Seafood City Supermarket Hayward

24536 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward
(510) 300-8070

Recent Reviews

Darr T.

This place has improved immensely I went there to get some of their chicken and people are very nice and very helpful I would stop there again and recommend it to anybody in the area thank you have a good day

Josh B.

Great customer service and always clean. They help you right away when you have a question.

Donald Worcester

Very nice variety of produce. Good prices too!


This is for the deli area or wherever they buy the breakfast /hot food My mom always buys breakfast here when she's off god bless her soul lol but every time I swear the rice is old and she always orders the garlic rice with either the breakfast Longanisa and egg and the rice just doesn't have enough garlic and it's just never fresh! I think they keep the left overs and try to sell it again the next day which in the fast food business or even restaurant business you shouldn't do for health reasons it's just bad . We wanted to like it since our mom gets it all the time but I've told my mom it doesn't taste good she just keeps buying it (Filipino moms) lmao but yeah it's not fresh it's hard to eat I try to eat as much as I can just to not hurt her feeling since she keeps buying it lol

RR Bautista

Brand new, very roomy & spacious for an Asian Supermarket (unlike the new Island Pacific in Hayward, close to now closed Kennedy Park ?, which seemed crowded maybe because of the narrow shopping aisles...) Ample available parking for a good number of customers & location very convenient... ? ??

Janice Castellanos

Very clean and well set up. I've been into many Asian fish markets which all were dirty and smelled of fish where everyone who knows anything about fish is if it's fresh it shouldn't smell fishy and this place didn't smell like fish at all. The presentation of their fresh fish was excellent.

toto Lukito

Decent service other than cashier cant find barcode, we have leave my fav sneak. Place is clean

Paula Moreira

This was my first visit to Seafood City. They have a great assortment of fresh fish & chicken. I also bought some great steaks. The peices are low and the store is very clean.

Jessica Lawrence

Finally!!! Don't have to go all the way to Union City. Hayward is the midpoint for us since we live in Oakland. When we need a Filipino fix, no more looking around. Seafood City has everything we could want, ask or need. Well done, Hayward, well done!! ????

Joey Katigbak

Found a lot of good things from the motherland here. Thanks for giving us a greater choice in stores that also sell cooked pinoy food. Makes us pinoys feel more at home...?

Alejandra A.

Not the biggest fan of the food/restaurants here, enjoy the bakeries, and love the grocery store! They carry a huge selection of noodles, which I love. They carry the famous Samyang spicy ramen that everyone is always looking for, but they also have a ton of unique brands to select from. The produce section is has a lot to choose from, and I love their ice cream selection! They have such unique flavors like ube and red bean.


I get Soursop in every form (tea, frozen, and in a beverage), fried chicken skins (to die for), those tiny, sweet bananas, fresh fish, and all the Filipino cuisine that makes you happy here! Yum! And it is hands-down, one of the cleanest, most professionally-staffed, Asian markets in the entire Bay Area.

Chona M.

The lines are so long, especially, weekends. OPEN up the lines! The palabok and ginataang monggo doesn't taste good! Don't buy this. The palabok is nasty!

Lily P.

I was at the Hayward location yesterday, Wednesday, 4/22/20 and experienced a few issues: 1. Wednesday is the first day the county is mandating the use of masks while in an essential business. During the 5 minutes we were standing in line, 3 people around us did not have proper masks; 1 person pulled up her t-shirt to cover her nose and mouth as she walked by everyone, 2nd person had a hair mask on their face (yes, you can see their mouth and nose through the net), 3rd person wasn't even wearing a mask. Why isn't the store regulating the customers like Target and not allow people who are not properly equipped to enter the store? There are markers 6 feet apart for customers to stand on while waiting their turn in line. Glad to see this. BUT, the lady who was directing customers on which line to get into, was NOT practicing social distancing and was directing an older gentleman to stand behind us rather than stay on the red tape 6 feet away. The guy was freaking out and telling her it was not 6 feet away and that she was putting him at risk. Then the registers that are open are back to back (register 1 and 2), so the aisle where customers stand back to back while facing the registers does not allow customers enough space to stay 6 feet apart from each other (we may have 2.5 to 3 feet at most). The same older guy was complaining about the lack of space between him and the customer at next register. Neither of the 3 employees (2 cashiers and 1 lady listened to him). Then I told the cashier at register 2 (our cashier) that they should open up every other register (1 and 3) rather than 1 and 2 so that customers will have space in between the aisle while they check out. The cashier literally said "people are sick, that is why." What is that supposed to mean? Are you saying customers are sick or employees are sick? Why is an employee even telling customers people are sick? How does he know who is sick? Is he trying to scare people so they won't shop there? Also, stores like Walmart are adopting the "one-way" rule per aisle to help keep customers and employees safer. I gave this store 2 stars because it is well organized. I'd be happy to update my review once I see this store doing more for its employees and customers during this time.

Alexandra Quinones

According to google, they are open at 7 am. They need to change it because they actually open at 8 am. So I stayed here at the parking lot with their sign that says "open" but they are actually closed.

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Seafood City Supermarket Hayward

24536 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545
(510) 300-8070