attitude.

Michael B.

Honey Walnut Shrimp were just some shrimp deep fried in butter and tasted like nothing but grease and butter. The fried rice was oddly brown and lacked flavor, it was missing carrots, onions and all vegetables shown in pictures and that you would expect with fried rice. The spring rolls were from a package and just reheated. Probably the most edible of all the food. What a waste of $30.

Douglas Richardson

I adore this restaurant a lot. theres a very special atmosphere. The food is great. the service is powerful and the waiters are friendly. The pay is fair. very much recommend.

Nicholas Jackson

Would definitely recommend trying this spot. Great mood, delicious dishes, fantastic customer service. Great work.

alice a.

Don't get the salt and pepper ribs. Skinny, small pieces of pork, dry, with two round hard bones in each piece. Never had it like this before. Chow fun was fine, as was broccoli beef dish.

Marie M.

Tried to created an account so I could order on line but it wouldn't work so tried using my husband's info and still wouldn't work. I ended up calling in my order. Ordered Mu Shu Pork [I've had better] & BBQ Pork Fried Rice [No flavor]. Won't be ordering from here again.

Garry A.

Consistenly good food, reasonable prices, prompt and courteous service and good menu assortment. What more could you want from your local Chinese Restaurant.

bubbly tree

Very tasty food, good entree sizes for it's money, and pleasant people working the establishment

Ritu J.

The good side is large quantity of food. However the food was uncooked, it feels like eating raw meat. First time coming and last time coming. And the price per menu is fairly pricy as far as quality of food.

Zachary N.

Great restaurant, good food, fast delivery. Ordered chicken chow fun, happiness family, and the house special fried rice. When we got the food, we noticed the boxes were all very heavy, since they filled the take out boxes as high as they could go. Needless to say, the leftover food fed me the next day as well. The main courses we ordered were all a bit on the plain side, but that is kind of a good thing; most Chinese restaurants I go to make the food too salty. Here, since it is a bit plain, I can add salt/soy sauce to match how salty I want my food. After adding soy sauce to what I scooped out, everything was really good and hot. They said delivery would've taken 35-40 minutes, but only took 25 minutes, and they even threw in some free crab rangoons, which tasted great! However, even though the food being plain may be a good thing, I took off a star because I thought the fried rice was a bit too plain. Nothing a little soy sauce can't fix though. All of this food for $30 was definitely worth it. I will definitely be getting delivery again from this place!

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