Cold Stone Creamery

14370 Culver Dr Ste 1, Irvine
(949) 857-0430

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J K.

If you want good customer service, do NOT come here. I placed an online cake order and asked that the name of the birthday person be written on the cake. They did not write it because they did not see it under the special instructions. It took 3 of the workers to discuss my request, and they had to squeeze the name on the cake where there wasn't much space. The worst part is, all 3 workers had attitude about my request! If you didn't do your job right, then you need to apologize to the customer!! DON'T give the customer attitude!!!

Megan N.

We came in after eating at the restaurant next door on a Friday night. There was a line inside so we waited outside for a few minutes. Once we were inside we waited for about 30 minutes till we got helped which was way to long for the amount of people in line and people working. The workers were observably delayed and slow paced. There were 3 workers. One was working the online orders and 2 were working the line. The guy that help us got both my orders wrong. My boyfriend ask for Cake Batter Batter Batter with a waffle. This was a signature creation. The guy then proceeded to ask if he wanted any toppings, we assumed like extra toppings added to the signature creations. My bf asked for white chocolate chips. When he was done the end result was Batter ice cream with just one topping, like he didn't put any of the toppings from the Cake Batter Batter Batter signature creation and no waffle. I was about to ask the guy to fix it but My boyfriend knows what it's like to work on a busy Friday and he's like I don't want them to work more than they need to on a Friday night so he just mentioned to him, you forgot the waffle but don't worry about it. The guy said oh let me fix that...but he didn't. He proceed to take my order. I asked for the Founder's favorite without pecans in a size Like it. He did something for a second and he asked me again, what was your order again? Like dude I just told you a minute ago. He finally starts to make my order but The container was out of brownies and let me tell you the pace this man was moving to get a new package of brownies and open the container and grab a brownies to put in the bowl was so slow! He was getting my order right till he finished it and gave it to me. It was huge (I don't eat too much ice cream so for me it was that's why I order the like it). I looked at the sizes and he gave me a Love it. But I didn't even want to bother. When it came to paying, he asked again, what did you guys order again? Like really dude, you just made it! I repeated my order for a 3rd time And then my boyfriend repeated his order to make sure we did not get charged for the signature creation and waffle that he asked for and didn't get. He made one last attempt to fix my boyfriends order by offering the waffle in the cup. At that point it's too late he didn't care anymore and he ate some while he was making my order. We just wanted to pay and get out. We were there for about 45 mins. What a disappointing experience, we were so excited for dessert! Honestly, the slow paced, delayed reaction time, and even memory of what we are ordering is very concerning as a customer. Management needs to get their sh*t together and train their workers to take orders efficiently, work at a steady pace and have someone restocking during a busy night so they aren't delaying the process even more.

Albert B.

Ugh. Hate that they use the Costco small dry brownie bites instead of their original fudge brownies that other stores still use. It's dry and had so taste and it's smaller so the ratio is off.

Jason Y.

The place is starting to show some age and it's not as updated as it could be, but in terms of service and product it's a great little spot. The pricing is also not the best aspect of the store, especially because it's cheaper to purchase a pint at the local Ralphs. However, the experience of having your ice cream mixed "fresh" and made with your custom choices is certainly appealing. I usually opt for the Founder's Favorite, which includes pecans, chocolate, caramel, and brownie. I was really impressed with the customer service because the associate was very courteous and also checked if we needed lids to take the ice cream to go. Great flavor, good service, and a somewhat hard to access location (plaza parking may be somewhat challenging) makes this spot a great place to satisfy your immediate ice cream cravings.

Arwa K.

The ice cream was yummy but the place wasn't clean and the waiting time to reserve this 20 minutes

Junsoo Lee

I think you will not want to revisit this store never again. You wont even feel satisfy to buy $10 an ice cream. Every time I went this store, employees are new and seems like they are not even trained yet. Perhaps, either the store manager has problem or employee training program is very very no good!Their services are always low keys and seems do not want to work (sorry).Except for ice cream, whenever I order different size of cup, additional topping are the same amount even though I ordered either small or large. Which size is worthy to pay?I am afraid to write that there is no store manager who actually care and train their employees. I hope someone need to take care this store to provide better quality of services.

Rachel T.

4 stars for the amazing ice cream but 1 star for the explicit and loud rap music! This location is teenie tiny inside, so no doubt about it you will be waiting awhile before it is your turn which makes the LOUD, inappropriate rap music feel even worse! This is an ice cream shop, lots of families and young kids come here, this is not the place for that. I give props to the youngins that are working the counter, they all were busting their butts, not one person was standing around watching the others work like a dog. The girls had a great attitude and were on point with the orders. I have not stepped foot inside a Coldstone in AGES! My sister had cheated on me and went a few months ago making me jealous! Last week we were in the center getting dinner and she said lets scope it out. The ice cream is so fresh and soft! We ordered their featured Oreo specials and they were amazing!! I will definitely be back sooner than later and I hope the music isn't so explicit !

Pisei S.

This place was great. The young workers were very attentive and super friendly. Ice cream was very yummy for the young ones.

Danny S.

Incredibly rude staff. This girl didn't even make my ice cream correctly and then just glared at me until I took the incorrect order. Decided it was a battle that wasn't worth fighting. Whoever she is, she should be terminated immediately. Absolutely deplorable.

Valeria Navarro

My total was $21 and they charged me $43!! I’ve been waiting since Tuesday for a call from the manager

Frank P.

This place is just average. It's not nearly as nice as the old Tustin location that closed years ago. It just seemed old and run down. I feel the prices are high for what you get. I had the large chocolate shake with whipped cream. I thought it was weird the whipped cream came out of a piping tube. It was also very thick like a fondant. Some may like this but not me. I probably won't return.

Sarah O.

Got the ice cream cake here. Ordered through the phone. Flavor I got was cookie dough delirium. So delicious. This place has the most flavors and sizes, so I'll definitely be returning.

Anthony K.

Great service from Dylan and Caroline tonight. We stopped in for an after dinner dessert. They were helpful, friendly, and helped cap off a fun night. Great examples of youth in the community!

Gianni L.

The best customer service at any Coldstone i've been to before in the States. I dislike and have always disliked Coldstone. My coworker recommended this place, as he always comes here with his kids, and I decided to give it a chance. BEST. SERVICE. EVER. The ice cream was ok, as it always had been not to my taste (though I've never cared for ice cream much) but the worker there (I believe her name was Katie, a teenager with black hair in braids, of Asian descent) was absolutely mindblowing. Not only did she mix my ice cream to perfection, but she went above and beyond by teaching me how to pronounce "cacio e pepe" properly, AND sang "Firework" by Katy Perry from start to finish.

Lynn P.

Ice cream: 5/5 Service: 5/5 My Boyfriend and I came here on his birthday because we heard they give free ice cream on birthdays. They said we needed to sign up for a newsletter but because it was the same day we were afraid they wouldn't give us the coupon in time. They employees graciously let us have the birthday ice cream for free without needing to have the newsletter. They were very sweet and accommodating! Will definitely be coming back. We tried the birthday batter flavor and it was so creamy!

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