Grill City

2180 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine
(949) 208-3494

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Racquella Matgerm

They have so much selection. But the seafood platter its uncooked still have blood in the fish. My friend complain, but they said, because they are in a hurry. Its not a good reason. The service too slow they have to improve them, will be no customers are coming.

Quaker Oats

Excellent service today and breakfast menu was great.

Tana Malo

Terrible cust svc. Workers are slow and rude. Not helpful. If you're hungry don't go here. You will be starving by the time they get to you. The cashier is slow. The servees are suplee slow.

JK Hernandez

This restaurant just sucks. Everything is watered down; no flavor. Service is slow and there's zero reason it's that way as it was not busy. This place is only thriving because there are barely any Filipino restaurants in Irvine or south OC for that matter. Only reason I come back is because I occasionally crave Filipino food and most of the time I don't feel like driving 20 mins to a better Filipino restaurant. Whatever they serve is a shameful representation of Filipino cuisine.

Adam V

I love Oishi snacks, and this store has the best selection of them. Fortunately it's just a couple blocks up the street from my employer, so I can easily stop by after work.


Best filipino food in town! Lots of choices and every craving you want is found here

Jerry market

The food quality is not there. Most of the grilled items are burnt. I bought the tilapia and pampano and I tasted the grill - it’s bitter tasting. It’s $10 for the fish items and it’s over cooked and it doesn’t taste great.Some of their food items they don’t have a sign that tells you what meat is in the food.I expected to be eating beef, but it was pork.I expected to be eating beef, but it was goat meat.And these are dishes that had beef every time.I don’t know how they can get away selling burnt food to the public, and the quality isn’t there.

Millan Ticzon

Bought foods here 2 or 3X on different occasions, taste is not good, waste of money, replace the cook.

Albert Kim

Expensive and food quality was not so impressive

Aidan Williamson

I tried this place already with my friend and I am addicted since then. I love the excellent mood and fresh dishes and beverages. Fantastic work.

Michael Anthony

Check your grilled food they will give you the burned overcooked Barbque and fish I ordered a grilled fish it's was charred burnt didn't find out until I got home this is the third time it's shameful.


Had many meals here with varied experiences. Filipino breakfast was very good. During snorher vidit, I ordered crispy pata and it wasn't crispy. Today I ordered grilled pompano (picture on menu had pompano stuffed with onions and tomatoes) and it was not only bland, it did not have the onion and tomato stuffing. The pancit palabok had no flavor either. I stood in line again to ask for fish sauce to add some flavor. The cebuchon and bagnet both looked good. I chose the bagnet. It was not crunchy and the pork tasted not very fresh. Spent almost $40. I was hungry! Must remind myself - don't do this again!

Lawrence Trazo

When I pre-order a large amount food I expect it to be ready on the agreed upon pick up time. I shouldn't have to wait an additional 30 minutes for the food to be ready.

Ada Reyes

Ordered 30 PCs Bar b que pork, when my daughter pick up all wrapped up nicely. The sad thing it was chicken don’t have time to return coz guests already there. Be nice if they respond to my complaint. Very frustrating they care less , it’s their mistake and no one wants to apologize. Good luck


I Love The food here Especially their Grilled Chicken and Pork Adobo With Fresh Steam Rice ?

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