Straw Hat Pizza

1653 Industrial Pkwy W, Hayward
(510) 265-0111

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Ann M.

Why am I receiving your coupons in the mail for delivery (Fremont) and when I try to order, "sorry we don't deliver to your address."

Joshua A.

Manager lady in the front made my day. Order was wrong for daughters birthday. Without even thinking or hesitation she said we will make another for you and keep this on the house. Wow. Definitely make this place out pizza spot moving forward. Shot out to the guys in the back who shot this pizza out in minutes!!! All are appreciated! Thanks.

Karalee P.

Im not one to complain, and usually I have high reviews for this place but... The app said it would take an hour to receive our order, ok that's fine. After that hour goes by we get a call saying they have no bread for the Italian sandwich we ordered. So they ask if we would prefer twists in place of it. I responded with knowing If the rest of our food is already ready, (no one wants cold food). She replied with the pizza is getting put in the oven as we speak. So I reply with ok cool, can we get mozzarella sticks to sub for the Italian sandwich. The girl on the phone was very accommodating. ANOTHER hour later and we get our order but everything is cold. We are now cooking our dinner that we paid for to be cooked. Extremely disappointed. Also I ordered blue cheese for the dip, we got ranch. And extra marinara, we only got one.

Marcus Pun

2nd time. They have a small but decent salad bar, all you can eat. Nice helpful staff. Had that, a small pizza and a LOT of TV screens so we watched the Sharks lose to the Canucks. Spacious. They have a separate party room where a bunch were watching the Packers game.

Shellyboo Smith

I love this place, it's awesom! I enjoy watching the games and the fights there, the pizzas are also super delicious! Please visitFood: 5/5

Alison M.

We ordered two pizzas last night. One, a pepperoni pizza, was for our 8 year old. They got her pizza wrong and gave us a pizza with olives on it. We love olives, but our 8 year old doesn’t. Anyway, for the price, they really should be checking that orders are correct.

Liz Gonzalez

I love their service and the pizza is delicious ?I love the coupon and discounts. The personnel are friendly ?❤️

Beverly Archuleta

Yes very good pizza went to Birthday party private room very nice

Cindy O.

Ordered via UberEats. One item not available yet not removed from menu selections. Waited until UberEat driver arrived before informing of a substitution or cancel order. Horrible customer service. Food was meh Will never order again. Stick to Round Table or Mountain Mike's.

Edward S.

I really liked this place and would come here for Fantasy Football drafts and some UFC fights, but I'm really disappointed with the "All You Can Eat" lunch. I've come the past 2 Fridays and gotten maybe 2 slices of pizza! Unacceptable! We come here to eat for lunch and getting 2 slices in 45 minutes is no good!

Brian R

First time i ordered pasta, it was excellent!! Extra cheese on top that i didn't pay for! I'm trying that again just to see. Tortellini Alfredo minus the chicken(thanks for asking!) They do need a better printer for the receipts, but the food: awesome. Garlic bread terrific! Should give 5 stars but i cant read the receipt haha.

Robert Murray

Pizza was 40 minutes late, ordered Diet Coke got Diet Pepsi. Got one can but I ordered 2 litre? Called three times and they just leave me on hold. Absolutely terrible place!Just ripped me off $49 plus bucks.

Joey N.

My girlfriend ordered a pizza and garlic twists for delivery the other day and it was not all that great. The delivery was so late she had to call to see what the new ETA was. When it got here, I opened the pizza box and there was barely any sauce and barely any cheese on it. The garlic twists were ok. ALSO, later that night and ALL DAY at work the next day I was.... Involuntarily emptying everything out of my body. Never. Again.

charles t.

They posted a message here trying to say they fixed things. When I texted the manager with the photos they were not helpful and ignored me. Forget this place.

Eric Garth

Good food, great atmosphere, love watching sporting events here, and they have good customer service.

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