1570 Sycamore Ave, Hercules
(510) 245-0912

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sylvia murillo

You can now order inside. No dine in, curbside pickup and drive thru available.

Tim Casey

Really good mocha frappe. Always a quick run through the drive thru.

Kay Murray

Staffs were nice and their service was quick.

Ronnie Ewing

Lousy food and horrible service. The crispy chicken sandwich is well let’s say a complete disappointment. It was not only have cooked but poorly prepared as well! It is the worst McDonald’s in the Bay Area. The owner should hire some real qualified individuals or just plain capable individuals! Don’t go there unless you want to deal with poor quality of not only in food but how it is prepared!

Cat Sam

Fries were so so and cheeseburger was barely warm. Bun was flat and stale feeling. It was lunch time so their was no excuse for it not being fresh. I guess it's actually a good thing because I generally don't eat fast food and the poor quality will prevent me from eating it in the future.

Yelp-a-holi C.

Almost every time I go to the drive thru I am given the wrong order. This time was bad.... I repeated the items in my order to the drive-thru operator as he handed me the bag. He agreed that all items were in the bag. Just to get home to find that the majority of my order was missing.

I drove all the way back and spoke to the manager. She apologized and offered me to replace my order with all fresh items.

She gave my order back and apologized again and said she threw in some apple pies for my inconvenience.

When I got home this was my findings..... not only are the free apple pies not fresh, they were EXPIRED! Even expired from when I went to the drive thru the first time....

Am I surprised? Not really....

Noemi M.

This is the only McDonald's I try to order from, I will drive here for a Big Mac, you ask why? Why would someone just go to one McDonald's I will explain, I LOVE BIG MAC, I don't mean I like them no I really mean I LOVE THEM!!! I grew up eating them, I think it's that magic orange peach looking sauce but also the bread in the middle just makes it the unique or the fresh cut up lettuce that is nestled on top of a large beef patty oh let's not forget the pickle which are place on a large slice of American cheese which covers one of the patty like a blanket of creamy cheesy Love, once this  burger is put together it produces a combination of explosive flavor unique to the Big Mac, I wish I could go around the Eastbay introducing this little beauty to all who have never had it like I have it!!! Me and my Big Mac forever!!! So back to why I come to this site, I have had Big Mac in other sites but I was provided with a sloppy mess, one place forgot the cheese and lettuce another place it was cold but this McDonald's before COVID-19 was alway clean and always provided a beautifully put together Big Mac it's always hot the lettuce is in abundance including crispy the pickles are the correct amount plus the bread is always soft and plump with its seeds on top of the bun intact, a perfection piece of art work that goes into my mouth bringing an explosion of memories plus flavors So if you happen to drive by Hercules on Rt80 it's right off the exit, stop by get a Big Mac fall back in Love with an oldie. Plenty of parking plus they are following all Covid-19 guidelines I went through the drive through there was a long line but it went quickly because they know how to work here fast and efficient, so thank you to the McDonald's in Hercules and continue to serve it up!!!! 5stars!!!!!!

Donnae K.

Went through the drive-through to get food they told me to pull ahead and park my car and they'll bring the food out I waited almost 10 minutes and decided to walk inside and ask what's taking so long they literally told me they forgot about my order when I was sitting right there ready they just forgot to bring it out to me when they are the ones who told me to drive Ford and park my car this is super ridiculous and I need to be compensated someway

Ana Zazueta

Good but girl at register did not cover her nose with the face mask staff manager need to have a meeting regarding stopping the spread of this virus and prevention.

Ronald C.

Fast and efficient drive through service. Everything received as ordered. Very tasty.

Ricky C.

Ordered 3 ice creamsFor my kids and waited in a long drive through line only to get all 3 half full. Thanks for the lazy ice cream filling. If I wasn't in a hurry I would've taken them back in but gotta go.

Carol Burt

First time at this McDonald's. People that work there are nice and polite. It was a quick line. All around nice place and easy to get to just off the freeway and down sycamore a little bit, there's also a nice park across the street. Enjoy


Ordered Hotcakes and Sausage and Sausage McGriddle with egg. What I got was cold Hotcakes and no Sausage and no syrup! I did get the McGriddle but with no egg! Check your order before you leave. Overpriced for sure!

Dylan S.

i'm never one to write bad about a fast food restaurant. but wow this spot had HORRIBLE customer service when i came in to place an order. almost all the workers would stare at me near the cash register and then all would look away with a few who's just standing there doing nothing. then one walks up to me with the worst service ever (asian male w/pony tail hair) talking to me as if i was clueless? then gets my order wrong by 3/5 being correct. the manager needs to fix their horrible customer service and team flow because a lot wasn't working well as i observed waiting to order.

Daniel W.

Very disappointed that only 2/5 of my items were correct. Ordered a quarter pounder deluxe with cheese and was given a regular quarter pounder with cheese. Soda was supposed to be a Sprite Tropical Berry, and I got Sprite. 1 of the strawberry cream pies I got was an apple pie. The fries were correct but holy cow they were way saltier than they usually are. Drive thru took a long time as well. Averaged about 4 minutes per vehicle, at 11pm. If I may suggest, stick with McDonalds on Tara Hills in Pinole. I have never had an issue there.

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