520 W Tennyson Rd, Hayward
(510) 782-7852

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Arlene Rebultan

We had a fantastic experience in this spot. We loved the awesome vibes and the food. The staff members are super welcoming. I am happy we ultimately decided to visit here.

AL Bundy

This was the first time I was pleased dude may a great sandwich an my girl was happy an that made me happy Still pricey

Amresh R.

They can't get the online orders right to save their lives...either cheese is missing or not right sauces or not toasted...then orders not ready on time. I was there while a preparer was reading off the paper on what to put on the sandwich and was completely missing out on items ...excuse its not on the paper THEN OHH IT IS ....please hire some knowledgeable employees who can read and follow online orders...very disappointing ...

Mona S.

My boy friend and I was hungry and stop here to get some to eat. WOW, Am telling you the customer services was awesome by NICK. Very professional and experienced. For new employees like NICK ,he got it all. I will let all my friends and family's about this place due to NICK been professional .The store was very clean and organized. THANKS NICK.

Giovanni Sanchez

Always good sandwichs.


The times i have visit this place the staff have been so nice and helpful! I love how this subway always has broccoli soup.


Very yummy and healthy feeling.Clean place and good service

Teresa Anderson

Oven baked chicken

LPthang S.

I always come here when I want Subway. The young girl that works here is good at doing her job and never gave me a problem. So today, I go in 2 people ahead of me ordering... I can tell this guy was new, taking a long time to do their orders. I told myself have patience. Finally order, I got a toasted sandwich. I knew it had came out to quick, but It looked ok. We finish,I give my coupon and add drink w/ chips. Gave my total, I pay. Then, he says oh it didn't charge you for the drink. I was like ok, well... He says, ill keep your change for the drink. I was like what do you mean, thats what you typed and thats the total and my change. But, it doesn't say drink. So, the change is for the drink. Now, I wasn't gonna let him just make sense of that but, I had someone waiting for me and was like whatever and left. Get home begin to eat my sandwich, to bite into cold chicken! Now, you can get sick from shit like this! Smh I cannot. Oh and I should have left when I seen him bring a bag of olives out cut it open put it on a sandwich and leave the olives in the sink! Yeah no. Im good. And keeping change because you messed up. I will be contacting the manager too. Not cool.

D C.

I got a spicy Italian sub and it was okay, a little too oily because of the pepperoni. I opened up my sandwich and found a DEAD FLY in my lettuce. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SANDWICH FOR DEAD BUGS. I'm sure it was a small mistake and they maybe never saw it. The subway corporation needs to provide proper ecolab fly killing/catching machines for proper food and health codes (so the employees have no control over this, please don't yell at them).

Vivian Copes

Very Nice!


Very yummy and healthy feeling. Clean place and good service


Very yummy and healthy feeling.

David H

One of the best place for sandwiches.

Mark Spansel


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