Hui Lau Shan

5365 Alton Pkwy M, Irvine
(949) 418-7989

Recent Reviews

Camille Grochowski

The most delicious mango desserts and drinks! This is such a cute little shop, and if you like mangos then this the place to go. I recommend going during weekdays or mobile ordering because the wait was long to get our food since it was quite busy. Nevertheless it was worth the wait!

Debussy Chopin

My wife wanted to try this as she is a big fan of these kind of desserts. We got the mango pamelo sago I believe. It was 8.50 dollars. I dont mind paying for something very expensive if the item is good, however this dessert came in a large plastic bowl only filled one-fourth of way up. I asked why this was not at least half way filled ( I know they ran out of small plastic) but they argued back to me that this was the size for what I paid. I didnt want to create a scene as they didnt just give me benefit of doubt but decided to argue back. I know what small size is, the large plastic should be at least half way. But all my wife got was about an inch of dessert. I completely found this distasteful and disrespectful. I do not ever want to come back here again unless the management can make an apology for my experience as you know, it is ok to charge almost 10 dollars for something but if you give something that is not what it is supposed to be? That is a disrespect to the paying customer. I believe the rushing two gals and the one guy just made a mistake and made ours very little, but instead of just adding more and rectifiying it, decided to uphold their end and argue back at me and my wife. For 9 dollars? Please advise. thanks.

Lauren B.

So excited that I was in the area to try this spot. It's been bookmarked since moving to OC a year ago. Cute spot with indoor seating to enjoy the AC. There is also plenty of shared outdoor seating if you want to take your stuff to go but enjoy it right away. Everyone that ordered before and after me, was all for takeaway. When you enter, there are some examples of their popular dishes on the left hand side. Super helpful if you are a visual person. They also have two pancake flavors by the register - mango & durian. Got the Mango Delightful Trio (glutinous rice, mango, and coconut) and the Durian Pancake. I would order both again. The Mango Trio was refreshing. Perfect thing to eat to fight the heat. If you like not overly sweet desserts, this will be for you. Durian pancake was tasty. Not overly stinky and the crème filling didn't overpower the durian taste. If you appreciate durian, you'll like this. I wish there was more durian flavor. Interesting: the pancake pricing (for both mango and durian) cost more if you eat in. The workers were fast and nice. Made it easy to order and they enunciate when they call your order so you're not questioning if they called your number or not. Would come here again to try all their other desserts!

Ken A.

Stopped by some quick dessert. Highly recommended. Their mango is fresh, sago was perfect. Combine it and you got a refreshing dessert on a hot day.

Annie Y.

There are plenty of parking spaces here. We ordered the Mango Pancake and Pomelo & Mango with Sago. I love the Mango Pancake, it's so good and creamy. The Pomelo & Mango with Sago was also pretty good, it was a bit bitter with the Pomelo, but the Mango and Sago were really good. Recommendation(s): - Mango Pancake (a must-try) - Pomelo & Mango with Sago Service: 5/5 Tip(s): - Plenty of parking spaces - They accept Apple Pay

Connie L.

My go to dessert is the aloe drink, so yummy. They have a wide selection of mango desserts that are refreshing. I would pass on those small mango pudding cups, the texture of that was too soft and gooey. It's a self service kiosk here so sometimes there can be a wait. We usually come here when the lines for omomo are ridiculously long.

Hyun J.

Delightful drink! I loved that it wasn't too sweet, and also not too cold. I ordered D5. Love the texture and flavor! Will have this next time. My husband thinks it was expensive.. $6 for a drink. But everything is now expensive, so.. I am glad we have this shop in town. A good non-coffee drink/dessert shop is always welcome.

James F.

I have been craving this all week and came here this afternoon and ordered the mango chewy ball. The cashier was very nice and the person making my order made it fairly quickly. I love how you can watch them make your order as it is very satisfying watching them blend the mango. The workers are all very nice and get along with each other very well, which creates a very welcoming and fun atmosphere in the store. The chewyballs were my favorite part of the dessert - so good! This seems like a place I know my kids will love, definitely will be coming back.

Emily A.

I miss the Hui Lai Shan in Hong Kong and its authentic flavors, but I was so excited when they opened a store in Irvine. You order at the kiosk in the front and it's really convenient. -- Mango and Coconut Juice with Aloe Jelly D6 [4/5]: This drink is so refreshing and PERFECT for the summer time. My favorite part of the drink was the aloe jelly at the bottom. -- Mango Pudding C2 [4/5]: The mango pudding came with condensed milk on the side. I love that it was not overly sweet and there were mango pieces inside the pudding. I recommend Hui Lai Shan to satisfy your mango cravings!

Kwan K.

Weekday 7pm no line but the parking lot is packed for the other businesses. First time so wasn't sure what to order. Ended up getting the #1 jumbo mango chewy balls. If you like mango this is the spot obviously. The various components mix very well together and makes for a refreshing dessert. Each component is very good and make you want to keep digging at the bowl. I'm sure there are other things to try but for the first time mango chewy balls was the right option. Would recommend for something different than ice cream

Vanessa L.

Super delicious!!!!!! I visited several of their Hong Kong locations years ago and loved their desserts every time. This US location did not disappoint, granted mangoes are better in HK and Asia in general but I would definitely be back.

Dawson P.

Great stop for a quick dessert. Really flavorful and cooling especially during the summer. Seems like a pretty popular place with refreshing dessert so definitely recommended! :)

Ten T.

I visited this place last week for the first time and I was addicted. These mango dessert are so refreshing and good.

Angela H.

The mango desserts are amazing, and tastes just like a ripe, delicious mango should. Prices are on the high side, but worth it for an occasional splurge. Stopped by with my husband while meeting friends in the area. I usually get the mango pomelo sago drink, and we also tried the mango sago dessert this time. We thought the mango sago dessert felt a little liquidy, and prefer the creamier versions instead. Will definitely be back for more!

Sammi Z.

A must have if you are a mango lover! I personally love the mango sago with pomelo drink the most but the desserts are also very good and great to order with a group of friends to share. They have a self ordering system at this location compared to the other Hui Lau Shan location up north. Honestly not much interaction with staff other than just handing you a receipt after you self-order and picking up food.

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