25945 Industrial Blvd, Hayward
(510) 264-0175

Recent Reviews

Jeremy Durant

Good service and usually pretty quick.


Always go here. Typically friendly service. Long line for car drive thru, but worth the wait as the staff are always friendly at the window

Harriet Haisty

Love this Starbucks! It’s very convenient.

Mizz Nati Deangelo

Love my nitro and great service

Vanessa M.

The slowest Starbucks I have ever seen. The Drive-thru is always packed, not because they are overwhelmed with customers, but because from the time you hit the line until they hand you your drink averages 15-30 minutes.  Sometimes they are apologetic, but most of the time they just hope you didn't notice.  If you bring it to their attention they don't know what to say and just try to shrug you off or make an excuse.   Every time I go there hoping it will be different.  I may have to just give up.   I even messaged customer service after a particularly long 40 min wait... haven't heard from them after about a week and a half.   I had picked up food and stopped to get coffee to go with it.  It was cold by the time I got out of there.

Cali Mike Lew

Good and better depending on time of day..

David R.

This is the only starbucks I ever went to that requires you to stand in line with other ordering customers for mobile orders. Isn't the idea of mobile order to eliminate the time you have to spend in the store standing next to other people? Have a line for your mobile order customers and they will be in and out.

Shavon Jimenez

Waited in line for 25 minutes. No whipped cream. They didnt have the proper lids for the drinks I ordered

Ella Evans

Service is usually kind at all Starbucks, this one is no different. I've been here maybe 15 times and still have never step foot inside once. Yup, I'm the drive thru queenI came here yesterday and today which prompted me to write this review.I've been sitting in the drive thru already for 7 minutes and just placed my order. Yesterday it took close to 20 minutes to get my order as well.Not sure what is going on, maybe they cut down on the amount of employees recently ? The drive thru here is really fast when I come on the weekends. And usually weekdays 9-10am mornings I never have a wait like now either.Have your money or Starbucks app ready to speed up the process folks !

Luis Estupinian

The person who gave me the drink didn't thank me neither anwered my thanks! Rude!

Ammar Sabzwari

Just a regular drive thru experience, had the holiday special Carmel latte.

Maddi Oliva Open your Up.

Horrible customer service! 7 people working and no one acknowledged people walking in. When the bariata was told that the mobile order she was making was there she totally ignored and kept on going with her sorry self.

Mohammed H.

Brandi (with an -i) ! She takes her job to the next level and I didn't think that was possible! An enthusiastic employee you can tell loves what she does. We need more people like her in the world. Thank you for your service Brandi! Hopefully I run into you again in the future! She deserves a raise!

Malu Lani

I don't know what's with this location but they always seem to screw an order up. Don't forget there's another location right off of Whipple that definitely is faster and more accurate.

Jessica Arias

I love this place✨ Line it’s just always a bit long

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