First Sandwich

2540 Main St, Irvine
(949) 863-0245

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Jason N.

I've eaten at this restaurant more times than I can count but still never got tired of it. I've tried a majority of their Taiwanese dishes and think they are all pretty solid but what really stands out to me are their sandwiches. The pastrami bacon is one that I've gotten super often and the turkey avocado bacon sandwich tastes amazing on toasted rye! I haven't been in this area for a while now but still think about the good ol' days when I could get this for lunch haha

Jasmine Way

In a food plaza with plenty of seats, offers not only sandwiches, but also chicken walnut avocado salad, beef noodle soup, curry chicken rice, cool noodle and fried rice dishes.

Tim C.

Legit beef noodle soup sold here in a food court. I thought they only served sandwiches because of their name. They have super authentic Taiwanese dishes. The dishes have a good amount of fresh veggies and hunks of protein. So many intricate flavors offered here. Come and support your small business, owned and ran by sweet Taiwanese couple

Mike D

Sandwiches a really good. This is a great place to get a quick bite for lunch. They also have some tie options which are actually really good. Also don't sleep on the coffee boba as it's delicious. I might go to here is the turkey club and the tai noodles

Dana Ton

Went there based on online reviews. The food wasn't very good (bland), and looked to be missing toppings shown on yelp review photos. I would not order food from there again.

Jake M.

Best turkey sandwich of all time. I have never had a better turkey sandwich in my life, it is perfection. Plus the woman and her husband that work there are the nicest people ever.

C M.

The best sandwiches ever!! Super fresh and the quality is amazing . The owner Gary and his wife are super nice and friendly. We have been coming here for 14 years !! Will highly recommend

Willis H.

This place is a true gem!! I've been coming back for three weeks in a row for the pork chop rice! IMO, easily best Taiwanese pork chop rice in OC! Great mom and pop place - please give them a chance!

Judi S.

Is this place an undercover Taiwanese street vendor masquerading as a first rate sandwich shop in a food court? Or is First Sandwich a hidden gem of a made to order sandwich shop stepping into the shoes of Togo's that once filled my heart and my tummy with deliciousness within a super secret Taiwanese restaurant only the locals in-the-know know about? Either way, they are friendly, fast and maybe even my new fave lunch spot. Either way, you gotta try it. My fave so far: #3 turkey, bacon, avocado, you call it on the veggies, spread and good fresh bread. Oh yeah!

Yurie H.

Bomb sandwich with huge portion and great quality~ A little hard to find since it's in a small mall joined with 3-4 other eateries. Atmosphere is a small mom and pop shop, with huge selection of sandwiches and Taiwanese dishes. BF got the philly cheese steak and I got the pastrami ($10 each with tax). The pastrami was stuffed between two rye breads with veggies, super fresh and not overly salty. Portion is huge so definately enough for two people's worth. I tried a bit of the Philly Cheese Steak and steak was well cooked and seasoned between soft French bread. Owners here are super sweet, highly recommended visiting here for a quick and affordable meal.

Tom S.

I ordered the pork chop rice, super yummy. I was surprised by all the sides that it came with and the amount of food there was. Suffice it to say that they had to tape down the lid so the to go box stayed closed. Not enough Taiwanese restaurants in the area, shout out to the mom and pop that run the place 100 emoji

Marjorie Madrid

Had a tuna sandwich at this place. Ate half of the sandwich and noticed black hair clippings all over the second half. Who knows how much hair I already ate. It looked like someone got a haircut and didn't clean up after themselves. I wish I could have taken a picture, I was too grossed out. Disappointed because the sandwich was tasty.


Delicious sandwiches and salads. The only thing better than these sandwiches are the people that run this place. Very hospitable owners. Keep up the great efforts!

Peter Lambert

Man I tried the beef noodle soup and it was freaking good!! Service was sooo good too!! Thx ?

James C.

I've only had the pork chop rice, pork stew rice, and beef noodle soup. All were delicious and flavors reminded me of the SGV. I've introduced this to my co- workers and now we come one or twice a week. Getting hungry just writing about it.

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