Hui Lau Shan

5365 Alton Pkwy M, Irvine
(949) 418-7989

Recent Reviews

Anny Z.

Love mango pomelo sago. Always hits the spot. This is more coconut heavy than some other locations and definitely a cold/icy dessert. The mango pudding jelly is not too sweet.

Harry P.

Come here if you like mangos! Pretty fun place with a lot of coconut mango related drinks and dessert items. I really like mango coconut drinks with sago and they have it but the slushy coldest tends to freeze the sago and making it frozen instead of soft. The service staff is very friendly and will make special accommodations if asked. I hope this place stays open for a long time.

J S.

Great dessert foods, great service and usually empty, and the ambiance is usually really chill

Kaitlyn P.

Hui Lau Shan is a favorite of my family and I look forward to every chance I get to have it while I'm in Irvine. They're a Hong Kong dessert restaurant which specializes in fresh mango desserts and they're exceptionally refreshing and sweet on a summer day. Even when mangos aren't in season, their desserts are always delicious. I always go for the Mango Chewy Ball, preferably with extra chewy ball which is kind of a cross between mochi and boba in texture.Service is usually pretty quick and I don't think I've ever encountered an exceptionally long wait here. My only minor complaint is that when we came in about 40 minutes before closing, they already had all the tables and chairs put away which forced us to eat outside when it was quite chilly.

Mattan L.

Joey was an excellent server he even complimented my haircut and the food he gave me tasted exquisite. He's such a silly goose. 10/10 would come again.

Sun J.

Amazing treats every time! Joey was very kind to me and my friends, would come back just to see him

Shaye W.

Hui Lau Shan is a great place for a dessert that isn't too sweet.Mango Romance (4/5): a small trio sampler of their top sellers. The mango slushy and mango crystal jelly were our favorites out of the 3. It was very flavorful and unique. I would recommend this if it's your first time here! Coconut Jelly with Black Glutinous Rice (4.5/5): the portion is big, especially compared to other coconut jelly places like Melo Melo. The glutinous rice added a nice texture and sweetness to the coconut jelly.

Yuna Lee

Love this place always!!!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Mango Chewy Ball, Mango Crisp

Angelina H.

Had a craving for anything mango related dessert so thought of this place. The classic combo of mango and pomelo is so good~ the texture is creamy and smooth, made me do a little happy dance!

Terrance P.

Clean, modern and inviting. So refreshing! Awesome for that dessert craving or just wanting some mango.

Ann Lauritsen

This is sooo good

chaitri a

Quick service and yummy desserts!

Thuy Tang

Deserts are good. But if to go orders dont come with spoons or napkins of any sort even when asked. Extra jelly or chewy balls often forgotten.

Josh J

My grandpa first time trying this and he was happy with the mango pudding. We got the J23 with the Polemo with Mango pudding and tapioca

Steve Renkema

Variety of Mango desserts in a clean and warm atmosphere. Only detractor here was the explicit content music playing while coming in with small children.

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